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UN Global Comms Chief Says Illegally Entering The U.S. Is A Right


Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

The head of United Nations Global Communications says that it is a “right” for migrants to illegally enter the United States.

Writing on Facebook, Melissa Flemming asserted that, “the right to seek asylum is enshrined in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights & was made binding by the 1951 Refugee Convention.”

“It is never a crime to seek asylum in another country even if one enters a country irregularly,” she added.

As head of communications, Flemming, who is American, is also the spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the same organization that Rep. Ilhan Omar advocated take control of the US-Mexico border last week.

“We should do what any other country does by dealing with this situation in a serious way,” Omar said during an immigration forum in south Minneapolis.

“So, we have to bring in the United Nations high commissioner on refugees, an agency that has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely.”


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    • Yes, and eject the UN from our land, and I don’t care if this process is done illegally either! Turn about is fair play! F you, UN. We unite against you as you declare yourself against us!

    • You see her changing the definition of illegal to irregular ? Typical tactic of liberals.
      In addition to Omar the Hag’s suggestion of UN meddling, this is definitely not coincidental.
      This is a scripted plan slowly playing out…..
      Keep your ammo dry.
      Trump, get troops from foreign countries and place them on our borders ,Mexico AND Canada!
      Demand UN pay all there parking tickets in NYC( good job for de blah-sio) Then kick them out of US. Send them off to Africa where most UN big wigs are from.

    • I agree 100% she evidently was absent when Trump stood on the stage of the United Nations and told the whole world that the UNITED STATES WILL REMAIN SOVERIGN! That does include the fact that no nation dictates to this country how to run it. That includes the United Nations.

  1. Melissa Flemming, One question for you. What happens to people who cross over into Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran or any other Middle Eastern country? I’ll give you a hint… It might be death! There is a right way and a wrong way to enter our country. Entering illegally is NOT the right way and you should know that. The UN has no business in our country, either! They DID have the right to go after ISIS when they were murdering across Syria and other counties but they opted to allow the murdering, raping and pillaging to continue without conscience. It appears that the “Humanity” part of the UN is no longer intact after the UN’s lack of intervention with ISIS’s rampage across these countries. As for you saying, ” “It is never a crime to seek asylum in another country even if one enters a country irregularly,” , it is illegal for ANYONE to cross our border “illegally or irregularly”. It means the same thing and America has laws against “illegal” or “irregular” entry into the United States of America. Your “irregular” comparison to “illegal” entry is nothing but a play on words and you are whitewashing the fact that these “illegals” are entering illegally. Nothing less! Maybe it is the fact that you have been over there a bit to long?!

  2. Sure, people have the right to seek asylum here, BUT the ones who are coming NOW and in HUGE numbers are NOT asylum seekers, they are enticed to come here, to INVADE, by the left to create HAVOC and go after President Trump who insists to build the wall to keep them OUT and to make America more SAFE for it’s CITIZENS…..There is a DIFFERENCE here, a BIG DIFFERENCE…..STOP the LIES, STOP “twisting/mis-construe” the REAL reason/reasons…..the REAL reason/s is to turn America into a TOTAL SH*THOLE like the countries are these people are running from – that’s the reason these leftists GALLOWS BIRDS are “inviting” these law-BREAKERS to come here……!!!!

  3. Time to throw the UN out of the USA and turn the building into a Trump Tower. You should preach that garbage to Middle Eastern Countries.

    • The biggest bunch of undesirables is the u n they should have been run out of the U S A years when are the President and Congress going to wake up to that they steal us blind kick them out now!

  4. Leftist are Socialists and Communists. The United Nations is FULL OF THEM!
    One of their hallmarks is to continue saying the same things over and over until the stupid among us repeat the refrain as though it were truth.
    They keep misrepresenting opportunity-seekers with asylum-seekers, the same way they keep misrepresenting legal and illegal immigrants.
    I hope these anti-American “squad” women are not re-elected. Their constituency couldn’t possibly be that stupid . . .

    • The hate for America and hunger for power has never been more evident than at this point and now we have some kook from the UN throwing her twisted views into the mix. If the democrats loved their country more than they do controlling power i am sure by now there would have been at least one small item that they could have reached agreement with trump on to better the country but they resist everything and anything he wants to do. My neighbor and i don’t agree on much and we have different views on how neat and clean we should keep our properties but there are at least 5 or 6 items that we could agree on to make our lives better so my point is why can’t the democrats put aside their hate for trump and either work with him or get the hell out of his way.

    • UN became so powerful and their goal is the
      to implement that NWO … no borders, every one to be called “ a citizen of the world” and UN to become the unique /centralized power of the world which would force their agenda on every country ( which would only need to have some sort of “ leader” who would make sure everyone would comply with the rules coming from the UN leader … that’s the plan !

  5. What a dumb ass this woman is , and she should also say that it should be Americas right to keep them in custody until their asylum claims are heard and then it is Americas right to send them packing when we find out they are lying just to gain entry into the country. Maybe these asylum seekers should have the right to just walk right in her front door uninvited if she thinks it is legal for them to come across a countries border uninvited .

  6. exactly yank , the UN lost it’s credibility because of people like her because they have no spine and they will only stand up and speak out Against America because they know we are not a hostile nation but when a backbone is called for to stand up to the bad actors of the world they cower in a corner and are afraid to speak.

  7. As soon as China starts taking in undocumented third world aliens by the many millions like here we might consider open borders tomplease the New World Order Global Socialist lunatics.

  8. It’s time to stop propping up the UN because we are the ones that contribute 90% of the budget. Fire this Flemming bitch and get out of the UN. It’s time we worry about ourselves.

    And this Muslim bitch Omar wants to talk about morals when she’s a Muslim whore breaking up a marriage, coming over here illegally, marrying her brother and committing bigamy. How can she even put the word “morals” in a sentence?

    But Muslims are know to be liars.

  9. Her and the UN need to disappear. Worthless corrupt socialist rats nest. Throw them out of NY and the country altogether. Nauseating

  10. Who is this U.N. stiff to interpret what she believes is written into our Constitution? Between the U.N. and the surrender clowns in the E.U. let them mind their own business and we’ll take care of our affairs. Trump isn’t advising them, and this U.N. stiff has no business seeking to undermine the faith we have in our own nation and its Constitution. No foreign nation has any document, written in the blood of American patriots, such as the U.S. Constitution.
    Sure, by the United States having the one true and operating Constitution in this universe, there is jealousy. The U.N woman in question needs to look to the failures of her organization, which by rights, should have moved its headquarters out of the U.S.A long ago, and not keep trying to hang its responsibilities on Uncle Sam!

  11. According to data consolidated and reported daily on One America News Network, the cost of illegal alien invaders to America is $185 BILLION so far this year alone. The UN itself is a big useless leech on American taxpayers, loaded down with know-nothing, do-nothing idiot “diplomats” from mostly third world countries around the globe. And they’re intent on invading every successful country in the world – primarily the USA, of course. The question is: of the 7 billion people in the world right now, how many don’t want to work hard to improve their own countries, but would rather come here and live off of us? I’ll bet that the number is in the billions. As we have an estimated 22 million illegal alien invaders already here living the good free life, just how many more are we going to suffer sneaking into the Country, thanks to our Congressional non-leaders who just want to investigate President Trump, his staff, his family and associates 24/7/365?

  12. Everyone should be allowed to enter the country ???
    By the millions, and we, the American people must be forced to provide for them free food, free medical assistance, free schools, free housing ????
    Is that the American dream now, according to the UN ???
    Are we still an independent country ???

  13. The U.S. government should stop all funding to U.N and politely ask them to leave New York. They are the one world government. Oh, and when they leave, ask them to round up all the illegals and take them along with them.

  14. Illegal is illegal. We have laws and the UN has NO right to override them. The democrats are trying to force us into the UN’s agenda. We can’t let that happen.

  15. The UN has no say so about AMERICA. We do not need the United Nations. Disband this group and tear down the building. They should worry about their own countries and keep their noses out of ours.

  16. Another idiot loud mouth. You have a right to your opinion, stupid as it is. There is no written law for anyone to have to listen to it. Where is my duct tape. It doesnt cure stupid though.H28H

  17. she is as crazy as all the democrat contenders for president we have the right to stop the invasion of illegals since when does the un tell us what to do about our country

  18. Look what happened to Europe with open borders. Her young girls raped in the name of “its our culture” and no respect for women at all. Areas where sharia law is being pushed. Native folks out numbered by foreigners with no love for the nations they are ruining.
    Why would we want that for America. Yes we’re a nation of immigrants but English was the language of the nation. Folks came to become part of the nation and their children spoke like natives because Mama and Daddy were proud to have gotten here and worked toward learning the language and getting the kids educated here.
    I have a daughter in law who’s working hard to get here. My son is on disability so she needs a sponsored to come. They have a beautiful little girl. Named for both grandmas. My girl is working hard polishing her English both written and spoken. She works as a nanny for a man who was once the ambassador to the United States.
    It cost them hundreds of dollars for their daughters papers proving she’s a foreign born citizen of America. Then $350 for a physical to prove my daughter in law is strong and healthy and nearly $400 more for the interview. And more again for my son to show his assets to help care for them If they get to come home to the little home I’d built for my parents to be close. He worked hard repairing it and putting in a new bathroom after the home had been vandalised and stripped of its fixtures. He painted and carpeted dreaming of bringing her home. They he returned as soon as possible because their baby was coming. They are trying to do it legally.not easy at all. If she came and snuck in shed be able to have welfare and snap for food. But come in legally and those things are prohibited to her.
    And the UN thinks everyone who comes sneaking in should be treated as if they were ok. Maybe even treated better than our own sometimes…. He’ll no!

  19. I agree the UN need to work with the country and abide by the rules. There is a resin it is called illegal, look up the definition because I don’t think you have the concept. The UN should be paying us for the amount of people we have taken in. The US can no longer be a dumping ground for the UN. Send them to China, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc.

  20. If she is so sure then let her fund the costs of the illegals and those who are here already send them to china,Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, teach them how to grow food and survive. we have too many who do not contribute to society now.

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