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When Will Big City Democrats Stop Enabling Illegal Immigration?


Authored by Robby Starbuck via the OC Register (emphasis ours),

There is no clearer and more shameful example of betrayal in modern American politics than Big City Democrats who support foreigners over their own citizens.

Democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents,” President Trump said at his recent rally in Cincinnati, reiterating the point he made earlier when he criticized Democrat Representative Elijah Cummings for complaining about conditions at the border while ignoring the terrible plight of his own constituents in inner-city Baltimore.

Liberal media types will dismiss the President’s latest remark as “racism,” like always, but that only means that they’re either too obtuse or too blinded by partisan rage to recognize that Donald Trump is really just sounding the alarm about a crisis that has been allowed to fester for decades by Democrat public officials who are too busy chasing national headlines to pay attention to the problems in their own backyards.

The phenomena the President described are very real — the poor, mostly black residents of many Baltimore neighborhoods have been forced to put up with levels of violence and squalor that would turn the stomachs of white, liberal suburbanites. Instead of facing that reality and demanding change, those left wing suburbanites just ignore it.

It’s not just Baltimore. The irony of today’s Democrats is that they espouse values claiming to care for minority communities, but in reality the low-income communities they represent are mostly populated by minorities who have had their economic interests betrayed at every turn by the Democratic Party’s dedication to fighting for open border policies.

Study after study has shown that native-born black men are the group that suffers most from mass, low-skilled immigration. The fact is that black people, particularly black men, on average have less education and fewer specialized skills than native-born Americans as a whole. This isn’t simply a function of something wrong in their community; this is the result of something wrong with the leadership in their communities.

One study from leading economists at Harvard University, the University of Chicago, and the University of California-San Diego even found that immigration hurt the economic prospects of African American men even more than the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s and ‘90s.

Conversely, when the strong immigration enforcement measures that President Trump advocates — and that Democrats continuously seek to obstruct — are actually implemented, black and Hispanic families in urban poverty are the first to benefit. In 2017, for example, a Chicagoland bakery was forced to stop employing hundreds of illegal alien workers, but it didn’t go out of business. The owners were merely forced to give those jobs to Americans, between 80 and 90 percent of whom were black Americans.

Perhaps the most important fact that gets lost in the liberal rush to yell “racist” is just how new this obsession with open borders is among the elected officials representing America’s inner-cities.

When the sanctuary city movement got started more than 30 years ago, it wasn’t in downtown Baltimore or Philadelphia. The impetus did not come from black Democrats or people of color. Rather, it began with liberal white lawyers in rural Oregon filing lawsuits against immigration enforcement and liberal, mostly-white city officials in San Francisco and Berkeley, California and St. Paul, Minnesota passing the first major “sanctuary” resolutions.

As recently as the 1990s, Rep. Barbara Jordan, a civil rights leader and former congresswoman representing inner-city Houston, represented the prevailing liberal view on illegal immigration. Appointed by President Bill Clinton to lead a landmark commission to study the problem of illegal immigration, Jordan’s report was a scathing condemnation of the policies of non-enforcement then coming into vogue with white liberals, leading her to tell The Washington Post in 1994 that “any nation worth its salt must control its borders.

In particular, Jordan made a point of highlighting the particular harm that illegal immigration does to the economic well-being of poor and low-skilled Americans.

“The commission finds no national interest in continuing to import lesser-skilled and unskilled workers to compete in the most vulnerable parts of our labor force,” Jordan explained in 1995. “Many American workers do not have adequate job prospects. We should make their task easier to find employment, not harder.”

The open borders rhetoric coming from the Democratic Party today fails to represent the economic interests of black Americans. It is a reflection of mostly white, bleeding heart liberal priorities — bolstered by corporate America’s desire for cheaper labor — and it has co-opted the voices of black Americans, whose votes the Democratic Party takes for granted.

I was proud to see President Trump call out this sad state of affairs. While some complain about HOW he starts the conversation, he’s the only one forcing the media to talk about these issues. While some may recoil at the tone he takes, it undeniably forces us to confront the issues America has ignored for too long.

I, personally, have had enough. No longer could my wife and I pay enormous state tax bills that we knew weren’t benefiting communities that deserved it. We couldn’t in good faith stay to see our tax dollars fund universal free healthcare for illegal immigrants while homeless veterans rot on the streets, and we couldn’t continue to watch the state education system turn schools into indoctrination centers for the Democratic Party agenda… So we left.

Despite growing up in California and working in Hollywood, we had enough of it. Like so many in California, New York, Illinois, and other blue states, we moved to a red state. Most citizens in the inner-cities don’t have the luxury of leaving like we did, though.

Instead, the only way their communities will improve is by disrupting the status quo. What’s that old saying? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.” If you hit your head against the wall a hundred times it’s going to keep hurting. If those communities keep voting for the Democratic Party, their communities will continue to hurt, too.

It’s far past time to lift up our inner-cities, reduce the gap in quality education for kids born into those communities, and give those kids genuine opportunities to grow up into shining examples of the American dream. I only wish more in the liberal media took what President Trump said seriously, instead of reflexively adding to the chorus of baseless “racism” accusations that do nothing to improve the lives of inner-city Americans.

If you live in a city that has been failed by Democrats, I challenge you to ask yourself some simple questions: How long have Democrats controlled my city? What have they done to fix the problems we’re facing? What have they done to help our young people achieve a more prosperous life than their parents? What have they done to reduce violence and homicide?

If you answer those questions honestly, you’ll come to realize that you really have nothing to lose — but a lot to gain — by voting Republican in 2020.

Robby Starbuck is a Cuban-American producer and director.

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  1. Better Question – When will Republicans force Trump to build processing centers to process immigrants who want to come to the USA (just like Ellis Island 100 years ago; we know how to do this).

    • That is NOT a better question. I have a better question; why do most leftist liberals think in a vacuum? That is a much better question. Your comment is devoid of critical thinking. Ellis Island, in its day, was built to process a specific number of immigrants. NEVER, did anyone envision the amount of immigrants coming to this country. Building more detention centers would only be feasible if we accepted limitations on the number of immigrants allowed into our country. We CANNOT just keep building detention facilities to accomodate an ever growing influx of immigrants. That is an unsustainable idea / concept. One must work with all factors as a thought process goes forward, not just the factors that fit a narrative.

      In summation, your commentary is based on a limited number of factors that do not reflect the actual factors to be considered. Your logic is flawed amd inconclusive, even if that logic suits the narrative you support.

      • Excellent comment PJ, those whom arrived at Ellis including my grandfather waited years and came here legally. What you see at the borders is absolute bullshit. It is one step closer to open borders and loss of national sovereignty.

    • We do have ‘processing centers’ at every port and major air terminal. We also have too many liberal judges who side with the demonrats in letting illegals go off into the country to disappear.

    • It’s not a question of who wants to come to America but a question of who wants to wait their turn in line and enter the country legally. If people know that they are breaking the law by entering but they come here any way what are the chances that they will follow the next law that they do not think applies to them. No country can survive by opening it’s borders to the entire world just because the world wants to get in. If we let our country fail because we let the people from other countries dictate our rules and laws then we will be failing our own citizens and future legal immigrants because we will not be around to share this great country with any one.

      • The “rest” of the world outnumbers us by a factor of 20 to 1. We CANNOT and WILL NOT support the entire Third World. The Left is treading on very thin ice; we could break out in civil war any time now.

    • First we have to establish the quota rate that were in place like before; and ship’s manifests have to register the incoming people along with their relatives, sex, occupations etc. Once these stats are up to date something like before could be organized. But when people invade a Country and break laws coming here; That HAS TO BE STOPPED!!

  2. When will Democrat’s stop making major cities attractive nuisances for illegals who have less than 0.0001% chance of success and where home costs are $1.6M and other costs have driven out the middle class simply because they need brand loyalists votes and could care less about the safety of legal residents?

    • Its a ridiculous question to ask; we already know the answer. When will democrats stop enabling illegal aliens? Never! They need a new, imported “lumpenproletariat” in order to drive forward the “revolution” to a communist state. There is NO support for such a radical change in the American Middle Class as a whole, and the democrats know it. That’s why they need the illegal aliens, for VOTES! Oh – right, illegal aliens don’t vote in our elections – because, why? It’s illegal? Are you KIDDING ME?! That’s like saying rape and murder do not happen, because its illegal!

      • Excellent point !!!!!
        This is exactly why the so called
        “ democrats” ( they don’t even deserve to be called that because their agenda is anything but democratic) don’t want to stop illegal immigration, which would bring them millions of new votes !!!
        Is just common sense for everyone that by encouraging people from all over the world to come in America and promising them free medical assistance, free food, free housing, free schools and knowing that about 90% of those people are uneducated, and unskilled, of course they will come and vote for whoever will give them free everything.
        How would they vote, being that they are illegally in the country ? The “ democrats” will take care of that part, there are always loopholes for such a big “ cause”

    • Great Point!!! Immigration to the Dimwits are specifically for their benefit, not America’s, not the State’s, and not the cities, towns or communities of this country nor the economic structure that supports The People!!

  3. As soon as republicans reverse reagens policy of giving amnesty to mllions of illeagle immagrants, also reinstate imagration law from 1913 that made it a federal crime to hire or employ illeagle immagrants, reagen struck this down in 1986 to protect corprate america from fines and imprisonment, after all you don’t want your powerfull friends to face penalties for breaking the law especially when they fill republicans pockets with gifts and cash.
    Simply just reinstalling this law would bring in millions of dollars in fines alone, if no one was alowed to hire illeagle’s there would be no jobs available, with no jobs available no more illeagle immagrants so simple, we’d really no longer need to spend billions of military dollars on some stupid wall.
    But hey i get it republicans not interested in common sense legislation just wastefully spending billions of tax payers money, after all this money spent from tax paying americans will come back to fill the pockets of republicans it’s a win win, only problem is we the people of america are the only true losers in the end.
    Please tell all of us that are well informed that you republican voter’s are not brainwashed, bamboozled, gullible, ect. ect.
    Signed a very informed voter, not a fox fake news informed idiot brainwashed gulible voter, go ahead deny it deflect it but in the end you’ve been BAMBOOZLED!!!!

    • Would it not be better if the democrats wanted to enforce our border laws instead of promising free health care and social security and welfare to the illegals crossing the border. Instead of letting them in and then dealing with the problem of employers hiring them why not just enforce the laws at the border and they would not be here for the employers to hire.

    • Ronald Reagan did not create a ‘policy’. It was a one-time vote event that Congress created and he signed. Obama considered it also (at one time, Obama was also AGAINST illegal immigration too).
      Hiring and protecting illegals is STILL a crime. Sanctuary cities and states ignore the laws.
      Our country has had immigration laws on the books since its inception, but Congress didn’t establish the Immigration Service until 1891. And every immigration law has been amended in one way or another. The only way to stop what’s going on now WOULD be to create a newer law (or amend again) to suite today’s crisis. Congress would need to stop investigating the President and do some work for a change though . . .
      The wall is for far more than simply stopping welfare babies from crossing the border. There have been several boatloads of potential terrorists and gang members caught between ports of entry. Middle Eastern people sail across the ocean and fly into the southern triangle states to gain entry into Mexico, so they can join up with the hoards crossing the deserts. And, no matter what the demonrats try to tell you, the drug cartels send most of their products across the vast fenceless areas between the ports too.
      The illegal families are used as drug mules and decoys. While the CBP is busy chasing and processing the families, the cartels are sending their drugs across down the line. Vast numbers of the children are rented to criminals so they can pose as a relation; or they are victims of sex trafficking.
      The illegals coming across the border today are NOT seeking asylum or jobs. They are seeking welfare; which has been promised to them by the demonrat lawyers who have been going to their home country teaching them what to do and say in order to scam our legal system. So many of the caught illegals have been interviewed, and most of them say they are doing what they were told, and paid to do.
      Do some more homework . . . get more ‘informed’. Conservatives are not ‘Bamboozled’. We’re pissed off, and simply tired of bearing the weight of weak libertards who need a parental government.

        • Kevin—- I read your post in it i also found that our government has the right to seize property of anyone breaking imagration laws so why didn’t our gvernment seize the chicken processing plant owned by the Koch bros. after all just like illeagle immagrants they broke the same law, or is it because they’er filthy rich and in bed with powerfull republicans.
          All I’m trying to point out is that no republican alive is the saint or savior you are taught to believe.
          To anyone not BAMBOOZLED or so well informed thats your opinion i also have my opinion let me also give you a web connection to investigate.
          Don’t be scared to learn something new that is if your capable of actually learning anything new that is counter to what your taught or believe.
          Guarantee most of you that see report will vehemently deny the facts because it paints all politicians in a very corrupt corner.

          • I wondered why the Mississippi chicken chopping plants didn’t get busted along with the ‘hundreds’ of illegals . . . they should face some legal responsibilities. I doubt very seriously that the hiring process was well regulated, and I assume that the managers were let go or fired to protect the company.
            I have read a version of the Iran-Contra mess written by the posted author, Larry Chin. I have seen other works of his, and thought he was a tad hard on the conspiracy side of thought, and most of his ‘sources’ were word-of-mouth. The one thing that remains is George H.W. Bush was the architect, and Barr was the employee. Did Barr allow his own frailties to interfere with his job? Maybe. Demonrats don’t seem to have much problem with James Comey or John Brennen allowing their particular frailties interfering with their (past) jobs. If other high-profile ‘swampers’ can change, Barr can too.
            From what I have seen, he is in league with Trump; and that is what the ‘fly-over people’ want right now. Forgotten conservatives who pay the nation’s bills every month are fed up with things as usual.
            We’re sick of the leftist media and politicians who point fingers at Trump or any of his cabinet trying to de-virtue them in any way possible; like drawing attention to Trump’s philandering ways and divorces, and his ‘crudeness’. Many conservatives are Christians or Protestants, and all have some degree of agreement of how one should ‘act’; but we also know God works in mysterious ways, and only he can judge. Most conservatives feel Trump is where he is supposed to be because of that knowledge. Barr is there also for the same reasons. The ‘deplorables’ are tired of being taken advantage of by the powerful government cabals and cartels. We put up with Bill Clinton’s sexcapades while the demonrats over-looked it all.
            Whether it’s the “bull-in-the-china-shop” guaranteed business developer, or an ex-CIA spook with a sketchy past, we want them.
            If it takes a ex-criminal to clear the swamp, so be it.

  4. Demonrats will never stop enabling illegals. The illegals provide support for their campaigns in more than potential votes. The illegal head-count debacle over the census was proof of that. The more bodies they have in their district, the district will get more federal benefits; and also more electoral college votes. And, many demonrats are big business owners who benefit from the cheap labor. Add that to the ‘sanctuary city’ theology too.
    We might even find out that some of the demonrats are sex-trafficker’s, when the Epstein mess is cleared up . . .
    It would not surprise me to see how many demonrats are involved with the drug cartels sending all the illegals’ through Mexico. They send lawyers all over the world to teach potential illegals ways to scam our laws.
    Plus, it has become so apparent in these last 2+ years that demonrats don’t go to Washington to help anyone but themselves. They are fighting Trump so hard, because he is destroying their financial futures. They are used to the swampy, stinking conditions of the DC elitists, and Trump is cleaning house. He is not ‘owned’ by anyone in Washington.
    The stuck pig squeals the loudest, and the guilty dog always barks first . . .

  5. I hope that these Ignorant Progressive Liberal Democrats would have started treating “We The Legal Citizens And The Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of America”, Like We Are The Legal Citizens And Legal Immigrants Of The USA, And Abide By And Obey The US Constitution To The Letter And All Of The Time, And STOP Acting Like The USA’s Mother Country, Great Britain Alias The Untied Kingdom, There Is No King Or Queen Or Even A Dictator In The United States Of American Government!!!

    • Fred. If and only if that were true, problem is when faced with facts showing republican corruption you vehemently deny any and all wrong doing, defending and empowering them with ever more power and corruption, Trump alone has committed so many lies and broken constitutional law and yet you fully and blindly support him because of your hate for dems.
      So once again tell me who has the greater problem

  6. The dems ahve no further use of american citizens and this is proof….
    Wait until the morons vote them back into power along with the rinos…..the suffering will be a new chapter of inhumanity….

    • Meekster. And mass murder of inocent humans is a perfect chapter in your book, I’ll vote for morons anyday then a killer like trump

  7. Joe— I dare you to go to border bring back the magazines declaring if you can make it here, meaning multible states just like Mississippi where Koch bros. have chicken processing plant you’ll have job.
    The Koch bros. are big time donors to the radical right, by giving them jobs they also help them in getting accses to social programs, i hate it as much as you, what i have a problem with is the full blown support republicans give to corporate america to destroy our country from within, to deny this and place all our problems on the left is being ignorant, no where in my comment do i give any credit or deny that the left is inocent, i only point out that there is just as much or more corruption from the radical right.
    I simply gave everyone the information that is so simple to access, the imagration law i stated was in fact right off the desk of a republican Roosevelt in 1913, I’m more then happy to give republicans credit when they stand firm on the US CONSTITUTION, and all other laws.
    But when they break our laws set forth in the US CONSTITUTION I’m going to point this out because all you people declare to be so patriotic about our US CONSTITUTION, and all it’s meaning’s and interpretations of it.
    Just like the seperation of Church And State, another law broken by the republican potus Eisenhower, when he accepted an invitation from the groupe started by rep. Doug Coe in 1953 the breakfast prayer mettings he fully embraced breaking our laws of the US CONSTITUTION.
    And every single potus since has broken this law, should this not be treated as Treason against we the people or is it only Treason if a democrat attended, i also believe in a higher power or God as you love to mention, but first and foremost the US CONSTITUTION should come first in all decisions made, so please no matter your religious beliefs get your damn Church out of my country America.
    Signed from a true Patriot, someone who only wishes everyone would stop this stupid war against democracy, stop supporting their ” dems or reps” agenda to divide us, some how for the first time in our history come to one common agreement, VOTE ALL THEM TRAITORS TO AMERICA OUT OF OFFICE!!!!
    Untill this happens and I’m afraid we’re closer to some very horrible and terrible times to come to us we the people alot closer then you might think, i already know dems corrupted problem is you truly believe that the republicans are some how your savior that they will protect you will love you in reality nothing could be farther from the truth, remember Germans thought HITLER was their savior just like you believe in TRUMP.
    Be afraid be very afraid of what you wish for.

  8. Gerry. So you as a self proclaimed “”deplorable” and with the blessing of your supreme leader trump you have every right to go out and kill mexicans and anyone you see as unfit “ie democrats” I’ll also bet your a Christian a good god fearing man, you sound more like a neo nazi white supremacists

    • Deplorables is what Hitlery called anyone who would vote for Trump. So, I guess I’m deplorable . . . I’m also a smelly Wal-Mart shopper too.
      Who said ANYTHING about killing Mexicans? Only a child or someone without any theological ethics would suggest such.
      “Kevin Schwinkendorf” above said, “. . . The Left is treading on very thin ice; we could break out in civil war any time now.
      I replied; ‘Would be terrible’ because it would be. Many conservatives DO own guns. Many conservatives really are used to fending for themselves, like hunting, farming, gardening, and even wild-crafting survivalists. So many liberals can’t do any of that, and virtually none own guns. So, you do the math. Would you go up against someone who might be able to shoot your ass, with the empowering confidence of some Socialist decree?
      If an apocalyptic event ever happens, who would survive; liberals or conservatives?
      Owning a gun is a Right, not a privilege (like driving a car). It is guaranteed in the Constitution.
      The Second Amendment is there for a reason, based on our founder’s experiences in England. It is what keeps a buffer between a tyrannical government and freedom. The left wants to disarm America because they know this. They also want to do away with the original Constitution, and all its amendments.
      Trump is not a ‘supreme leader’ (or a king, or a dictator). Good, bad, ugly, or crass and crude; Trump is still a patriot. He’s volunteering his service. He’s not in office to improve his wealth like all his recent predecessors.
      The left are the dictators. They want to dictate what everyone does, say, hear, live, earn, eat, drive, and wear. Their followers want everything for free, and are too stupid to know that is not possible. You only have to look south of the border to see what happens when Socialism takes over. Venezuela was one of the richest countries in the world just a few years ago. Now look at it. When everyone knows they can get EVERYTHING for free, why work? Eventually the country runs out of money.
      Conservatives do not mind ANYONE migrating or coming to America. We’d just prefer they do so LEGALLY. We’d also like it if they can contribute to society instead of being a burden. We want a wall because the cartels are killing millions with their drugs, and the illegal’s working under the table are driving wages down, or eliminating jobs altogether.
      Would you be OK with a crowd of strangers busting into your home, and taking your things or making demands on you and your resources? No you would not. You’d prefer someone knocking on your door and asking.
      Conservatives have been given names like ‘White Supremacists’ and ‘Nazis’ simply because the left are angry at losing an election, and they can’t think of anything more horrid. They have followers who can’t decide things for themselves; or simply ignorant, and too lazy to fend for themselves, and their livelihood is at risk. The left’s followers are skittish supplicants, constantly petitioning their parental leaders to protect them from real life. Everything is a trigger. Everyone needs safe places.
      Like you said “And like trump mass murder of inocent humans is a perfect chapter in your book, I’ll vote for morons anyday then a killer” to ‘Meekster’.
      When did Trump kill a bunch of innocents? Why can’t leftists debate intelligently?
      The middle-class conservatives are simply tired of paying everyone else’ bills, and having opportunities shipped overseas by over-regulation, graft, and greed (and yes, that includes a bunch of RINOs). We don’t mind the original context of Welfare for the elderly and infirm; but it has been proliferated, and used by the left as a paycheck for their supporters. Now that they want to extend welfare to the illegal aliens, it’s too much.
      Capitalism is the only reason this country has prospered and found fortune since its inception. Freedom is not free. Anyone can achieve their dreams with a little work.
      The left will do anything to maintain power. They stir up their base with anything they can muster, including promises they will never keep. They know their base is not willing to go to any trouble to verify what they claim. The leftist media also know this.
      Just because someone voted for a republican, does not mean you can lump them all into one basket. Trump has support from all walks of like. He will have more in 2020. Many RINOs will support him, and many undecideds and Libertarians too. Many former diehard democrats are supporting him (‘Blexit’, ‘Walk Away’, ‘Viva-Trump!’).
      Sometimes you have to vote for the lesser of two evils.
      What do you have to lose?
      Go get a beer and read a book . . .

  9. So I read today that Bernie Sanders thinks abortion is a good thing to curb population growth. Here’s where I’m going with this…Kill babies to curb population growth but allow millions of illegal aliens in the country and give them everything free!!! Hypocrisy at it’s finest!

  10. Sad times coming, Are you going to pay for these illegal aliens, Health care, school,food stamps, Cars , phones, TV,s That will be for each family.And don’t tell me they came here to get jobs, We all know that’s a lie. They know what they can get if they can just get here. When you watch on Tv the people coming in are Not skinny, not wearing shabby cloths, not bare footed. We the people of the U.S. can not pay for all these illegal aliens.

  11. CANADA is Where The Illegal Migration From The NORTH FESTERED. … POURED INTO OREGON un-noticed. THEN MINNESOTA …They Followed The MISSISSIPPI RIVER ALL The Way To The GULF OF MEXICO! …… CANADA POURED …ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS… STRAIGHT INTO “NEW YORK”….. CANAD’S SCHOOLS are Now Over-Take By The Islamic Religion/Cult. … Continuing unchecked for the last 8 years? We have damned near lost our Country. … OUR SCHOOLS/COLLEGES is where they are ATTACKING AMERICA. … We Need To Pump The Brakes Folks. JOIN THE PTA TODAY. …GO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR CONSERVATIVES AT COLLEGES. If you do not get the right answer. DON’T SEND YOUR CHILDREN. America has been Distracted to look away from our CHILDREN’S EDUCATION. … We better Do Our HOMEWORK. And Get Smart Quick! 1.) CLOSE THE BORDER’S. 2.) BRING IN MILLION’S OF LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. PUT THE MIGRANTS WHO FILLED THE PROPER PAPERWORK TO COME INTO THE USA “”FIRST. 3.) Illegal’s get Deported Immediately and Loose a Chance To EVER become a USA Citizen. NO COURT DATES. 4.) We give Stiff Fines and Punishment to the (ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT’S HOME COUNTRY.) WE FINE THE HOME COUNTRIES FOR EACH AND EVERY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT WE DEPORT.

  12. Do ,you know that over one million illegal aliens voted for Hillary, Clinton in the 2020 election??? The criminal Democrat Party is going to get 10 times or 10 million illegal aliens to vote as illegal voters with massive voter fraud in the 2020 election!!! They are going to use them to destroy and conquer us as legal American voters in the 2020 election!!!! The question becomes is AG Barr going to do some thing to stop the criminal Democrat Party Mob from using these illegal aliens this way to win the 2020 election?????? Where is our Justice and law and order in this voter fraud??????…..

  13. Gerry. Just as i thought a Know It All that don’t know sh#t you know this happened already in history many times most recent time was not long ago that Know It All killed many millions even his own people because he Knew It All that Know It All was also man of the year in 1935 i believe, HITLER was a Know It All just like you and your little HITLER POTUS he Knows It All problem is none of you know Sh#t never have and never will as they destroy america this has been going on for 80 years little by little they’ve been doing this people like you just don’t want to see or believe it you have to much faith in the very people that are going to kill us all just because you pull out you retarded trump card you truly believe you’ll be spared nothing could be farther from the truth the people in Germany found that out real quick problem is you’ll never figure that out by the time you do you’ll already be dead, but there is one good thing that will come out of WW3 there will be no more humans not even the destroyers no more white supremacists no more white power no more anyone for millions of years if you have family kiss them goodbye and tell your kids your sorry you made a mistake oh I’m sorry Know It Alls never apologize ever even when they know their wrong


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