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Woman Drops ‘Forcible Kiss’ Trump Lawsuit After Furious Judge Views Cellphone Footage


A former Trump campaign aide has dropped a lawsuit against the president after cellphone footage revealed her claim to be baseless.

Alva Johnson made headlines when she claimed that then-candidate Donald Trump “forcibly kissed” her shortly before a campaign rally in Tampa, Florida in August 2016.

After Trump’s attorneys released a video of the encounter, however, things went sideways for Johnson – when US District Court Judge William Jung dismissed the complaint, saying it amounted to a “political lawsuit,” according to Politico.

Jung offered to let Johnson’s lawyers redraft the complaint, however in a Wednesday night filing they anounced the decision to drop the lawsuit.

“While we are disappointed in the result, we take some satisfaction in proving that Alva was telling the truth about what her employer did to her. Namely, we uncovered video evidence that shows Trump grabbing Alva by the shoulders, pulling her in to him, and kissing her in front of numerous co-workers and others,” wrote lawyer Hassan Zavareei. “Unfortunately, that does not appear to be enough for our judge, who has expressed a very narrow view of what constitutes battery.”

Johnson, meanwhile, said in a statement “I have made the difficult decision not to pursue my claims at this time. I am facing a judge who openly questions whether the kiss is worthy of a federal lawsuit and has determined that Mr. Trump’s history of such behavior is not relevant, and I’ve endured ongoing threats to my safety. I’ve decided for the sake of my family that I will not continue with the case at this time.”

Johnson is also dropping a separate claim that the Trump campaign underpaid women and minority employees, with Zavareei once again slamming the Obama-nominated Jung.

“We don’t think we will get a fair hearing from this judge,” said Zavareei.

Trump attorney Charles Harder said in response to the filing: “Ms. Johnson’s court filing last night, giving up the case, represents total victory for President Trump, and fully vindicates him of Johnson’s false accusation.”

“Ms. Johnson’s filing last night also fully vindicates the Trump Campaign, and verifies that the Trump Campaign fully complied with all applicable laws as to Ms. Johnson and all of its other employees.”

Harder had argued that Johnson repeatedly violated a nondisclosure agreement in connection with her work for the Trump campaign.

“The President and Campaign are weighing their legal options against Ms. Johnson at this time, and have demanded that she reimburse them for the attorneys’ fees and costs they incurred in her failed lawsuit,” he said, adding “Just as the President defeated the Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit and obtained an order requiring her to pay his legal fees, so too should Alva Johnson reimburse the President’s legal fees and costs incurred here.”

Interestingly, the MSM seemed to hold this “credible accusation” at arm’s length – perhaps because Trump kissing a black woman would conflict with their ‘super racist president’ narrative, or maybe because it was obvious BS from the start?

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  1. Two red flags here. 1. She’s a woman. 2. She’s African American. Good luck getting the truth out of either one. In combination they are definitive.

  2. Knowing what I know now, I would not give her even an “air kiss” of greeting let alone any other kind. She will forever go through life “kiss-less”. UGH.

  3. ” . . . we take some satisfaction in proving that Alva was telling the truth about what her employer did to her . . . wrote lawyer Hassan Zavareei.” Wow! Then why drop the suit? Please go back to whatever god forsaken middle eastern sh**hole you came from . . . .

  4. THAT was a forcible kiss? The judge should have made her responsible for everyone’s court fees as that was NOT anything that should have wasted rhe court’s time or resources.

  5. Frivolous lawsuits are the bain of the country. This one is proof that the person and lawyer filing the suit must post a bond equal to damages sought. If they lose then bond pays the defendant. Lawyer also gets strike on law license and th three strikes and your license is suspended. Stop filing idiotic lawsuits.

  6. I have reviewed the video many times and I can NOT see where the Kiss was forcible OR unwanted. What I do see is a woman who “me too”s for the wrong reasons. Get a politician into a law suit and he will pay just to have it go away. Sick of the whiney, I am soooooo put upon baseless victims.

  7. Women like this just make coin to court harder for women who rally do have a case of being violated by a real perv.She was just out doing a little gold digging and it backfired.

  8. Isn’t she ashamed that in Europe everyone kisses everyone else on both cheeks?
    Is she really that naïve that a kiss like that one – was meant for the wrong reasons?
    Next, handshaking will be thrown out though my husband’s cancer doc shook both our hands the other day and that probably means something evil.
    She should be required to cough up the legal fees.

    • Agreed- greed for fame and money,
      some call that a wh*re!

      Her soul is dirty and her morals are nil! That’s the true her- sold herself to the liar- Satan!

  9. It is time for loyal patriotic citizens in the US to admit that we have a huge growing problem with the various ethnic minorities that now live here, including MOST Blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics, Jews, and also those who more recently invaded us with the intent to harm us. NONE of these ethnic groups want to assimilate into the US and join the rest of us to become loyal patriotic Americans. They do not want to even associate with the rest of us here in the US, instead they want to keep the same laws, cultures, habits, and customs that failed them in their home TURD WORLD countries. Many refuse to even learn English, thinking that eventually there will be enough of their fellow ethnic invaders that we will all speak their language. They are here for the MONEY and BENEFITS, and will vote the DemonCRAP (socialist/communist) Party because of the promise of freebies for their votes. They ALL come from Socialist/ communist countries, they just think that socialism here will be better because we don’t have the same level of corruption, crime, and poverty, so they risk their lives to illegally and arrogantly come here. But what they insanely want, is for the US to be the Northern version of their own SHI!THOLES. Insane because where will they or their children go when they change the US into the same countries they escaped from? These mental midgets are almost ALL criminals, because they will do ANYTHING to survive, and if they do NOT get taxpayer provided food, shelter, medical care, they WILL commit crimes. Other ethnic groups that are already here demonstrate how hateful they are with the US, and there are certain ethnic and religious groups that actively work AGAINST the US, many entering politics so that they can destroy the US from within. But minorities are DESTROYING the US with their selfish demands. I am not against any of these groups, I am against socialism and communism which all of these groups want in the US!

  10. Liars should have to pay attorneys fees and all costs plus interest! That’s a given! The judge should request that- you should not have to sue for it. Money makes it sting more!

    They should also do jail time for the degree of lying!

    This woman has no morals and is a con!
    America has no place for this. Immoral people need to be punished.

    Punishment needs to be swift.
    Also every time it was posted on internet or leftist media it needs to have a fee for each time posted as a lie ( or equal posts as many times it was a lie- not joking!)

    This will make people think twice about lying. Let’s say $100 for each post and there are 1,000 posts- or they have to retract the same quantity of posts saying

    “I am a liar, this never happened as original posted, I’m ashamed for being a disgrace to myself, family and court system. I’m ashamed for putting the innocent in this position and it won’t happen again”,
    say that 1,00 x.

    If she really wants to lie- make her pay for it! A lifetime of restitution!

  11. When is she going to be charged with filing a false claim ? More of these false accusers need to be held accountable for their actions. Sick of all of this crap.

  12. I watched the video twice. 1) She was smiling during the entire encounter. 2) I saw a hint of a “pucker” on her lips too. Not exactly the same thing as Juanita Broaddick, is it? (the woman that Bill Clinton forcibly RAPED!).

  13. Her lawyers are just as big of a liar as she is by saying they proved that she was telling the truth. Now it’s OK for the trump resistance people to loose because all they have to do is say they won and it’s good enough for them. If that was a force-able kiss than it’s time for American’s to start wearing hazmat suits with a sign on the front saying ” do not come within three feet of my lips or you will face my lawyer in court “

  14. You can tell how offended she was by that harmless peck on the cheek by the shock she displayed. NOT!!! If this what the left calls harrassment or sexual assault, I am so glad I’m a Conservative where humans can still maybe interact with each other. These lefties are hardly even human anymore!

  15. How convenient,that every time it gets closer to election,someone always says the PRESIDENT did something wrong,which we know it has something to do with the Devil Dems of Satan. If that really happened,the person would say something at the time it happened,not wait until years later. Is people so blinded,that they can’t see this is all lying crap. It’s getting close to election time again. Now the same old lies start back up.

  16. Thank you for showing the truth! This woman was just money-grubbing and trying to benefit from the “me too” movement crap. What a witch.

  17. Just a dumb ass nigger bitch with shit for brains. I saw the video. Trump lightly kissed her on the cheek. She was obviously hoping for a kiss on the lips. She was smiling the whole time. What a fucking asshole whore.

  18. Betcha she got her payday from the DNC already. She should be investigated. Something is wrong here. I think the DNC or some far left entity put her up to this.


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