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Majority Of Americans Don’t Want Trump Impeached: Poll


Most Americans oppose impeaching President Donald Trump, according to a new Monmouth University poll released Thursday.

59% of those surveyed said that Trump should not be compelled to leave office via impeachment. Of course, along party lines things look a bit different – with 72% of Democrats responding that an impeachment inquiry is a good idea, followed by 39% of independents and 8% of Republicans, according to USA Today.

Weeks ago, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) confirmed that his panel was launching an impeachment inquiry, which he referred to as “formal impeachment proceedings. That said, there has been no actual vote in the House or in the Judiciary Committee to open or approve an impeachment inquiry, so Nadler is exploring whether impeachment is something House Democrats might consider.

In March, Nadler announced that his committee would investigate “alleged obstruction of justice, public corruption, and other abuses of power by President Trump, his associates, and members of his Administration,” sending a series of document requests and subpoenas for testimony in the hopes of turning over stones to cobble together an argument for impeachment in the wake of the Mueller report.

For months, pro-impeachment members of the Judiciary Committee demanded the opening of an impeachment inquiry— and Nadler reportedly pushed Pelosi to let him do it behind the scenes (while remaining noncommittal in public). And media organizations counted the increasing number of Democrats saying they supported an inquiry.

But in late July, the pro-impeachment House faction shifted its rhetorical strategy. They began arguing that, actually, they don’t even need to open a formal impeachment inquiry. They (accurately) pointed out that there’s no rule requiring such a thing — the current Judiciary Committee doesn’t need extra subpoena power and they can technically write and vote on articles of impeachment whenever they want.

Around this time, Nadler also announced with great fanfare that, as part of his committee’s court effort to gain access to Mueller’s grand jury material, he said the House needed to “consider whether” to approve “articles of impeachment.” But when asked if his probe should now be categorized as that long-awaited “impeachment inquiry,” Nadler demurred, saying “too much has been made of” that particular phrase. –Vox

According to a Thursday report in the Washington Post, 132 House Democrats say that at minimum, they support opening an impeachment inquiry into whether Trump committed “high crimes and misdemeansors.”

Meanwhile, according to the Monmouth poll of 800 adults between August 16-20, 20% of Americans think the Senate would vote to remove Trump from office if the House passed articles of impeachment, while almost one-third of those polled agree with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that a formal impeachment process that failed to remove Trump would strengthen his chances of re-election. 

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    • yes and the constitution cites america’s enemies, foreign and domestic. They are domestic enemies and most should be arrested for treason for trying to run a coup on the President. These traitors need to be arrested, tried and when found guilty, hung by the neck until dead, which is what America does to it’s traitors

  1. the Democrats all sided with bill Clinton the pervert when they tried to impeach him. nadler protected the Clintons during CHINAGATE .TRUMP HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG. THIS IS A COUP AGAINST A DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

  2. Why are we even having this discussion?! Out POTUS Donald J. Trump IS OUR POTUS! He has done nothing that would suggest he be impeached, let alone chastised! The left… RINOs, Demoncrats… those who are anti-Trump, anti our Constitutional Republic can go pound sand!

    Our elected politicos need to get their heads out of their collective butts and start doing their job of governing this country again. Leave the whining, foot stomping, fingerpointing, name calling, false accusations for when the respective politicos aren’t on our clock. Country first, personal shat later. Shut up and get back to work. No more chases down rabbit holes!

  3. We Dems. Hate Trump, does not constitute grounds for Impeachment! We Reps put up with the Dems Idiot, non-Credentialed Obama, for 8 LONG Years!!

    • Eight long, arduous, corrupt, deceitful, Islamic, socialistic years. My husband and i owned 2 small businesses when Barry was elected. We hunkered down and rode out the years of the most racist, lying, idiotic “president” to ever live in OUR White House. The day after Pres. Trump won the election, I woke up for the first time in a long time without a lump in my stomach.

  4. Dems are liars, crooks, the richest people. They are the problem in america. Without them every state, county, city and all of america would be all much better off. They think they are better than any others, but, in reality they know down deep they are nothing and should be all gated out and ignored get rid of them!!!!!!

  5. The impeachment inquiry is simply an admission that Democrats don’t accept losing in a fair election. Yes there was massive fraud. All by Democrat non registered, or dead voters not removed from the rolls. all of this has been clearly established. California alone had more fraud than is believable. The main stream media has ignored the facts. It doesn’t fit their socialist goals. Which is pretty much to destroy America as we knew it. Trump is the duly elected President of the United States. Right now it looks like relelecting him is the only chance the USA has of staying a Land if the Free.

  6. One thing that everybody is forgetting in the impeachment of President Trump is if even does pass the criminal Democrat House, it will never pass the Senate and here is why if criminal Democrat House members can add and subtract, which is doubtful!!! The criminal Democrat House members number 46, you have to have to have 67 votes to impeach, which means that they need 21 Republican senators to voter for it!! Even if the RHINOS(Republican Senators In Name Only) vote fore it, it will leave them at least 18 votes short!! The whole thing is a waste of our taxpayers money!! Remember that in the2020 election!!!

  7. The very second that President Trump’s election win over Mrs. Clinton was announced, the moment became “Hate Trump and all who voted for him.” To the Democrat’s “staying power”, if nothing else, they can sure carry hate to extremes. My very forst presidential vote was for President Eisenhower, and many campaigns have since come and gone. After those elections, the U.S.A. turned to healing whatever negative feelings came to pass from what then was construed as tough talk. (But nothing like what came as a result of the last “presidential.” That produced the most raw hate ever in American modernity. Any forward looking was overcome by pure, unadulterated hate, to a degree that what came of it, and it still exists, became Trump Derangement Syndrome. We Americans concentrated on an effort to unite the nation after :hard fought national elections”, but I vividly recall our WW@ World WAr and the conditions that brought us into it, and the losses suffered by American families were brutal, but as a nation we did not become firmly set in hate. I still believe we are a great people, but the overwhelming present hate MUST BE OVERWHELMED. How about it, folks?

  8. It is for sure our President Trump is finding out that all those Democrat candidate he gave money to for their elections over the past 20 years are not his friends. They are all going for impeachment. What does it take to get a march on the Capital going? We The People have a right to be heard. We elected the President, we should be heard. I think the Democrats would dirty their britches if we showed up in mass on the Capital steps. And I bet they would back off if we did. They know they are wrong and acting like the traitorous cowards they are.

  9. What’s the the problem lefty’s. 40 million wasn’t enough tax payers money to waste. Buy time you all get done playing & hating it’ll be 100 million. You all lost it. It’s not the Democrat party I knew. Too bad all the blue dog Democrats are gone. At least they kept you all in line. Now you all lost it. Idiots!!35

  10. I think getting rid of Nancy P., the so-called Leader of the House LOL, would be the best thing that could be done in Washington. Getting rid of Chuck S. wouldn’t hurt either! He’s just as bad. Actually, getting rid of all the demonrats would be the best! Then things would go back to as they were years!

  11. We don’t need or want to impeach him he has enough trouble within his own party party, affiliates leaving in double digits, he’s going to be the first incumbent in history to have people within his own party running against him for election, that shows the desent from within this alone is a big win for dems, you have no one to blame but your own pathetic party but if you must i guess go way back and blame Carter you’ve pretty much wore out the Clinton Obama thing

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