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Pentagon OKs $3.6B Military Construction Funds to Build Wall


Defense Secretary Mark Esper has approved the use of $3.6 billion in funding from military construction projects to build 175 miles of President Donald Trump’s wall along the Mexican border.

Pentagon officials would not say which 127 projects will affected, but say details will be available Wednesday after members of Congress are notified. They say half the money will come from military projects in the U.S., and the rest will come from projects in other countries.

Elaine McCusker, the Pentagon comptroller, says the money will be used to build 11 border projects.

Trump declared a national emergency in order to use military construction and other federal funds to build the wall after Congress provided only a portion of the $5.7 billion the president wanted for the barrier.

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  1. FINALLY! A President who knows how to get around an obstuctionist, anti American, do nothing good congress! MAGA!

    Great job. Why should we be building walls for other countries’ protection while our own southern border is a sieve?

    It’s about time. BUILD THAT WALL! Trump 2020 ALL THE WAY!

  2. Failure to have the border wall built cost the American taxpayers more than 184 BILLION dollars during the first 8 months of 2019.

    Most of that 184 BILLION dollars came out of YOUR Social Security and not so much as a dime of the cost out of the retirement and medical insurance for members of Congress (which by the way isn’t -nor ever was, Obamacare and the American taxpayers foot 100% of the cost to provide LIFE time insurance and lucrative retirement for Congress).

    So, as long as we have Socialist Democrats (communist in reality) and Rhinos in the House and Senate, you will have no chance of drawing any retirement from Social Security if you are under 55. But don’t worry about it because the ISIS terrorist getting across our unwalled border may well destroy us before then.

  3. Klyneal and Lou4u2, I agree with you both. As a Native American and veteran, I love this country. I don’t want America destroyed by communist, socialist, fascist, terrorist (domestic or otherwise), atheist, etc. organizations who care nothing for Americans or our rights. Build the wall, Mr. President! It’s a lot more expensive to not build it.

  4. Lou4u2, I don’t know the source of your data, bur it seems inherently suspect. Tell us the elements of the $184BB the lack of a wall has cost us. Tell us the sources of the funds being reallocated by the DoD. Then we can evaluate your arguments.

  5. God bless president trump for the wall. Now can you clean up the corruption inTexas???? We need intervention from the federal authorities to intervene in how our government is criminalizing our people for monetary gain or to shut someone up! Texas government has been corrupted by the governing authority! It’s your job mr present to stop them even though they might be republicans!

    • He need to clean up his act before he goes to someone’s else house to clean don’t you think miss Carol.?I would cut my lawn before i go cut and cut yours miss Caros

  6. From reading these posts I can tell there’s a lot of corrupt Democrats whoare totally useless get rid of them all vote them all out

  7. So clear to see everyone spewing the exact same crap they hear on fox news word for word!!!
    Does not suprise me at all that the comunist right has brainwashed so many!!!
    Long live comunisum may the marriage between trump putin and kim jung un be a great success!!!

    • Communist right? Where have you been during Obama’s Dictatorship. He was the biggest Communist/Socialt ever. Throw in the Muslim part and he is a 3 time loser.

  8. There will always be Trump haters and that just the way it is. There’ll always be people who were born miserable and will die miserable. But to say that walls are keeping people in, and comparing us to communist countries is simply stupid and extremely ignorant and uneducated.


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