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Manhattan DA Subpoenas 8 Years Of Trump Tax Returns


It never ends.

New York state prosecutors in Manhattan have subpoenaed President Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA, demanding eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns according to the New York Times, citing “several people with knowledge on the matter” – the gold standard in modern sources.

The subpoena was issued by the Manhattan DA’s office last month following the launch of a criminal investigation into hush-money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen – who pleaded guilty last year to eight charges; seven of which were unrelated to the Trump campaign, and one for breaking federal campaign finance laws. He is currently serving a three-year prison sentence.

At issue – Democratic Manhattan D.A. Cyrus R. Vance Jr. (whose daddy was Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of State – and who took money from Harvey Weinstein while declining to prosecute him for sexual assault – and who sought a reduced sex-offender status for Jeffrey Epstein) wants to see if Trump’s reimbursement of Cohen violated any laws in New York, and whether Trump’s accounting firm falsely accounted for the reimbursements as a legal expense.

In New York, filing a false business record can be a crime.

But it becomes a felony only if prosecutors can prove that the false filing was made to commit or conceal another crime, such as tax violations or bank fraud. The tax returns and other documents sought from Mazars could shed light on whether any state laws were broken. Such subpoenas also routinely request related documents in connection with the returns. –New York Times

Congressional Democrats have been hunting down Trump’s tax returns for years after the billionaire refused to do so, citing an ongoing IRS audit as well as the position that Trump Organization competitors would then have access to industry secrets.

Congressional Democrats have taken an aggressive approach, subpoenaing six years of Mr. Trump’s tax returns from the Treasury Department, as well as personal and corporate financial records from Deutsche Bank, Capital One and Mazars USA.

The president has fought back to keep his finances under wraps, challenging the subpoenas in federal court. He has also sued to block a New York state law, passed this year, that authorized state officials to provide his state tax returns in response to certain congressional inquiries. By tying up the requests in court, Mr. Trump’s team has made it diminishingly likely that Democrats in Washington will get the chance to review them before the election next year. –New York Times

And while Trump and the Treasury Department have proven thus far successful in thwarting Democratic lawmakers’ inquiries, it may not be as easy to fend off a subpoena in Manhattan.

According to Mazars, they will “will respect the legal process and fully comply with its legal obligations,” adding that the company was legally prohibited from commenting on its work.

If the Manhattan DA is able to obtain Trump’s tax returns, the Times notes that “the documents would be covered by secrecy rules governing grand juries, meaning they would not become public unless they were used as evidence in a criminal case.”

The Times does not note, however, that the records would likely be leaked within 30 minutes to the Washington Post or similar.

State prosecutors also subpoenaed the Trump Organization in early August for records of the payments to Daniels and Cohen’s reimbursement – a request which has been complied with according to the report.

“It’s just harassment of the president, his family and his business, using subpoenas as weapons,” said Trump Org attorney, Marc L. Mukasey in a statement last month.

As part of its investigation, prosecutors from Mr. Vance’s office visited Mr. Cohen in prison in Otisville, N.Y., to seek assistance with their investigation, according to people briefed on the meeting, which was first reported by CNN.

Mr. Cohen also helped arrange for American Media Inc., the publisher of The National Enquirer, to pay Karen McDougal, a Playboy model who also said she had an affair with the president. Prosecutors in the district attorney’s office subpoenaed American Media in early August, as well as at least one bank. –New York Times

Will the Democrats’ gambit pay off? Or will the ongoing “witch hunts” into President Trump backfire and turn him into a martyr?

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  1. It’s kind of sad because they never did this to any other President! They are just trying to find something to impeach our President! The Democrats are out to destroy anybody that works with our President I think it’s Un-American it’s all to do with them losing the elections!

    • This should be a tip off — the democrat’s will go to ANY extreme to defeat President Trump. They have already spent more than 25 MILLION dollars with ZERO results and still continue their search. With this much “investigating” you would think they could even find a case against GOD !!! Wonder what would happen IF the republicans started such a witch hunt against some of the more prominent democrat’s ?????

    • I would agree to this IF they also agreed to subpoena and make public bloombergs’, pelosis’ and feinsteins” and THEIR HUSBANDS tax returns.

  2. It will back fire on the democrats, just the same as all the other attempts to slander our president have. Dennis Prager, or PragerU had it right, GI – W = E, Good Intentions minus Wisdom equals Evil.
    That defines the liberal folks to a T. They have no thought of consequences to their proposals because they are so confident they are correct. Sadly, they are mistaken the vast majority of time.

    • I disagree…They have gotten away with ALL the illegal things they have done over the past few decades so the will NOT stop trying to destroy ANYONE who disagrees with them.

  3. This is disturbing that the Americans let the democrats do this to our president. He has been a great President and ii for one will vote him in again.
    Why cant charges be brought against each and everyone of them for slander and the hassle they have put him and his family through. What happened to standing beside your President. Have the standards dropped so low..
    And why is Pelosi in charge she is always drunk or high .She can’t even talk half the time slurrs her words.
    Stop givibg handouts and people wont come here. But democrats have crossed the line too many times already.

  4. The Socialist dim-0-rats are opening Pandora’s box with this type of action and it will be
    interesting to see how long before people start opening investigations in to many of
    the “Squatting” socialist dim-0-rats and watching them scurry to try and hid their
    corruption and misdealing to enrich themselves at the TAX PAYERS expense.

  5. Cyrus Vance is a left wing jackass. He HATES Trump just like the little Yiddish Nazi Jerrold Nadler hates Trump. They both think only a Jew should become a $Billionaire in New York City. THAT is the reason for their hatred – they’re both jealous little worms.

  6. Democratic Manhattan D.A. Cyrus R. Vance Jr. thinks Trump is a criminal, but not Weinstein or Epstein; and trusts Cohen to tell the truth????
    This is nothing more than harassment of the President and his family; all because Hitlery lost an election, and the libertards think they’ll lose their evil ‘freedoms’, and their despicable leaders are afraid of losing their power and riches.
    Ever wonder how these simple representatives go into politics with a salary, but come out of politics super wealthy?
    Trump went into politics super wealthy, and is beholden to no one. THAT’S why they hate him! He also keeps his word, and that is something swamp people aren’t supposed to do . . .
    The best thing conservatives can do in 2020 is vote straight REPUBLICAN tickets everywhere. Sure, there may be a couple of RINOs hiding among the new ‘recruits’, but even they know Trump is or will be their savior too.

    • I have never been able to fathom why Jews, of all people, support the criminal disarming of a countrys’ citizens. are they admitting the holocaust was a fake? it sure seems like it.

  7. There is no reason
    There is no crime
    It’s 100% Political Revenge because their bitch Hillary LOST!
    Donald Trump is President.
    Tell the DA to go shit in his hat!

  8. Remember Hussein Obama had his life records sealed by law and produced a laughably fake birth certificate to the public. No pics of the family’s life together, sealed transcripts from college, where no student or staff remembers him. Just those few doctored pics that make their rounds to the stupid cows who suck it up like buttercups. Not a word. They’re TYRANTS who want us to shut up or be silenced. Think about it. We stand to lose everything…but we have TRUMP!! 2020!

  9. $25 million? Try $42 million that we know of and is probably more like over 150 million if you count all the other efforts being made. Also the Manhattan DA’s office is well known for leaks so you can almost bet that the returns WOULD be leaked within half an hour of receipt in court.

  10. President Trump,

    Don’t comply! Move to quash the subpoena for Presidential harassment and malice! The real criminals on the left always get away with murder.

  11. Question for the Manhattan DA. Why don’t you look into the pallets of billions of taxpayer dollars that Obama allocated for Iran and tell us how much of that money got back into Obama’s hands? Maybe you will respond when the truth comes out?

  12. Just one more run at the back door of something that the democrats want, but can not legally get. They have tried every other way they can think of to get them. Just one more ploy. How about we do an investigation into the millionaires who got that way while they were in office. Trumps net worth has gone down since becoming president. Not up.

  13. Corruption, corruption, ALL Democrats are corrupt and ALL they produce is corruption and they gloat about their corruption. LOSER Democrats, everyone of them.

  14. There is nothing more despicable than officials in New York and California…followed closely by Washington, Oregon, and Virginia, then New Jersey. Democrat BS!

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