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Pelosi Unloads On Nadler; Tells Him To Drop ‘Moby Dick’-Like Impeachment Obsession


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler last week over his ‘Moby Dick’-like obsession with impeaching President Trump – days before Trump’s 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski wiped the floor with Congressional Democrats during a contentious five-hour hearing on Tuesday in front of Nadler’s panel.

Pelosi’s comments came during a closed-door Capitol Hill meeting of Democrats last week, where she complained that Judiciary Committee aides have advanced the impeachment push “far beyond where the House Democratic Caucus stands,” according to Politico.

And you can feel free to leak this,” Pelosi added, according to several people who were there.

It was the latest sign of the widening schism between Pelosi and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, two longtime allies who are increasingly in conflict over where to guide the party at one of its most critical moments.

Both Pelosi and Nadler, who have served in the House together for more than 25 years, insist their relationship remains strong. But their rift over impeachment is getting harder and harder to paper over amid Democrats’ flailing messaging on the topic and a growing divide in the caucus. –Politico

And while Pelosi aides told Politico that Nadler has coordinated with her office on investigations, legal strategy and messaging – and Pelosi has signed off on all the Judiciary Committee’s court filings against Trump, the House Speaker has been expressing skepticism for months that a successful impeachment in the House would only lead to “exonerating” Trump on the campaign trail after the effort dies in the GOP-led Senate.

Pelosi has privately clashed with Nadler over his aggressive impeachment agenda, arguing the public does not support it and it does not have the 218 votes to pass on the House floor. So far, about 137 Democrats say they would vote to open an official impeachment inquiry.

The relationship between the two veteran lawmakers has become strained. While Pelosi has blocked the House from formally voting to open an impeachment inquiry, Nadler declared he is authorized to begin one even without a House vote. –Washington Examiner

“Am I concerned? The answer is yes!,” Florida Democratic Rep. Donna Shalala told the Washington Examiner. “In my district, I’m not getting asked about impeachment. I’m being asked about healthcare, I’m being asked about the environment, and about infrastructure. It’s not like around the country they are thinking about impeachment. It’s a Washington phenomenon as far as I can tell.”

Shalala and other Democrats now regularly express concern privately to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the wall-to-wall impeachment effort by House Democrats is blocking their legislative agenda from public view. How can they convince constituents they are working on lowering prescription drug prices, some Democratic lawmakers have complained, when the news cycle revolves primarily around Nadler’s weekly confrontational hearings related to impeachment?

Pelosi tells lawmakers to stay “on message” about the Democratic agenda, which includes a House-passed gun background check bill and will soon include a prescription drug measure Shalala is eager to advance. –Washington Examiner

“She’s doing what she can do,” Shalala said of Pelosi. “She’s saying, ‘Keep your eye on the ball.’ That is what she is saying to us.”

During Tuesday’s ‘impeachment’ hearing, Corey Lewandowski beat Congressional Democrats like a red-headed stepchild – starting with his opening statement:

“Sadly, the country spent over three years and 40 million taxpayer dollars on these investigations,” said Lewandowski. “It is now clear the investigation was populated by many Trump haters who had their own agenda — to try and take down a duly elected president of the United States,” Lewandowski said in his opening statement – later adding “We, as a Nation, would be better served if elected officials like you concentrated your efforts to combat the true crises facing our country, as opposed to going down rabbit holes like this hearing.”

As for actual ‘collusion,’ or ‘conspiracy,’ there was none. What there has been, however, is harassment of the president from the day he won the election.”

“Corey Lewandowski was very precise,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, a member of the House panel, told Fox News‘ Sean Hannity. “And House Democrats looked like a dog that had chased a car and then caught it and then did not know what to do about it.”

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  1. Don’t believe, or trust, Pelosi for one second. She wants Pres. Trump’s head on a platter. All this crap about a schism between her and Nadler is just that, propaganda crap. You trust this bitch Pelosi at your peril.

    • It might be an act, but I do believe Pelosi means what she is saying. The Dem’s DON’T have enough votes in the House to bring articles of impeachment against Trump ( or even Kavanaugh ) & what are those articles they would proceed with. They don’t like the way the President talks or conducts himself? I think she knows they would be making fools of themselves & the general public is really sick of this waste of time & money, & not getting anything done for the American people. She also knows this will NEVER pass the Senate so the time & effort wasted by the Dem’s is just that, A WASTE.
      I think she also knows this, if put to a vote in the House, it will put Democrats on the hot seat as to how they vote. Some that won in the Mid -terms, but Trump carried those districts in the 2016 election,might be in serious trouble & lose in 2020,which could cost them the House.

    • Representative Nadler has one of those personalities that is very dangerous, he is vengeful and hateful and politics be damned he wants to destroy someone that he has hated for a long time but has always been out of his reach. Now he thinks he has him in his sights but doesn’t know how to set the trap to catch his quarry, he honestly believes, because of his hatred for President Trump, that he needs to be removed from office, he isn’t fit to be President, he is corrupt and it is up to Nadler to convince the American public to his way of thinking and if he brings enough people in someone will produce the “smoking gun”. To us this all sounds like a lunatic, right? But then again have you listened to the 2020 Democratic debates recently? Almost all of them, if not all sound like lunatics and they have a huge population of our country following them….how about those apples.

    • You are probably right on this but know Pelosi knows when they are beating a dead horse and Nadler is being a complete idiot with his obsession which is going to lead to a second term for Trump.

  2. Pelosi knows that the democrat impeachment efforts will rally conservatives behind our president, bringing them out to vote.
    Democrats use the divide and conquer strategy quite effectively in the past, however, people have come to realize it for what it is and do not, for the most part, play along anymore.

  3. The democrat party should be sent a bill for all their nonsense has cost the taxpayers in dollars and lost time,I think Trump should get an additional 3yrs added onto his first term for the democrat in congress going out of their way to hamstring his presidency!

    • This is a reply for Dennis Taylor; President Trump hasn’t been hamstrung by just the Democrats, he has been hamstrung by the Republicans also. Keep in mind that most of the Republicans are financed by the Koch Brothers and they dictate how the Republicans are to vote that’s why you see the Republicans on the side of the President one time and then the next time they have their face on the camera for the next issue and they are lined up with the Democrats and you are sitting there wondering how in the world did that happen. Well, simple, that issue didn’t square up with the Koch Brothers and they told their followers to deny Trump the votes and there you go, that is exactly why you have seen all the chaos in Congress this past term and why Trump cannot get anyone to stay on board with him, if the programs that he proposes do not lineup with the moneymen behind the Republican Congressmen then they are gone i.e. Romney friendly one day, the next day on the other side of the fence. Money says it all.

    • Investigation actually MADE money from the fines and assets seized. Hillary’s investigation lost money; not a surprise since republicans are great at making piss poor deals.

  4. Pelosi is right about this impeachment issue masking any other issue that the democrats are trying to embrace, in theory. I say “in theory” because I know of NO OTHER issue being addressed by ANY Democrats. Regardless, I also think Pelosi is correct in that this impeachment will yield NOTHING and will, as Pelosi put it “exonerate Trump on the campaign trail”.

    All said, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Jerry Nadler, CONTINUE with the impeachment proceedings, PLEASE!! That will ensure a Trump victory in 2020 and most likely hand the house back to the Republicans. That is, of course, assuming that this is not already going to happen, which it very much could be.

    Americans, as a whole, are NOT stupid and not sheep. I think the majority of Americans have had enough of the crap going on in the house and this Russia collusion nonsense. Well, actually not nonsense at all. There WAS Russian collusion. The problem is, for the democrats, is that it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC that colluded with the Russians, not Trump. I hope this all comes out after Andrew McCabe is indicted and the rats start jumping ship and pointing fingers at each other. This should all be very interesting and fun to watch. Karma; it’s a b–tch!!

  5. Congratulations tp Lewandowski ! He was able to “tell it like it is and has been for way too long. Persons elected to represent our country are not elected to perform as Nadler has elected to do. He should be replaced in his current position in the House. His quest is not just obstructing the administration but is brining harm and disgrace to his own party. None of us need that kind of representation. Nadler is rapidly making a fool of himself and his followers.

    • Salty, They ALL are making FOOLS of themselves!! And it is going to cause the Dem Party to become EXTINCT before too long. They will go the way of the DoDo Birds. They already ACT like them!!!

  6. I think the demos will go ahead with a full impeach and remove cote regardless of political consequences, it is for the ’cause’ of world communism.

    Yes, it will hopefully bring our side out in record numbers but the democrats are irrational, unreasonable. I mean look at their political candidates – gun grabs, open borders, free everything and no way to pay for.

  7. Mind you, Pelosi doesn’t give a good **** about the fact that all this is a lie and a smear of a good president who is doing a great job for the people. She just wants it stopped because they are losing Dems by the hoards over their foolish behavior. After Lewandowsi spoke, President Trumps favor rating went up to 51%…Barack never got that high. She created this mess, now let her stew in it. Nadler was only brought out after yrs of being packed away, because he is a nasty, illmannered piece of white trash, and they needed a bulldog. Now they pay!

  8. Corey Lewandowski chewed up Nadler and his little band of Trump hating ants like if they did not exist . Someone should be overseeing Nadler and determine if he is actually doing the job that he is being paid to do. This guy needs a boss that will keep him in line and make sure his production quota is being achieved. I am now wondering just how far back Nadler’s lack of work has been going on and who is doing the job he is suppose to be doing since his only job has been smearing Trump for the last three years. If no one is taking over for him on the tasks he should be doing during his hate Trump obsession i think we just found a position in the government that is not needed so we could eliminate him to save taxpayer dollars.

    • He is elected, not employed. Saving taxpayer money is not a concern.
      The freshmen and junior reps are putting together hastily created bills, to prove the party “can walk and chew gum at the same time”. You’ll notice the Senate has stopped every one of them . . . because they made no sense, or weren’t properly filed.

  9. Nadler has the little man syndrome………….and is also up for reelection. The guy looks like a cartoon caricature waddling along with his suit jacket unbuttoned showing his chest wader suit pants. The more the unfortunate souls required to testify before his propaganda panel realize it’s nothing by a fishing expedition, the more they will embarrass him and his fellow democrats and rightly so.

  10. This whole impeachment debacle will be an epic disaster for democraps. They face the issue of failing in their attempt at impeachment. They are going to look like the chumps they are. It is going to be a disaster for the DNC. The vast majority of Americans want this farce to end. It will ensure the President will easily win.

  11. Pelosi. has five acres of fenced property in San Francisco.(Wall) Pelosi ha s armed bodyguards 24hrs a day. Is she really that much more important than you are for Pelosi wants to take all this away from you

  12. I do hope CNN & MSNBC accidentally aired Lewandowski’s opening statement! Maybe some of their viewers will learn a little bit of the truth!

  13. The lib socialist are finished. We are watching their last death throes and it has become hilarious!! I hope our real democrats appear and take over! But alas, that won’t be until after these clowns suffer a butt licking in 2020!!!

  14. It’s not just Nadler who has this obsession, it’s virtually every Democrat who wants this president impeached and for no reason other than they just don’t like him. Not a reason for impeachment as far as I can tell.

    • Why don’t they like him? That is the question.
      Because he works to diametrically oppose their One World Government destroy America socialist agenda. He is pulling in the opposite direction, undoing the harm that has been done and preventing any more progress of their cause.
      Long live America, Always Victory!
      President Donald Trump 2020!

  15. The Democraps will get to pay their fool’s bill come November 2020. I think President will
    WIN with the largest voter turnout in American history. I look for Trump to take around 79%
    of the vote. The American people are pissed off at the Democrats.

  16. Has everyone forgotten about Adam Shiffless, he is the one who seems to be pressing this losing strategy. He was in the limelight on this impeachment debacle from the start always stating we have all the information we need to impeach the President when in fact they have nothing. They are trying everything in their little black book of ignorance to come up with something that will turn the public against President Trump.

  17. I think this is hilarious! Nadless isn’t going to give this up no matter what Piglosi says! And even if he did, what would they have to run on? It damn sure wouldn’t be on fixing issues because they have no answers for any of that! Their answer to all things is ‘give us more money and let us through it at our friends and family and we promise it’ll all be better! Why this hag thinks stopping Nadless is going to fix anything is laughable!

  18. I hope the Democrats keep it up! They are sealing the deal for President Trump. They have been after the President for three years because of pure hatred. Now the world has been shown what a bunch of liars they are and have wasted the time of this administration for three years. I believe the reports that are forthcoming about the Democrats, and Hillary and Obama are going to seal the deal which will destroy the Democrats. It is too bad that they have let themselves to be taken over by the liberal slime.

  19. Our President Trump is doing a fabulous job for America, even though he’s got no cooperation from the Democraps. We the people must get out to vote Trump in for 4 more years.
    The Democraps are on a suicide mission. The American people are seeing that they have done nothing for almost 3 years to help America. Only our President has been working to make American lives better. While the Democraps keep shi**ing in their pants, opposing all the good Donald Trump’s done. Thanks for Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and Schiff we’ve all seen how they are out to dismantle anything good our President has done.
    Now all we need to do is keep showing people who the real enemies of America is, the Democrat Party! If we were at war, these Democraps would be arrested for sedition and treason.

  20. I believe the American People are sick to death with all this BS presented by the Democrats. On Election Day, the country has 2 choices: Freedom or Serfdom. I choose FREEDOM. What will you choose?

  21. About a year ago I was attacked on face book by a deranged transgendered asshole who accused me of attacking it because I stated that liberal democraps by the actions and their mindless hatred had placed themselves on the endangered species list.It claimed that when it was all revealed that the president would be forced to leave office ,well it’s a year later God still reins supreme, the sun still rises in the east Donald J is still president , the democrats are eating their young , and that transgendered abomination is still an ignorant POS . So all is well

  22. All democrats have done is to make American citizens hated democrat party more than ever.
    The life of democrat party will be short and be replaced by other political party.

  23. The Democrapic Party is Toxic. We need to work harder than we already have educating the American Voter on what is going on right beneath their noses.. The Lies and CORRUPTION from these Magets is nothing less than Mind-numbing.. We have a Biased Dishonest Mainstream Media who are more than willing to print or report anything negative About Republicans Conservatives or anyone else not willing to come aboard their Socialist Venue. The idea of Impeachment or any discussion of Impeachment based on Mainstream Media Bias is absolutely disgusting. The Fact that Trump isn’t Democrap is reason enough to have him Impeached from their Liberal point of view. These idiots need Trump out of their way so they can advance their Socialist agenda. Democraps MUST BE DEFEATED in 2020 and BEYOND if we are to Remain a FREE NATION.

  24. Those who vote for the dimocrats are just as sick and corrupt as they are. The core of the left are lazy whiners, who want a hand out instead of a hand up. Under Trump the middle class are shrinking because they are moving up in class. Under obendover the middleclass was moving down in class.

  25. Trump has improved the lives of ALL Americans; but it does not matter to the demonrats. All they have done since 2016 is waste taxpayer money. To them, there’s no consequences. After all, it’s free money . . .
    Nadshandler has hated Trump for decades. They’re from the same ‘neighborhood’, and he just can’t let go of this ‘opportunity’ to finally “get his man”. He’s like a bulldog with a bone. Single-minded.
    Pelosi lived through Clinton’s impeachment process, and learned from it. She knows this is all a big waste of time, and the American public are tired of it all.

    The best thing conservatives can do is go vote in great numbers; and pick nothing but Republicans on every ballot. A huge landslide victory will put the libertard demonrtas in their place (for a few years at least).

  26. I have listened to some of the questioning. And it sounds like the republicans are tired of the witch hunt. But it seems Nadler does not want to let go. And it was brought up of comments he made in Nixon and Clinton’s impeachment hearing.

  27. Great job Nancy, a woman with balls! You need to put a whole bunch of your Democrat collegues in their place. Nice to see you exercised your authority in a meaningful way.

  28. She didn’t want to go down this road, unless they had the public support for it. She wanted him taken out of office, but knows there’s not enough support within her own party. It fell way short, when Al Green forced his vote a few months ago. They were depending upon the Mueller report to save them. There was nothing there. I have no idea what the ten examples of obstruction was. There was no crime. It’s almost impossible to have obstruction, when you’re not even covering up a crime. They’re beating a dead horse. Nadler is afraid of a woman that is challenging him for his seat. She started yelling about impeaching Trump. Nadler seems to be pushing this, in fear of this woman defeating him. But, the longer they keep dragging this out, the more the rest of the country gets frustrated with him doing nothing. Nadler is scared to death about being defeated by the woman. Pelosi sees the big picture, that Democrats are making the public angry at them. If they have no way to defeat Trump, they finally need to move on or wait until some time after the election.

  29. Well back when Nadler was bigger than Moby dick,bill Clinton was being impeached for blowing loads of money shots all over Monica’s blue dress.nadler was very anti-impeachment back then,and no public reports or grand jury material ,but he had his face buried so far up Hillary’s ass,he would be accused of a brown face racism like Trudeau is today,but sadly no images,back to it although every picture from then with Bill and hill,you could spot the 5′ 300lb.nadler in the background like he was king of the photobombs.the way it goes now he is all about impeachment ,and for illegally opening the grand jury files.go figure huh? looks like somebody gored his ox Hillary …maybe she’ll back up to the tree stump for him ???

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