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Progressive Author Urges ‘Normal People’ To Stop Wearing Red Baseball Caps Because They Remind Her Of MAGA Hat


A Pulitzer Prize-nominated author is urging all “normal people” to cease wearing red baseball caps because they remind her of the Trump-inspired Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats and that “does weird sh-t” to her.

Rebecca Makkai asked her Twitter audience on Sunday “Is anyone else made really uncomfortable these days by anyone wearing any kind of red baseball cap?” On Friday, Twitter enthusiasts were continuing to tell her that no, they weren’t, but that maybe Makkai should assess her own feelings.

Makkai then moved to her central thesis: that the MAGA hat has reached the moral equivalency of the swastika used by Nazi Germany. She suggested that the “red hat has become a symbol of hate [because] of how its wearers act.”

Leftists commies openly fantasize about what they would do as the new authoritarians charged with punishing conservatives in the gulag of their dreams.

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  1. What a full load of Bravo Sierra she has between her ears and is spewing out of her mouth on all of our society! With such a convoluted thought process it’s incredible that she can write, much less earn the Pulitzer prize. Never heard of her, never read her books and I’ll bet that makes me much better off. Combine this idiocy with the Salt Lake soccer team that has banned the Betsy Ross flag from its games because of some minor stupid remark that it represents racism and is used as a symbol for “hate groups”. What a lie! As a retired military guy, I honor and respect every flag that we have had since 1776 which represented the strength and unity of ALL Americans in these United States!

  2. I don’t think she understands that the very people who wear/would wear a MAGA hat are the very ones who enable her to speak freely on any subject. What does she use that freedom for? Stupidity and hate. If she wants to display her ignorance and prejudice for all the world to see and hear…..oh, well. How pitiful and sad. I’m sure they’re waiting for an open bed on the psyche ward. She needs it.

    • Great response! However, I don’t think logic works with her type now any more than it ever did. She’ll continue to tremble when a red hat’s worn around her. It’s her new niche.

  3. She’s a writer, I thought she was just another BS artist with a big mouth. I never heard of her, and I read daily, both for information and entertainment.

    • Me too. I read a lot of articles, posts etc. daily via the internet and other “publications” and I don’t recall ever reading her shat. I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest she’s just not all that good or her niche market is one of those I’ll never be interested in.

  4. Yo’ Becky… I have several “red hats” in my home. I have a couple of MAGA hats. I wear them, I put them on the dashboard of my truck, I buy and give them out as presents at Christmas and birthdays. I’ve even been known to hang one or two here and there throughout the town and forest in relatively liberal areas. I’m a white college educated, Christian veteran. I’ve been married to the same woman for over 40 years, I’m a loving grandpa of several grandkids and I’m going to die happy. Here’s hoping your phobia of red hats is curable because those red hats, those MAGA hats ain’t going away. In the meantime keep your respirator handy and your blinders on. We’re going to be sticking around. MAGA!!!

    • Bravo, Me Too!
      One on my head, one on the dash, and one on the rear deck. Plus Trump stickers on the bumpers.
      PS: I did raise the “bashing’ coverage level on my insurance policy for head and vehicle, just in case some insecure liberal decides to take a baseball bat to either one. Just being practical!!

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