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CNN on 9/11: ‘Right-wingers Are America’s Deadliest Terrorists’


CNN used the 18th anniversary of 9/11 to tell audiences that while Jihadist attacks knocked down the towers killing 3,000 people, Americans should be more fearful of terrorism from “white nationalists.”

While acknowledging several Jihadist attacks that have taken place on US soil since 9/11, CNN commentator John Avlon claimed that more terror attacks have reportedly been carried out at the hands of white people.

“…In the past year, we’ve been forced to confront a growing threat from another form of violent extremism: white nationalist terrorism,” Avlon said, listing a few thwarted Islamic attacks before shifting his commentary to the narrative that white people are the new terror threat.

“These terror suspects echoed white supremacist conspiracy theories about ‘replacement,’ hatred toward immigrants and refugees and ambitions of sparking a race war,” the commentator added, while flashing a headline from the New America think tank claiming “Right-Wingers are America’s Deadliest Terrorists.”

“…Here’s a startling statistic,” Avlon claimed, “since the 9/11 attacks, right-wing terrorists have killed more people in America than jihadist terrorists, according to the New America think tank,”

Many were angered at the network’s pathetic efforts to demonize white people by attempting to tie them to 9/11 – on the anniversary, no less.

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  1. The “New America think tank” ‘source’ is CNN. The ‘news castor’ commentator John Avlon was quoting a CNN-attended discussion as his source.
    CNN has several key personnel sitting on these ‘committees’. You find a left-wing ‘think tank’, you’ll find they have a CNN spot-holder.


  2. If there are so many white people in America that CNN hates and thinks they are the threat to America then CNN should move their operation to Somolia or the Middle East. I am sure they will have an increase in their viewership and be in a more secure and hospital environment.

    • CNN retains its “captive audience” in most airports. THAT should be ENDED. The Hallmark Channel has a higher watching audience than CNN. It would be prefereable to the blather & nonsense on CNN. Or the Weather Channel — more useful to most airline passengers.
      (But TWC has its lapses into ‘climate change’ propaganda at times.)

  3. Didn’t EVEN read this FAKE NEWS, I only wanted to comment that CNN WILL be a part of history that shows TRUTH does prevail!

    DEM-LIB Ideas, concepts, LIES will DIE with the DEMOCRATIC party!

  4. The most disgusting, anti white, anti American,
    Comment !!!!! SHAME on them !!!!!
    Who are these people dressed as journalists ??
    Bunch of marxists, globalists, America haters low lives !!!!
    It’s time to boycott CNN ( communist news network) and MSNBC, Washington Post and all the rest of them !!!
    Enough is enough !!!!!

  5. Just how does CNN still exist these days? The idea of calling whites terrorists, is ridiculous. Unless of course he is referring to antifa which is a domestic terror group. Maybe they are following the stupidity of San Francisco and calling the NRA a domestic terror group. The left wing media is going crazy with their derangement syndrome of Trump and the Americans who voted for him.

    • Most of their ratings are due to the sweetheart deal they got with airports, to show only CNN in terminal waiting areas … socialist/fascist economics at work …

    • It’s a good thing I don’t live in San Fran-freako. As a Patron Life Member in a “terrorist group” (the NRA, according to the douchebags in Freak-o land), they COULD try to arrest me (as a “terrorist”). This is getting WAY out of hand. IF I did live in “Freak-o land” (which I do not), AND they tried to arrest me, I would have no choice but to exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights, take a stand, and implement the “Lexington and Concord” plan (i.e., Shoot to Kill!). I will NEVER surrender to communists – NEVER! If/when these scum ever get actual power, they will have to be over-thrown, by whatever means necessary.

  6. WHITE PEOPLE ARE TO BLAME AND CNN HAD THE GAUL TO SAY THIS ON SEPT 11,2019.REALLY .REALLY. I’ll bet all the Muslim countries that hate our guts LOVE CNN!!!! do America a favor CNN, move to a Muslim country. any Muslim country. JUST GET OUT OF AMERICA.

  7. This is disgusting and absurd not to mention pathetic! John Avlon you sir are a disgrace as is the network you work for. CNN your network as a whole is depraved and wicked. You have become a tool of the devil, you sell misinformation and bigotry along with division and racism! How dare you be so callous and insulting to the memory of the THOUSANDS of Americans of every EVERY race that died that day! Why do you and your brethren continually seek to destroy our country from within!? We are one people with one country none of us should hate another in such a way that we would seek to destroy everything just to spite the other! That is insanity in its most malicious and destructive form. Your blind hatred of your fellow man had consumed you til all you see is hatred and in your blindness your point fingers at everyone but yourselves. CNN you are in desperate need of a come to Jesus as well as a serious reality check.

  8. As usual, CNN has everything ass backwards on who has been shooting up America. Virtually ALL White “mass shooters” have been liberals or left leaning nutballs.

  9. So you wish to call me and my many relatives White Nationalists Terrorists, For your information, My ancestors have served in every war of this Country, including the Revolutionary. Of my peer 1st cousins, 21 of the 23 have served in the US Military, my youngest son just retired after 29.5 years in the military. We have relatives buried in Military cemeteries from Arlington, Normandy, Holland, and across the world. To have a traitor as you and many of your other group of traitors dare call me and my Family Terrorists is the ultimate insult, and guess your destination on Judgement Day.

  10. Some ole white folks should take MR. (mentally retared) Avlon out behind cnn(communist not news netwerks) building and show him what White Terrorism is all about and see if he wants to return to his spouting off a bunch of crap about “some people did something” BS in this Country. Knowing all the cnn anchors probably all have to travel with body guards because enough American Patriots would love to get their hands around the cnn’s staffs necks and straighten them out.

  11. But we Conservatives are causing the hate and discontent in this country. Right!!!!! I am so disgusted with all of this. John Avalon you are a disgusting human being and a worthless journalist.
    CNN the day has come for you. To even be a part of this, on 9/11 no less should put you completely out of business. More and more people are running from this network. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

  12. cnn sucks..terrorist muslim trash committed 9/11…….cnn and ragtop omar can kiss America’s butt if they like our honoring GOOD Americans…Stop their lying trash talk……WE WILL NEVER FORGET…..Got It??????

  13. CNN is gaslighting Americans, they’re performing and entertaining for the terrorists. Such fools. They’re grasping for straws. It appears the left has already lost.

  14. CNN and most of the Liberal Democrat/Socialist partys members seem to believe anyone who supports the USA, that wants to secure our borders, that believe we owners of fire qrms for protection or hunting, believe government cannot (as proven) run anything cleanly economically and honestly as private enterprise does ! “White Nationalists” what do they mean ? I personally believe and will support to the best of my ability our right to be a stand alone self governing nation ! I believe it is our right to own and even carry firearms when necessary to protect our families, property, animals, and others who are being misstreated by thuggery. We must be allowed to have as much of our business run by private ownership not government. Also we should use the best systgem we have now and have had for many years to identify people, the Social Security system. Instead of allowing every state to control their and the federal voting system is wrong. We have the Social Security system where every citizen gets a SS # at birth or naturalization. Opening the computer rolls (names addresses but not #” to the polling places on election day, a voter need onl;y give name and address which will immediately be compared to the SS rolls . No Name Not a Citizen and No vote, only Citizens are by law entitled to vote ! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!

  15. I want someone to investigate why CNN is aired exclusively at airports and Amtrak stations. When you run into CNN on TV in any public place or any business, COMPLAIN. And if you are a veteran, tell the owner or manager that you didn’t give up precious years of your life so they could air that crap.

  16. “‘Commie news network” is paying it’s light bill barely ,maybe they would be happier in vladivostok …i know I’d be happier if they were there….stelter should go back to doing George Costanza imitations at Christmas parties,or go sniff Don lemon’s fingers for him….

  17. John Avlon is a fucking idiot (and so is the rest of the idiots who work for CNN, the Communist News Network). Oh, I’m sure the communists that work at CNN will tell you that they are only reporting the Truth; that’s what Pravda said also (Russian for “Truth”). We know who the Enemy is, and its NOT the American People who made this country and continue to make it work. Avlon is a mouthpiece of the Enemy, spewing out propaganda for the globalists who want to erase all borders, erase America as we know it, so they can “rule the world”. Too bad, we’re on to them, and its why we will NEVER surrender our guns! EVER! Molon labe!

  18. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, WAPO, NEW YORK TIMES, DEMOCRAT PARTY and now parts of FOX NEWS are the biggest carcinogens America has ever faced in its history! The good thing is Americans are waking up to truths and facts in an overwhelming number, shunning the sociopathic pathological lying socialist communist thugs on the far left that have become the biggest cancer this country has ever faced! The biggest threat to America is the lawless democrat party not some foreign power! Although Russia, China, Iran and other foreign powers own the democrat party, MSM propaganda machine and their social media propaganda machine… Keep up your projection it’s working so well, NOT! Just another epic failure like everything the democrats do…
    Keep up your Impeach, Impeach, Impeach and watch MAGA 2020 flush this lawless political party down the toilet!

  19. Okay, if this commentator on CNN, Mr. Avlon, believes that, since 9/11, more people have been killed by radical “white supremacists” rather than by radical Islamist jihadists–lets see his proof. If he is going to spout this nonsense, then he should be forced to name the specifics of each such incident. He should have to give all the necessary statistics. He should have to publicize the who, when, where, how and how many. Let’s have him list the names of those “white supremacist terrorists” and reveal all the places where these terrorist events took place. He should point out the specific places–streets, cities, and states–where they happened. He should be ready to report on the exact number of victims, their names and how they were killed. If he can’t produce that information, then he should just shut up. Let’s face it, given some time, we could certainly research and reveal all those same statistics for every single one of the Islamic terrorist attacks that have taken place in this country. If, he does the research and finds the specific statistics, he must be informed that counting the mass shootings by mentally disturbed children, don’t count. Those are not terrorists problems, those are psychological problems.

  20. Well I did some research and found the latest statistics on which race has committed more violent crimes in the United States. Per the Federal Static’s;Most homicides in the United States are intraracial — the perpetrator and victim are of the same race. Research argues that the overrepresentation of some minorities in the criminal justice system can be explained by socioeconomic factors! So again CNN is lying and reporting wrong information!! Most untrustworthy and Unreliable propaganda network in the history of mankind!! Close them down!!

  21. If you believe in freedom, the 2nd amendment, saving babies, honoring GOD, equality among us, you are labeled right wing terrorists. WHY ??? We are Americans who are starting to be proud of our country again thanks to the job President Trump is doing. We do not want our country to become a socialist/communist country under the demonrats who control the msm.

  22. White peoples are the most civilized giving good hearted people in the world. Black and brown countries beg us everyday for help with feeding them, rebuilding places for them to live helping to eradicate diseases that they have and help them with all kinds of medical problems. If you people think we are going to sit back forever and let you talk crap and shit on us it’s nit going to happen. You are going to see we can be the most violent and unforgiving people in the world. Once it stars Cnn there will be no sense in calling 911 cause the police will not be able to help you. I can see hundreds of armed mad people ascending on your studios and with the cameras on for the whole world to seethe start of the 2nd American uncivil war. No one will ever refer to it as a civil war because there will be nothing civil about it. Trust me it’s coming although I hope and pray that it doesn’t but because you all want it so bad I can see it happening. For some reason you people on the left thinks it will turn out different then it will but however it turns out most of you so called big wigs will never see the end because you will be the first people to go.

  23. New Flash for CNN! The KKK was founded by the Democrats over 150 years ago. Muslims have adopted the Democrats as their party in the country. Antifa, La Raza, BLM, the New Black Panthers and other home grown terrorist groups, are all Democrat supported. These are the people that riot, threaten, and assault innocent people, not the people you call the white supremacists.DCR4

  24. CNN is a non player in America media. Their hosts don’t even make sense to themselves any more. Fake news point of origination and the land of lies. What a joke of a media company!

  25. The actual fear they have is of patriots that know what CNN’s agenda is! CNN knows that if there is an armed revolution, they are on the top of the list to be exterminated because they are enemies of America and the Propaganda arm of the Anti-American Left.

  26. Man – come on – it’s more lies to get elected like other years and when they get office —- all claims and promises go into limboland….
    The rich are prepared – They have purchased properties in other countries….They have moved money to other countries banks…They have prepared bunkers on their US properties to protect other assets when the y run and hide….they have prepared get-aways to thwart civil war fighters…..
    Why Not – but ya’ll morons forgot – Trump TURNED over his businesses to family when he became president……He still doesn’t take a salary – He’s rich….
    Hmmmm – Congress is supposed to represent their constituents aren’t they…..
    Well – The 2nd amendment is good to have and mostly goes UNUSED until some dumba** tries to take it away…..
    Can you say Judicial TYRANNY……

  27. These people can sure come up with a lot of Bullshit. Us Gun Owners of America are the most Patriotic people in this Country, most of us are Veterans and have fought in previous wars for our Country and we would never even consider using our guns for a Terrorist attack. Now we would probably volunteer to use our weapons to help protect our Country from a Terrorist attack if our Government would allow us to. So what this think tank came up with is a manufactured lie to try to persuade others that guns owners are bad when in actuality we are good for America. The more guns in the hands of Law Abiding Citizens the safer the rest of America’s Citizens will be.

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