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FBI Finally Agrees To Name Saudi Official Who Helped 9/11 Attackers


Just 18 years after the terrible events of September 11, 2001, The FBI has agreed to provide a key piece of new information about alleged official Saudi involvement following intense efforts by the victims families.

While the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, remains at Guantamo Bay (trial date set for January 2021!), he opened the door in July to helping victims of the attacks in their lawsuit against Saudi Arabia if the U.S. government spares him the death penalty.

And, as The Wall Street Journal reports, victims’ families have urged the government to make more information public, telling President Trump in a letter recently that it would help them “finally learn the full truth and obtain justice from Saudi Arabia.”

The families had sought an unredacted copy of a four-page 2012 summary of an FBI inquiry into three people who may have assisted two of the hijackers in California in finding housing, obtaining driver’s licenses and other matters.

Two of the people, Fahad al-Thumairy and Omar al-Bayoumi, were linked to the Saudi government, according to FBI and congressional documents.  The third person, whose name is redacted, is described in the summary as having tasked the other two with assisting the hijackers.

As a reminder, most of the attackers were from Saudi Arabia; Riyadh has denied complicity in the attacks.

In an odd admission, that appears to suggest they are withholding even more evidence, The FBI, citing the “exceptional nature of the case” said it would provide the name of one Saudi official the families’ had most wanted, but wouldn’t release any other information they sought.

Of course, this decision puts President Trump back in an awkward position of maintaining ties with his petrodollar partners who are buying all those arms while being forced to face realities about the Saudis’ behaviors.

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  1. This would put the Saudi’s life in danger. We didn’t help the Dr who delivered bin Laden into the hands of Navy Seals. Obama made sure everyone knew who he was because he was on their side. Trump needs to clean house of all these agencies of leftover Obama/Jarrett puppets.

  2. The last little bit of your “reporting” knocked my snarko-meter off the charts. (describing the Saudis as “President Trump’s petrodollar partners). The Saudis, imperfect as they are, are OUR partners. We need them not only for their oil (which keeps the Europeans from being at the mercy of Putin and the Ayatolllahs), but for the strategic real estate they allow us to use, for their support in regional political affairs, and many other reasons. There is an attempt by many on the left to pretend the Saudi kingdom is a monolitihic monarchy, where the jing is all powerful. Nothing could be further from the truthm and the king frequently gives concessions to political factions in the kingdom (yes, the different mullahs are political more than religious), resulting in decisions we do not support, but which he makes to keep the kingdom from falling into anarchy. So hodl the narkiness – President Trump is making decisons based on what the US needs, not on poetrodollars. (you seem to have him confused with his election opponent of 2016, who was all about collecting petroldollars),

  3. They still think we are stupid. There were no airplanes ergo no hijackers either on 9/11/2001. It was an inside job with pre planted demolition charges and computer generated imagery of airplanes doing something impossible for an airplane to do.

    • The FBI knows what’s best . . . I have always thought there was pre planted demolition involved because the buildings fell so perfectly into their foundations. There’s no way of telling how long the operation was planned, or how long those people were in the country. They could have been working as “maintenance men” inside the buildings for all we know. You know a janitor is one of the ‘invisible people’.

      • OK, folks. Let’s think of this intelligiently, can we please? The towers were under extreme visual scrutincy once the first plane hit (or for you conspiracy minded….virtually hit). Cameras were focused on those towers from top to bottom as events unfolded even after the towers collapsed. Now, I am no engineer or explosive expert BUT if preplanted explosives, of an amount needed to collapse the towers, in fact were detonated, don’t you think there would have beem something noticable in any of the video feeds? An explosion that size would have shown on the exterior of the towers, in some way when the detonation occurred. And I would think that those type of charges, designed to bring down the towers, would have had to have been placed somewhere just upwards of the first floor to the middle of the tower, else the abilitity to bring down the towers with said explosives would have been severely diminished. Yet, no indication of any event that could take down the towers except those planes (OK, virtual planes). Don”t you folks think someone would have seen something on all those video feeds if placed explosive charges had been detonated?

        Hmmmm, just thinking about all this and just saying!

  4. “exceptional nature of the case”
    What does that mean?
    Obama’s Saudi muslim brotherhood members planned and carried out the attacks. Who knows how long they were planning it, or how long it took to accomplish. We know they took flying lessons here in the U.S. Someone thought about it enough to gather them all up and teach them English enough to ‘pass’ while they were here. 5 over-stayed Visa allotments; but I don’t remember anyone had ever said how long.
    Who in the FBI keeps making these decisions? President Trump should fire Wray.
    I suspect we may find out one day that someone from our own government was behind the whole thing; Pentagon and the world trade center. And the reason will be money, not Shiite religious fervor . . .

    • Actually the government, FBI and the Defense department were all involved. Plans started before Larry Silverstein bought the lease for the World Trade Center roughly 9 months before 9/11. Then added terrorist attack insurance on everything. One point nobody considers is that all the beams were sprayed with an asbestos sludge to protect them against fire should it occur and blows the theory that the fire from jet fuel brought down the towers. The port authorities who owned the towers were going to have to remove all that asbestos because it was supposed to be the cause of cancer in those people in the towers. Silverstein had no plans to do this so the plan was drawn up way before he got the lease. Why is it so hard for people to understand that the whole thing was one big insurance scam. Videos showing blinds blowing out as the towers came down from internal explosions going off. In videos that have been magnified, you can see the explosions going off as the floors were going down and it’s the only way the two towers could come down in their own footprint. The organization “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” have been pushing for years to have a proper inquiry done instead of the version that was done that made no sense. Isn’t it strange that all the metal was taken right away and shipped out to China without properly being analyzed but residue of Thermite were found. The work crews started working night as soon as Silverstein signed the papers for the lease and the new insurance policy. The Bin Laden family were at the White House on 9/11 and their plane was the only one allowed to take off later that day. One other important note Osama Bin Laden never took credit for the attack but rather denied it because he was immediately blamed for it, why? Then there’s building 7, no plane hit it and it was far away from the towers so they did no damage to it. Yet fire broke out and was said to be the cause of it coming down exactly the same way as the towers at free fall speed in its own footprint. It was Silverstein himself that gave the order to drop it. Also In England I believe, news media reported the towers were down twenty minutes before they fell. Also why did the intercept fighters not reach the planes in time “The 9/11 Commission determined that on the morning of September 11, the FAA did not adequately notify NORAD of the hijackings of Flights 11, 77, 93, or 175 in time for escort aircraft to reach the hijacked flights.[2] Notification of the hijacking of Flight 11 prompted the scrambling of two fighter jets from Otis Air National Guard Base, but they were not in the air until after Flight 11 had hit the North Tower. An erroneous FAA report of a hijacked plane heading towards Washington (“phantom Flight 11”) prompted the scrambling of three more fighters from the 1st Fighter Wing at Langley Air Force Base, which due to “poor communications”, ended up flying eastward, out to sea, instead of heading toward Washington, significantly delaying their arrival on the scene.” I seem to believe all of this was orchestrated in an effort to save the $750 million cost to remove the asbestos sludge that was protecting every steel beam in those building, including building 7. A cheque for $9.8 billion is a pretty decent payout, plus Silverstein tried to get paid twice by the insurance company but this is illegal in New York. The deaths of anyone in this meant nothing to him and now I see the FBI has a third Saudi official that supposedly took part in 9/11. The FBI has been involved in this from the beginning, twisting things, telling lies just like the did with President Trump. it’s easy to find all of this, try whatreallyhappened.com

  5. Our President needs to rebuild the government after what has happened to our judicial system.
    I guess he should fire all Federal employees and start over. Any body who is a Democrat or voted for a Democat need not apply.
    This would be the easiest way to get rid of the activists in government. Fire all judges who have been opposing sound government policy. The judge is not supposed to interject their own policy. But defend the Constitution and follow the laws and how they relate to the Constitution.
    We need to deport the illegals in our jails, just so we have room for all the obstructionists in government. The ones who were trying to take down our President and this country. We need to begin with Obama and Hillary, along with their mentor George Soros.

  6. Wasn’t one if the Saudis sons in the Boston bombings.
    Obama dashed to hospital and Saudis kid was rushed out on private plane per nurses.
    Obama never visited the American injured at hospital because he needed to cover up the Saudis relative in Boston bombing and get to hospital fast to smuggle kid out after patched up by nurses.

    Ahh the Muslims stick together to hurt America.

    Saudis fund allot of BA word wide.

    Glad we no longer need their oil- maybe they can eat those diamond encrusted Mercedes?
    You see Saudis were drilling for water and hit oil, but they are still needing water!

    Don’t let them in USA!

  7. Wasn’t one if the Saudis sons in the Boston bombings.
    Obama dashed to hospital and Saudis kid was rushed out on private plane per nurses.
    Obama never visited the American injured at hospital because he needed to cover up the Saudis relative in Boston bombing hands all over it
    and get to hospital fast to smuggle kid out after patched up by nurses.

    Ahh the Muslims stick together to hurt America.

    Saudis fund allot of BS world wide.

    Glad we no longer need their oil- maybe they can eat those diamond encrusted Mercedes?
    You see Saudis were drilling for water and hit oil, but they are still needing water!

    Don’t let them in USA!

    • You’re confused. 9-11 was under Bush. And the Saudis are one of our greatest allies in the Middle East. Bush is the one who got the family out. They hate ISIS as much as we do. Bin Salmon flew with a lot of my friends in the military. He loved Americans. It’s some of the young princes who are the problem. I’m sure the Kingdom hated Obama, even though Obama kissed King Salman’s ring in a public display of reverance. They gave him nothing.

      Osama bin Laden was a Saudi, who took his daddy’s money, went to Afghanistan and started Al Queda. Thanks to Regan, which was his only mistake. He used the Taliban and bin Laden to fight a proxy war against Russia and Putin. Putin is the only one who hates Muslims as much as we do (or should!) See Chechnya.

      The Saudi kingdom is very pro-Western. Its Iran who funds terrorism. That’s why Barrack Hussein gave them $150 billion, to fund more! I wouldn’t confuse the Saudis of 9-11 with the Kingdon of Saud, They are entirely different. The Saudis, Jordan, Egypt and Isrea,l of course are our best allies in the mid-East. Far better than the EU. Who should be kicked out of NATO.

  8. Another reason for the Saudis being our “allies” in the Middle East is that they (and most of the rest of the Arab Middle East) are Sunni Muslim. Iran (formerly called Persia) is Shia Muslim. These two factions are more bitter enemies with each other (and have been for over a thousand years – it has something to do with disagreement over who was the rightful successor to Mohammad) than were the Catholics vs. Protestants in England during the 1600s (and that’s saying something). The Saudis fear Iran more than they ever feared Iraq under Hussein. Yes, Europe needs Saudi oil (we no longer do in the USA because of fracking – we’re now energy independent), and we don’t want Russia having more leverage over the West than they already do. So, Saudi Arabia is important for many reasons. Sure, we could always nuke the entire Middle East and take the oil, but that’s a little bit too drastic for me (besides, Russia would intervene and we’d probably have WW-III for sure). During WW-II we and England allied with Stalin (Russia) to defeat Hitler, but that didn’t mean that we were “friends” with Communist Russia. (Churchill once said that he would partner with the Devil himself if he would help him defeat Hitler – and ironically, he did.)

  9. So a Saudi official requested 2 junior officials to use their resources to facilitate 8 saudi nationals to legally obtain drivers licences, appt rentals etc. All legal and legitimate.
    The huge problem was these particular people turned out to be the nefarious plane hijackers of 9/11.
    The question really shud be why has certain DOJ/FBI officials been covering up anything to do with 9/11?
    And remember how hush/hush a plane load of Saudis were allowed to suddenly leave NYC immediately after 9/11 on a private charted plane AND that one Robert J Mueller was the top FBI official that allowed and organised those Saudis to depart USA, without ever divulging who or why they were allowed to depart!!!! Also, why/how Russia advised US in advance of possible 9/11 event that FBI (Mueller) did nothing about that warning!!!!

  10. When will WE the People RISE up and STATE NO MORE LIES/SEDITION! ARREST Obama and Clinton! Make them accountable for what WE are dealing with NOW!!! Obama IS an ILLEGAL ALIEN!! PLEASE WE ARE NOT THAT BLIND!!!


  11. It was no other than Robert Mueller who covered up the involvement of the Saudis, how about we open up an investigation on him.

  12. Mueller help these terrorists leave America after the planes hit. He took them to the airport. Clinton and Mueller knew about the attack . Clinton walked away after Bush was elected and never told Bush. That’s your Democrat party. Traitors.

  13. Exactly, Americans can be real simpletons when it comes to global terror, foreign relations or history.

    They know NOTHING about how if it wasnt for Stalin and the millions of Russians who died fighting the Nazi’s we’d all be speaking German. (America was fighting the Imperial Japanese and knew or cared to know very little about what Hitler was doing in Europe.) We could not have won on both fronts without Stalin. The Soviet Union suffered the most casualties in WWII. It was the Soviets who discovered Aushwitz and freed the prisoners when they drove Hitler back into Poland .

    Americans were clueless, or pretended to be and were very late in joining the Allies (Great Britain and the Soviet Union) in truly fighting the Nazis and Fascists (Germany, and Italy) on the European Front.

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