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Politico: Trump Administration’s Border Moves Are Working


    As much as President Donald Trump and his administration has taken heat for their policies to stem illegal immigration and border crossings, the moves are working, according to Politico.

    The report cites government data for border arrests, which dropped to 51,000 in August, a 60% decrease from a peak in May.

    “What the numbers show is that the United States’ threats and bullying of other countries have been effective in getting other countries to increase their enforcement efforts, but that the numbers don’t reflect any real change in the situation of the Northern Triangle countries of Central America,” Washington Office on Latin America Director Maureen Meyer told Politico.

    Credit the deal President Trump cut with Mexico in June to crack down on their own southern border, which helped send a message to migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. that it is “not as easy as they were told it was going to be,” Martha Bárcena, the Mexican ambassador to the U.S., told Politico.

    “People know that if they come into Mexico, they have to respect the Mexican law,” she added to Politico.

    Chicago-based pro-migrant group Alianza Americas Executive Director agrees forcing the hand of Mexico has worked to stop migration.

    “I think that they are getting exactly what they said they would get, by forcing the hand of Mexico,” Chacón told Politico. “But the question is, ‘Is it sustainable?'”

    According to the report, Mexico will press Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence to process asylum claims faster during a Tuesday meeting with Mexican officials, including Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard.

    Asylum seekers have been gathering in Mexico as the Trump administration has forced them to wait there as opposed to the U.S.

    “They’re finally getting it right, but they’re doing it in an unnecessarily cruel way – and they should be held to account for having created the problem in the first place,” former Obama administration Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Alan Bersin told Politico.

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    1. Wow! We created the problem according to the Dims of the failed States of Central America? Well, I guess we shouldn’t have enforced the Monroe Doctrine so then the Mexican Empire would exist today as well as Central American nations being part of New Spain today?

    2. What a bunch of meanies we Americans are. Imagine refusing to let these illegal aliens (not “migrants” or “asylum seekers”) enter our country by breaking our rules. Regardless of the Democrats’ thinking (more votes for Dems), these people have no business just strolling across the border and expecting to be given all kinds of free stuff. There are TRUE migrants waiting patiently and obeying all our laws in the hopes of coming to America. They are people who can earn their own living without handouts and who can contribute to our country. They bring with them skills that enable them to prosper here. Those are the people who should be given priority. We don’t need any more illiterate or semi-literate people without any skill set in this country. We already have plenty of them.

    3. n the job training is the best training is a lot better than a college degree. With only a high school degree, I worked on a tow boat for a total of 10 years, made my Engineer’s licenses by studying and actual work on the job, then I went to a finance company, worked my way up to Senior Office Manager and went from hand posting, to a posting machine and finally pioneered the first computer system for a finance office in my town, then hired as a corporate credit manager for a steel mill, and set up a steel mill credit group while there and turned 70 million without a loss the first 2 years, then went as general manager for another steel mill and re-designed the mill allowing 4 people to put out more product in 1 day than 3 shifts were in a full week. So, on the job training is a lot better for anyone willing to study and learn.

    4. Any people who will not defend their country’s borders don’t deserve to HAVE a country and probably won’t have one for very long. When faced with asymmetric warfare the choice is a simple one: Stop the invasion and protect your nation’s sovereignty, or surrender. Even Bernie Sanders, in 2015, said: “…….open borders means NO NATION……and is against the very concept of nation-state……” THAT’S what the open-borders leftist Democrats stand for: NO NATION. Is that really what half the country wants ??? A vote for ANY Democrat is a betrayal of country.

    5. Not only do the leftists stand for open borders they are doing everything they can to help illegals into this country. OAN news said yesterday that the congressman from MD( the one that’s doing such a good job there) went to Mexico with the congresswoman from Texas to “school” the illegals on how to defeat the laws of our country. When asked he said “I made a wrong turn” This is illegal to help illegals break our laws especially for our own congressmen. This guys own city, Baltimore” is a shithole because of him why is he wasting his time and MY money going to Mexico to help illegals. They should be charged and prosecuted, and JAILED!


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