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Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Supercharged By Supreme Court Ruling And ‘Art Of The Deal’ With Mexico


President Trump’s immigration policies – most which have been virtually neutered by liberal activist judges – are finally starting to gain traction thanks to a Wednesday ruling by the Supreme Court, and several months of action on the part of the Mexican government, according to AFP.

As we noted on MondayUS immigration authorities have arrested 60% fewer people since May – when 130,000 were apprehended. And while hot weather contributed to the precipitous drop, the Mexican government has taken serious action to stop the northward flow of migrants seeking asylum in the United States. 

The government of Mexico has taken meaningful and unprecedented steps to help curb the flow of illegal immigration to our border,” said Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan in a Monday press briefing.

And as Politico notes, “The decline in border traffic — if sustained — could amount to a major victory for Trump as he heads into the 2020 election,” adding “Perhaps more important, the experimental measures taken by his administration could reshape immigration enforcement for years to come.”

The far-reaching policies sparked an avalanche of court challenges, complaints from human rights organizations and derision from opposition Democrats ahead of next year’s elections.

Undeterred, Trump has hammered away, making construction of a US-Mexican border wall one of his presidency’s centerpieces — and a key part of his 2020 reelection platform. –AFP

And while Trump and his administration have made meaningful progress with Mexico, the latest boost came with Wednesday’s ruling by the Supreme Court, which overruled a California judge – allowing US Customs and Border Protection agents to immediately begin denying migrants asylum at the southern border if they haven’t first applied for safe haven in a “third country.” 

Dissenting from Wednesday’s decision were Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor.

The ruling — which has temporary effect while challenges play out in lower courts — shuts out large numbers of people fleeing violence and poverty in Central America. They will now have to apply for asylum in Mexico, rather than head directly to the United States.

Trump’s opponents, as well as dissenting Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, say the change upends decades of tradition in which the US, itself founded by waves of often poor immigrants, has welcomed refugees.

But Trump, who argues that economic migrants abuse the system with fraudulent asylum claims, went on Twitter to herald the “BIG United States Supreme Court WIN for the Border on Asylum!”

The Southern Border is becoming very strong despite the obstruction by Democrats,” he tweeted. –AFP

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court also backed Trump’s efforts to shift billions in Pentagon funds to pay for the refurbishment or new construction of southern border wall sections, allowing the president to avoid a debate amongst a divided Congress. This comes during the same week as the Pentagon announced that the 5,500 troops currently deployed to the southern border would be extended for the coming year.

AP also notes that while Trump may have exaggerated the level of wall building going on, “there’s no question that momentum is gradually shifting his way.”

“The Wall is going up very fast despite total Obstruction by Democrats in Congress, and elsewhere!,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

That said, while Mexico has cooperated with the Trump administration, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard slammed the Supreme Court’s Wednesday decision, saying that the flood of new asylum cases which will hit Mexico are going to be “unprecedented,” adding “Of course we disagree.”

Then again, Mexico is still playing ball.

On Monday, Mark Morgan, head of the US border patrol service, welcomed “unprecedented support” from Mexico, which he said has deployed 10,000 troops on its own southern border with Central America and 15,000 on the US border. –AFP

And that, folks, is how an amateur billionaire politician conducts the Art of the Deal (going right into the 2020 election, we might add).

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  1. He’s the only President in my 56yrs, who has kept his promises on his campaign !! I really believe in this President and we need more than 4 more years of him !! “GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP”!!!!!

  2. AGREED! The Democrat Party is being destroyed before our eyes by the left wing, extremist, Socialist members. No where in the history of this great Nation has a President had to endure the constant barrage of unjustified investigations as President Trump and this Administration. Nothing of any substance has come of any of them except they all lead back to the Democrats. The tables now are turning and the illegal, unconstitutional deeds that have been brought to light are now being brought to light and the prosecutions are beginning! It appears that we are beginning to Make America Great Again by prosecuting these left wing nut jobs!

  3. “Dissenting from Wednesday’s decision were Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor.”
    Hopefully we won’t have to put up with Ginsburg much longer, and our President can get another Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court.
    I would typically take ANYTHING the Associated Press said with a grain of salt. They can’t say anything about Trump in a purely positive light without gritting their teeth, I’m sure . . .
    I still amazes me how California thinks they know what the rest of the country needs, and there’s always some libertard judge willing to stick his neck out to ‘govern’ from his bench to appease all the Socialists.
    Now the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Trump’s policy, the libertards are picking their brains to come up with something else to keep the hoards coming. I’m sure there was gnashing of teeth and wailing on the steps of the Court too.

  4. This is not about Trump, or the supreme Court it’s about justice! An American dream has to be earned not given! This is the best place in the world and if you want to come here , you have to apply ! We don’t hate you ! We want you here legally! So you never have to look over your shoulder anymore!

  5. Over 60 million illegals and counting….What’s going on ?
    Man – come on – it’s more lies to get elected like other years and when they get office —- all claims and promises go into limboland….
    The rich are prepared – They have purchased properties in other countries….They have moved money to other countries banks…They have prepared bunkers on their US properties to protect other assets when the y run and hide….they have prepared get-aways to thwart civil war fighters…..
    Why Not – but ya’ll morons forgot – Trump TURNED over his businesses to family when he became president……He still doesn’t take a salary – He’s rich….
    Hmmmm – Congress is supposed to represent their constituents aren’t they…..
    Well – The 2nd amendment is good to have and mostly goes UNUSED until some dumba** tries to take it away…..
    Can you say Judicial TYRANNY……

  6. One thing that we have to remember as American voters when we go to vote in the 2020 election about those border walls!! The $20billion of oufr taxpayer money wasted if we vote the criminal Democrat Party Mob back into political power in the 2020 election!! Every criminal Democrat Party Mob Presidential candidate have declared that they will “tear them down if they are elected!! As American voters, we do not want our taxpayer money wasted just to punish us American legal voters for having defeated the criminal Democrat Party Mob in the 2016 election, out of pure hatred for us!!!! We can do this by simply “dumping the whole criminal Democrat Party Mob by voting a straight Republican Party ticket in the 2020 election!!!!! American common sense at work!!

  7. By your comment, I can’t really tell which side you are on. Who is guilty of Judicial TYRANNY? Trump does not LIE to get Elected. He leaves that to the LYING LIBS, since they DO IT SO WELL!!
    I think YOU may be the MORON, since you failed to get ANY POINT accross!!

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