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Biden: Trump Doesn’t Have ‘Intestinal Fortitude’ on Guns

ROCK HILL, SC - AUGUST 29: Democratic presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden addresses a crowd at a town hall event at Clinton College on August 29, 2019 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Biden has spentWednesday and Thursday campaigning in the early primary state. (Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump does not have the “intestinal fortitude” to handle gun violence, former Vice President Joe Biden said Monday while reacting to a weekend mass shooting in Odessa, Texas, where seven people were killed and 22 injured.

“I’ve seen nothing,” Biden told reporters at a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Labor Day picnic, reports The Hill. “He knows better. His instinct was to say ‘Yeah we’re going to do something on background checks.’ What’s he doing? Come on. This is disgraceful. This is disgraceful what’s happening.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic presidential frontrunner said he does not see a compromise with Republicans in Washington on gun control and there will be “no possible solution” until next fall’s election.

Trump had shown some support for stronger background checks in August after the shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, but has since backed off from that stance.

Meanwhile, the House Judiciary Committee had planned to return early from recess to consider gun control reform, but because of Hurricane Dorian opted to wait.

The committee was to discuss bills banning high-capacity magazines and to prevent people convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes or otherwise considered to be high-risk from having guns.

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  1. Hey Joe….do you know your name? How about what year it is? Dude you are a total moron! The only running mate you could choose that is dumber is AOC.
    The fact that you still have supporters continues to reveal the stupidity of the left!
    President Trump has taken on the entire political establishment, which you are a part of! That is extremely brave and takes more intestinal fortitude than any democrat could even imagine!

    • True comment Connie,
      Am so weary of Joe Biden and his lies (most all Democrats lie), Beto, Harris…all lie about Trump, but tell real lies about their own lies…I believe that: the horror videos, the horror games, the fake news ALL have a hand in twisting people’s minds even further…Joe, buddy, people must have guns to DEFEND themselves…True, gun control should be: definite background checks, definite, real ID, and hearing comments about violence should be reported to the police, FBI…many of these shootings have been planned and some even stopped…Real People should be more aware and help in this terrible situation..The hateful comments of the Democrats against Trump supporters should be stopped. The shooters should be executed, no other excuses…A new law was just established to that effect. The Liberal Media should be called down and tell the truth, or be sued, get off line…they are influencing people everywhere, except ones with enough sense to not LISTEN TO THEIR GARBAGE. They encourage hate against our President, WHY? I think the Liberal stations are all owned by the DNC, George Sorros should be arrested and EXECUTED. He has caused, paid for hundreds of protest…WHY? Because he hates the USA. He should not be allowed in this country..(problem is, he has offices all over the world)..What a terrible influence he is, paying people for the protest (some do not even know what they are protesting…money talks…Also, Ms. H. Clinton is in with him…Hopefully she will soon be in an orange suit along with a few hundred other.

  2. Trump has the good sense not to offend the US Constitution like Joe and other Demoncraps are desirous of doing. Bunch of fascists just like the Nazis before they exterminated the Jews, Masons, Gypsies, and the disabled. The Nazis took away the guns first and then took away lives.

  3. Is personal defense not real life? Jesus’ said long before guns, in Matt 12:29 & Mark 9:40: “How can anyone enter a strong man’s house & make off with his property unless he first ties him securely? Only then can he rob his house. He who is not with me is against me…”

    “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” General Introduction to Psychoanalysis. (1920) – Sigmund Freud

  4. “President Donald Trump does not have the “intestinal fortitude” to handle gun violence,”
    Former vice president Joe Biden doesn’t have the intellectual fortitude to realize that it is not “gun violence”, it is people violence. A gun is simply a tool.

  5. Mr Biden doesn’t remember what he did as a Senator and Vice President to address the causes of mass shootings; I.e., NOTHING! When he isn’t saying something ridiculous and/or untruthful he is silent.

  6. This from the wingnut who told his wife to just step outside their house and fire the double barreled shotgun in the air to scare away intruders ?? Remember that ??? Where does he think the bullets came down or went ??? This in town yet ! He has no common sense whatsoever . God bless America and show him for what he is !!

  7. the government has powerful guns….should not American citizens also have them. The 2nd Amendment wasn’t about hunting and target shooting.

  8. The disgrace is the plethora of USELESS regulations passed by people who either “know NOTHING” or are ONLY INTERESTED in political ‘attaboys’. The States and Cities with the most (“ridiculous’) gun laws have DEMONSTRATED that the present approach is USELESS. Guns are NOT THE PROBLEM, people are!!! Anyone who even ‘suggests’ that perhaps the problem is the result of the “moral/religious” decay in American is immediately ridiculed. The “school” solution of ‘outlawing’ guns has two results (BOTH witnessed by history!): A rampant (armed) criminal element (present day Mexico) or a totalitarian government ( previous Germany, Russia and present day China). I support the Second Amendment (for the exact reason our forefounders included it in our Constitution).

  9. Just what has slow Joe accomplished in 50 years of lapping up the gravy from taxpayers?
    All he is a teeth gnashing, snarling dog with no bite.

  10. HEY Joe remember when ( try to anyway) when Obama was first elected and the dumocrates had the presidency ,house, and senate and YOU dumocrates did NOTHING on gun control,,remember that?? so now TRUMP is suppose to fix more of YOUR screw ups?

  11. Despite all the nursery school name calling, Mr Biden has a valid point. Mr Trump talks a good game after each mass murder about taking action to tighten gun control. Remember how he led on the Parkland students and did absolutely nothing. He cowers to NRA and soils his trousers when he is in the presence of Vladimir Putin. The Chosen One is all bark and no bite.

  12. “I don’t see why it would be Russia” .”I meant to say I don’t know why it wouldn’t be Russia”. Mr Trump takes Putin’s side over American intelligence on the world stage. That’s the behavior of a man that is scared shitless. Mr Trump threw Dan Coats under the bus because he is very afraid of Putin. I may be full of condensed horse shit but Mr Trump is a coward.

    • NO, you are the coward, afraid the demonRATS will get mad at you and you will not get all the “FREE” stuff they say people like you will get if a demonRAT gets in office. You might even have to go to work.

    • The real coward is you this President has done more to Russia than the last three presidents combined especially the very last wussy puss President don’t cross that red line or else remember that you idiot? Guess what they crossed it then took over a neighbor Country and we did nothing we didn’t help them they begged for our help Obama ignored the call total wussy puss and if you don’t believe me talk to the troops from Afghanistan his policies on engagement were will you say all for the other side not our troops!!!

  13. Story telling lying around Papa Joe give me a break you are a total Idiot a real embarrassment to the political spectrum you should quit why you think your still ahead, the others in your circle are not any better President Trump is going to eat all of you for breakfast next year the menu will be Democrats served with a special sauce Biden with a sprinkle of the fake Indian with potty mouth and the old man socialist agenda as the main course!!!

  14. Biden wouldn’t know what intestinal fortitude is if it bit him on his foot! He’s one pathetic, washed up politico who simply does not know when to hang up his slippers and call an end to his idiocy. He’s dropping in the polls to the likes of that beto o’rourke and the AOC thing, not to mention all of the other silver spooners out there. Is Pocahontas still running? I read awhile back that pocahontas Liz was done as well. Heck, she was done before she entered the “race”.

    MAGA 2020

  15. I commend Wal-Mart for doing something. It might make a difference or it might not but at least they are taking action to stop gun violence. They are not afraid of the NRA like Mr. Trump.

  16. Is this the same MORON with the advice to get a shotgun and fire warning shots !
    Yes they did it again…
    CA – NY and others have LEGALIZED Homicide – Murder – Infanticide – Identity Theft – Rape – Molestation – Prostitution by Minors – Slavery – Drugs – etc . etc etc ……
    Enough is Enough and it’s time to hold these people accountable…
    “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”….. They said it when they constantly t4ry to overthrow an elected president and it’s time they paid the price for their STUPISITY and treasonous actions….
    I live in a small town and yet – the emergency room is constantly packed by Illegals…The stores are inundated by Illegals all hours of the day……The local jobs are taken by Illegals…..

  17. The Gun Nay Sayers pounce on every tragedy the Soro’s paid screwballs that play “shoot em up” everywhere there’s a Gun free zone, but ne’er a word from them over 46 people shot in Chicago. Truth is, the just don’t care, but make a lot of noise.

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