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How Google plans to steal the 2020 election away from President Trump and hand it to the Democratic nominee, whoever it is


(Natural News) Video that surfaced in the wake of President Donald Trump’s amazing victory over the most criminally investigated presidential nominee ever, Hillary Clinton, shows Google chieftain Sergey Brin and other ranking officials addressing an audience of employees and lamenting her loss.

As NewsTarget reported: 

In this video, Google executives are heard and seen strategizing about ways to thwart future elections in order to prevent people like Donald Trump from becoming president.

“It’s worth being very vigilant and thinking about all these issues, what we can do to lead to maybe a better quality of governance and decision-making and so forth,” Brin states in the video, implying very clearly that his company is planning to interfere in future elections.

Noted NewsTarget’s Ethan Huff: “All of this and more isn’t hard to decipher: Google doesn’t like Donald Trump and wants to do more in the future to prevent people like him from getting elected into positions of political power.”

Now, as the 2020 election approaches, we have additional evidence of Google’s planned treachery. First of all, two whistleblowers have recently come forward to discuss how the big tech giant censors news, blocks search results, and blacklists key conservative or Right-leaning publications from news feeds. 

The objective remains the same, as investigative reporter Sara A. Carter notes — to steal the election for Democrats.

“Big tech companies, especially Google, can shift a lot of votes, without people knowing and without leaving a paper trail, said psychiatrist Dr. Robert Epstein in an interview with One America’s News Network.

Epstein has conducted several studies on how the tech giants operate in ways to influence election outcomes. He has concluded on more than one occasion that Google search results are being tampered with and as such are affecting the outcome of elections in favor of Democrats.

What’s more, former Google engineer Dr. Greg Coppola told investigative journalism organization Project Veritas that without a doubt, algorithms have been manipulated purposefully to ensure that people get mostly negative stuff about POTUS in the Google News feed.

Congress won’t act so Trump will have to

“Google News is really an aggregator of just a handful of sites and all of those sites really are vitriolically against President Trump, which I would really consider to be interference in the American election,” he said. “Like for example, CNN is the most commonly used source in Google News: 20 percent of all results for Donald Trump are from CNN when that’s the entire internet of millions of sites.” (Related: Google set to ‘actively interfere’ in the 2020 elections to help defeat POTUS Trump, GOP, researcher says.)

And, as Epstein notes, despite the fact that there is some bipartisan interest in reining in Google’s behavior, “Congress is just not going to get it together in time to protect us, the American public, from interference in the 2020 election by big tech.”

He goes on to note that the tech behemoth has very likely been determining the outcome of a quarter (25 percent) of all American elections since 2015, when its artificial intelligence programs really started coming online. 

“In the weeks leading up to the 2018 election, bias in Google’s search results may have shifted upwards of 78.2 million votes to the candidates of one political party (spread across hundreds of local and regional races),” he said, according to Sara A. Carter. “This number is based on data captured by my 2018 monitoring system, which preserved more than 47,000 election-related searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, along with the nearly 400,000 web pages to which the search results linked. Strong political bias toward one party was evident, once again, in Google searches.”

Meanwhile, as Rome burns, Congress fiddles and dithers. If there is any action at all taken against Google it will have to come from the Executive Branch in the form of anti-trust action or indictments for election meddling.

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  1. Thank the Lord have patriotic businesses like Google who are doing what they can to keep Traitor Trump from destroying the country and keeping our democracy safe. If Germany would have had businesses like CNN. NBC, WaPO, in the mid 1930’s, Hitler would not have gained power.

    • The Lord had nothing to do with Google. As for President Trump, obviously God answered the prayers of millions of Americans when He placed President Trump in office.

      Germany didn’t have ‘businesses’ like CNN and their ilk, but they did have National SOCIALIST Germany Workers party members (called NAZIs) just like the lying trash you mentioned. Time you prayed for divine intervention so you will know the history of the Democrats, read the Bible so you will learn about God and why God doesn’t like the works of the Democratic Party and never did.

  2. Google should be fined 116 BILLION dollars for the same reasons Facebook was fined 5 billion.

    Americans need to replace google with StartPage, Searx, MetaGer, SwissCows, Qwant, DuckDuckGo (favorite with conservative groups), Mojeek (has its own crawler and index), etc.; Mojeek being the only private search engine that isn’t a meta search engine. Switch to a different email to protect privacy, end google controls, such as Mailfence, ProtonMail, Mailbox.org, etc.

    Replace google chrome with Firefox browser (or Tor which is a hardened & secure version of Firefox), Ungoogled Chromium (ungoogled and private). Lots more. Keep a Gmail for junk mail only.

  3. Steal, Right!?!?
    So when I go to actually vote on Nov 3rd 2020 at a voting booth where I reside on my US soil

    google with steal my vote, right!?!?

    and even though that maybe possible, if I don’t vote electronically

    “”google will still steal my US vote, right!?!?

    WELL google does manage that, then how can I exact any sweet kind revenge on google


    will I just be a helpless hostage, in noway of defending and fighting for myself??

    🎆💓👍TRUMPence2020👍💓🎆 successfully US Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen

  4. I agree.If this is true both should be tried in federal court immediately. The news media have also done their parting trying to condemn President Trump in favor of the demacrats and they also should be held liable for their fake stories and lies.

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