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Democrats To Declare An Official Impeachment Investigation


The Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, criticized for an unorthodox impeachment probe of President Donald Trump, is poised to vote next week on a resolution to formalize the investigation, a person familiar with the matter said on Saturday.

The panel has rebranded what was originally an oversight probe of Trump’s presidency as an “impeachment” investigation, with the aim of deciding by the end of the year on whether to recommend articles of impeachment to the full House.

As early as Wednesday, committee members could vote on a measure that would better define the investigation, according to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The committee’s current impeachment approach has been criticized by Republicans for avoiding a precedent set during impeachment inquiries against former President Richard Nixon and former President Bill Clinton.

In those cases, inquiries were formally authorized by the full House. This time, Democrats have steered clear of a House vote that could prove risky for Democratic freshmen from swing districts where impeachment is unpopular with voters.

For much of the year, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler has focused on the findings of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling in the 2016 presidential election and evidence that Trump sought to impede the probe.

Since Mueller’s testimony in July, Nadler has broadened the investigation to include allegations that Trump has improperly mixed his business interests with his role as president, dangled pardons to encourage official misconduct and paid money during the 2016 campaign to silence women claiming to have had affairs with him.

Though the new measure is not expected to be introduced until Monday, the source said the resolution would allow staff attorneys to question hearing witnesses, set procedures for closed-door reviews of grand jury material, allow White House counsel to respond in writing to the committee and usher in other changes.

The new procedures could be in place for a Sept. 17 hearing at which Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is scheduled to testify, along with former Trump White House aides Rob Porter and Rick Dearborn.

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It was not clear whether the panel would recommend the new resolution for a full House vote.

A more formal investigation could strengthen separate committee lawsuits seeking federal court orders to access Mueller grand jury material and compel testimony from former White House Counsel Don McGahn.

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  1. What other lengths will the CORRUPT DESPICABLE DEMOCRATS go to in order to impeach Trump, they are scarping the bottm of the barrel and now attack his personal life for any information to impeach him. Shame thatnobody brings up the despicable act of GEORGE BUSH and his democrat assholes when they implemented the attack on the World Trade Centre and destroyed three thousand or more lives by their TREASONOUS ACTIONS, WHY WAS BUSH NOT IMPEACHED THEN?

    • Robert Mueller is the the proof he was the FBI director at the time and controlled all investigations into the Saudi’s harmless. There are former agents that say their hands were tied keeping them at bay. Just weeks after the 9/11 Bush was colluding with Saudi diplomat on back steps smoking cigars.

      • Nadler has always hated Trump and Trump’s father because the real estate deals and permits that Nadler tried his best to block and lost. Trump has beaten him at every turn and this his chance to back but he’s still losing. Trump is beating his ass still and in 2020 will be the last of Nadler for good. He is burying himself for re election

  2. Nadler has been clueless all of his do nothing career and now his full time job has been to impeach Trump since the day Trump announced he was going to run for office. He must dream about impeaching trump . He can’t even say the word peach without IM in front of it . His wife was going to the store and he said dear could you buy some impeaches and bake an impeach pie and she told him Jerry you need to get the rest of your Trump hating friends and go back to group therapy where you can all hold hands and chant “we hate trump” over and over .

    • Joe! I love what you said! You rock!! Although, now I can’t get that image out of my mind. You reckon someone starts singing the Hokey-Pokey after a few hours of primal -screaming their hate for our President?

  3. I wonder what the Demoncraps couldld have accomplished if they had actually done their jobs instead wasting millions dollars and endless time on useless, hateful investigations?
    I guess the upside is, they have proven to the American voters just how petty and hateful they are.

    • Well said Edward. They are the most unscrupulous bunch of ass wipes around. I sure wish that someone would pursue an investigation into that side of the coin. This really does need to happen. It seems like Trump is the only one they are investigating. This needs to end now!!

  4. Nadler, Sheriff Woody, SwalloWell and other Demented-Dems seem to have conveniently forgotten that not only the failed, near two year long, Muellar investigation, separate DOJ, DNI, FBI, CIA and other Alphabet Agency “investigations” and other “investigations” by the House and Senate all failed to document any proof.

    However, all these investigations never looked at “the witch”, her Coven, the DNC and the documented linkage of their money to their attorneys to FUSION, to Steele and his Russian Connection as well as other Foreign Spies . . . . to produce a bogus “Dossier” that everyone, including Comey new was bogus, even though he used it to obtain FISA warrants.

    The proof is looking them all in the face, but will justice be served? Who knows. 😊

  5. The Demoncats, are brewing a very bad mess that could fall on them, or maybe the DELUSIONAL FOOLS want to, in the foolish belief they would gain power.

  6. I’m really unpleasantly surprised that while the Democrats think they’re a benefit to the nation, all they do is accuse, or have phony investigations, but have not succeeded in legislating any bills which is their duty to the American public. Instead, they live for one vendetta, and that is to ruin the Trump presidency, even though he has produced jobs for Americans, which Obama, as President, told us “Those jobs are lost, and not coming back”. and Trump brought them back plus more of them! Trump didn’t ask “advisors” what they thought, which is what Obama did! And, do we hear as much about federal food stamps, as in Obama’s regime? No, about 3 to 4 million less food stamp dependents. Americans went to work, to decent Trump-created jobs, and U.S. Pride is back! It did not have to ever happen, but Obama surrendered, ran up the surrender flag…Trump did not, he put together a team of wise financial people and got results…America First result! He never quit negotiating for the American people, and what’s he receive for it? A lying, corrupt press in the bag for the Democrats. So, he goes Twitter, etc. without the corrupt press, and he dumps CNN star reporters, instead giving the hard-working honest reporters a chance to sit “up front.” Now, we have the chance to get the truth, not just political vendetta because Trump beat the Democrats for the presidency…and I want him back for another four years. The Democrats can’t even come up with a decent candidate. Communist Bernie? Beto “what’s his name”? Are they nuts?

  7. Jerry Nadler is so overwhelmed by his hatred for President Trump he has lost, provided he had any to begin with, any semblance of reasoning and thinking! Impeachment proceedings will only FURTHER damage the Democrat’s chances in 2020. So, go ahead “toad” Nadler, BRING IT! A lot of us remember what the impeachment of Bill Clinton did to get Dems a majority in the next election. Impeachment is a bad idea even when there is evidence proving the charges, as in Clinton’s case! The American voters HATE IMPEACHMENT!

  8. It just goes to show you what the DemoRats really are. All they want is POWER POWER POWER over us citizens.
    The DemoRats want a Socialist Communist dictatorship. Please vote the DemoRats and Rino’s out of office or we will face a terrible life and country.

  9. All of the Dems are mindless & just fall into “lockstep” with the rest of the party & agree with anything anyone of them says (whether it’s true or rather than not); not one of them has the courage to disagree or have an independent, intelligent thought. They are truly without conscience & certainly without any meaningful ideas…they should be legislating rather than investigating!

  10. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results. This just proves once more how insane these Congressional Dems are. This isn’t what these Washington political electees are supposed to be doing – wasting all their time on a snipe hunt. Dump them all next year and bring on some people who really want to serve the Country and do some real work for the Country! Kick all the bums out!

  11. They are crazy. They can’t stand it that Trump is doing everything he said he would do. I don’t know why they can’t see that. I will be praying for Trump and I really think God put Trump here, that is why they have not been able to defeat him so far. I have never seen the government so corrupt as it is now and have so many foreigners in it.

    • I stand with Shirley. I agree that The Lord God Creator is showing His mercy by placing Mr. Trump in as president. Has anyone seen the new t-shirt “Jesus is my Savior and Trump is my president”? I got one. They’re really nice.

  12. After this one fails what will they try next. That Trump and Boris Badenov of Rocky and Bullwinkle are trying to take over the world.

  13. IMPEACH ON WHAT GROUNDS??!! Remember this No collusion! No obstruction!!
    Mueller report turned up nothing!!
    The court stated democrats can’t have his Tax information!! So what grounds are they driving the impeachment process on??!!
    Americans don’t want this president impeached!!! Ridiculous!!

  14. Are we to understand that there are three categories of impeachment investigations; inform, formal, and official? Would someone explain to this poor ignorant soul the difference?

  15. Nadler has always hated Trump and Trump’s father because the real estate deals and permits that Nadler tried his best to block and lost. Trump has beaten him at every turn and this his chance to back but he’s still losing. Trump is beating his ass still and in 2020 will be the last of Nadler for good. He is burying himself for re election

  16. The socialist Democratic Party are made up
    If traitors to our country like talib Omar s and the mass a hole whatever her name is.
    The rest of the crooked socialists pelisr, schumer, Nadler and the rest of the calif dummies deserve death for treason

  17. Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Booker, Schiff, Gillibrand,
    Warren, Sanders the commie … and on and on with all the rest of the Marxist party members, America haters party !!
    Vote Trump 2020 !!!!

  18. So nice to know they’ve worked out all the problems going on in our country and they have enough free time to impeach the man in office that’s really the ONLY one working on the problems!!!!

  19. I think nadless Nadler and other followers will really regret what they are doing. He should be charged with treason, or at the very least harassment of a setting President!

  20. Juliet to Romeo:

    O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
    Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
    And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.

    From Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” 1592


    Repugnants to Demonrats:

    O Demonrats, Demonrats! wherefore art thou Demonrats?
    Deny thy party and refuse thy name;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my respect,
    And we’ll no longer be Americans.

    A takeoff from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” 1592

  21. Why don’t they do some real work I don’t know like maybe house our vets take of our American family that are homeless. Clean up the democratic cities that have homeless people who are on drugs leaving dirty needles feces, and God knows what else. We have to worry about the plague coming back and they do NOTHING about it. Medieval diseases are coming back THIS IS INSANE!! AGAIN THEY DO NOTHING!! LET’S IMPEACH TRUMP! IT’S OUTRAGEOUS!!! THEY JUST HATE !

  22. I see a up raising a coming! Them demorats better think long and hard on this. Let’s help Our President Drain that corrupt evil swamp in 2020 or We are gonna have more 911s with the demorats. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Investigate them demorats deeply. Never would of known that Nancy was using the tax payers $$$$$ for her vacations with family and friends if it wasn’t for Trump canceling her trip! Trump should of cancelled after she landed.lol For how many years has she been doing that? And who else is doing it too? Corruption Runs Deep.

  23. Bet Jerry is on that sex harassment list that We the People paid for! Know that Al green is…. Been waiting to see that list we paid for. Demorats made it so We can’t see it.

  24. why don’t they try running the country instead of their mouths the house may impeach but the senate will not approve of these idiots and what they are trying to do

  25. The DemoRATS in Washington ,D.C. need to be charged with TREASON. They’re trying to overthrow a duly elected Pres.of the USA and install DemoRAT-Nazi party by confiscating the guns from USA citizens similar to what was done in Germany which brought about Nazi Germany. President Trump should order the DOJ to arrest all Sanctuary Governors of states and Mayors of cities. If,need be ,bring in the USA ARMY with fixed bayonets to make arrests of the DemoRATS and all illegal Aliens and muslim terrorists that could be hiding out in the 4 mansions that Obumma bought during his last term as POTUSA. AND by the way where did he get the money to buy the mansions. Maybe Iran and Russia?

  26. These so called impeachment proceeding’s will leave the Democrats with a lot of mud on their faces…with charges that will appear to be over indulgent and preposterous to the majority of the American people…What ever charges are leveled at this President rest assure there are Democrats who have already done it.

    • Almost three years now and one false charge after another and they just keep going . They are addicted to hating trump and like any addict they have lost all of their self respect at this point and they are just kicking and screaming all the way to the detox center. I have not in my lifetime ever seen anyone have as much hate for another human being as the left has for Trump and trump’s supporters and this kind of hate for any other person is unnatural. How can any group of people have the hate inside of them that the people on the left have and still call themselves compassionate. You can not have that much hate in your heart and still have room to love.

  27. Since Nadler and his other mentally deranged yahoos do not need to produce any actual behavior by Trump to start an investigation except their hate and hunger for power i guess it will now be OK to pick out any citizen walking down the sidewalk and say lets start an investigation on that guy or woman because they must be guilty of something and we better find out what because i just don’t like that person. An inquiry needs to be started into why Nadler has such a hate for Trump and why he has been refusing to do the job he is paid to do and his only mission for three years now has been to unseat trump. Nadler should return the money and benefits that he has been paid because it is not his full time job to unseat a president . You work for the United States of America you skunk not the democrat party and you are trying to dismiss the will of about one half of American voters by going after trump non stop.

  28. These one world government Democrats will stop at nothing to remove Trump. His speech at the UN, on the world stage informing the world the US will remain SOVERIGN pretty much put him as the Democrats enemy #1.

  29. With all the 411 coming out – the dems are and will be Indicted for treason – sedition Espionage and abuse of power….
    Even their families will be investigated for treason….

  30. You’re making one Big Mistake Democrats. To me all Democrats are worthless. You’re supposed to be doing a certain job yet you refuse to do your job because all you can think of is Impeaching Donald Trump. I will be voting for Donald Trump and I bet there are more Trump voters than Democrat Voters


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