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Will Dems Keep Trump In The White House By Overplaying Race Card?


Authored by Graham Noble via LibertyNation.com,

The Democratic Party appears to have decided that the surest way to win control of the White House in 2020 is to make racial division the centerpiece of its agenda. That is a gamble, to say the least, but unless the US economy crashes before the general election, the race card may be the only one President Donald Trump’s opponents can play.

Potential 2020 challengers to Trump are trying to outdo each other on the issue of perceived racial injustice and bigotry. As usual, the left-wing mediaare doing all they can to influence the next election in favor of Democrats – in this case, by ramming down the throats of Americans the notion that the Commander-in-Chief is a white nationalist and, by extension, so are his supporters.

Dem Candidates All-In On Racism Claims

Addressing the Young Leaders Conference in Atlanta on July 17, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) pledged to “go to war against white nationalism and racism in every aspect of our lives.” The senator cited his personal history, saying that his father’s entire family was wiped out by “Hitler and his white nationalism.” Ironically, just as Hitler scapegoated Jews as being responsible for almost all of Germany’s problems at the time, so the modern American left seeks to hold white people of European descent responsible for all the Western world’s problems today.

In truth – while there is no doubt that Hitler was a racist – it is not accurate to describe him as a white nationalist. The Nazis allied themselves with the Japanese and also with Muslim Arabs while waging war on, or occupying, many European majority-white countries: Poland, Czechoslovakia, Britain, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, and Norway. Though European Slavs are white – many with blond hair and blue eyes – Hitler considered them sub-human.

Hitler’s brand of racism was based not primarily on skin color but on a rather unscientific notion of racial heritage; he viewed people of “Germanic” descent to be superior to all others, regardless of skin color. Just as Africans and Asians have used tribal heritage as a reason to slaughter one another, so did Hitler use the same idea. While it is ridiculous to argue the relative merits of different brands of racism – since none has any merit – to blame white nationalism for Hitler’s atrocities is to rewrite history.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), whose campaign has yet to get off the ground, in July told CNN’s Dana Bash that Trump is “worse than a racist.” That is a rather confusing pronouncement, implying that the senator believes racists are not the worst of all people. Booker tried to explain himself: “[Trump] is actually using racist tropes and racial language for political gains, trying to use this as a weapon to divide our nation against itself.” Once again, a Democrat politician demonstrates his complete ignorance of the concept of irony.

Booker is not the only person on the left whose rhetoric requires redefining the word “outrageous.” MSNBC put alleged investigative journalist Vegas Tenold on the air, back in July, to claim, “We’re at a point where Trump is more racist than neo-Nazis.”

In August, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke said of Trump, “He is a racist, and he stokes racism in this country, and it does not offend our sensibilities; it fundamentally changes the character of this country and it leads to violence.”

Racial Rhetoric Coming From Only One Side

Only one of the two main political parties in the US appears to be obsessed with skin color (no prizes for guessing which). The main question, though, is why Democrats have decided to push this issue more than any other.

Only Joe Biden, by virtue of his eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president, truly commands the loyalty of most black Democrat voters. The concern must be that no other presidential hopeful can be assured the same level of loyalty from the black community.

Trump certainly is unlikely to win even 50% of the black or Latino vote in 2020, but he need only take a larger share of those votes than previous Republican presidential candidates claimed to put his eventual Democrat challenger in real trouble. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) currently is surging, but she does not enjoy anything like Biden’s level of loyalty among black voters. If the latter fades from the top tier of the nomination race, Warren is unlikely to benefit, though she certainly is one of those most likely to win her party’s nomination, and her support among blacks appears to dwarf Bernie’s.

Overplaying Your Hand

One would have thought that at some point the Democrats might worry that they are overplaying the race card. Such is the level of hysteria over the president’s alleged racism that the eventual Democratic Party presidential candidate will have little choice but to make the issue the very centerpiece of his or her campaign. Such a strategy is very unlikely to prove successful since most American voters – white, black, or brown – will probably base their choice on concerns other than racism.

Over many years the left has so diluted the impact of the label “racist” that there is little prospect a significant number of voters will be swayed by such allegations – particularly at a time of record-low unemployment among blacks and Latinos. Furthermore, Trump’s policies have done nothing to indicate racist sentiments. His attempts to reduce illegal immigration and impose a merit-based legal immigration system are the only things the left can interpret as racist policies.

Nevertheless, the majority of Americans agree, at the very least, that illegals should not be given a free pass, even if they may differ on how strict US immigration enforcement should be.

What chance, then, does a challenger to the president have of winning the 2020 election by focusing on portraying Trump  – and by association all of his supporters – as racist? Very little at all is the only possible answer.

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  1. It is hard for the national socialist antifa democrats. They hate everyone and each subgroup wants special rights and free stuff. They have to call people names becuase they want you to be on the defensive. So the scream racist, bigot, whatever.

    Doesnt bother me. I grew up in an america with race and gender quotas. The only group that does not have special rights is poor and middle class white males. That is about 25% of the population. That is about as racist as any country in the world. So anytime a tone calls a white guy racist I just think: ” pot calling the kettle black”. Trying to use racist as a derogatory on someone you have discriminated against all their life doesnt really work..

    Just to be clear every woman, black, brown, yellow, red person in america has received special privilege. You are the racist, bigot, prejudice people you are looking for to call racist. If you dont like that fact then fight for an even playing field. But you dont want that do you!

  2. Dems don’t have too play any cards right now all they have to do is sit back and relax and watch the circus cheeto man is running into the ground very soon people will be asking WHO WAS THIS RETARDICAN PARTY PEOPLE TALK ABOUT

    • Yes, the progressive socialist communist fascist racist Democrat Party can just sit back because the stupid brainless indoctrinated followers who can’t think for themselves will stir vote for them. The supporters of Hitler, Stalin and all Socialist Dictators did the same thing. Truth is not a factor just lies, Hate, slander, stupidity and self is all they care about. Freedom is very hard to get but is so easily to loose. WELL DONE ALL YOU PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST COMMUNIST FASCIST RACIST DEMOCRAT COMRADE VOTERS. YOU WILL DO WHAT MANY OF OUR EVIL ENEMIES WANT TO DO, DESTROY OUR COUNTRY.

      • Thats the point isn’t it your party is doing it as we type don’t have to use caps slurs name calling or anyother form to get point across just sit back and watch america get destroyed by your party right now all your frustration and anger needs to be targeted at your party don’t blame someone else for americas problems remember you voted for this mess you voted for the destroyer in chief you voted for oppression you voted for suppression you voted for communisum you have only yourself to blame more than once we the people voted overwhelmingly only to have democracy stolen cheating is not winning

        • The left assumes they represent ALL Americans. Every time they spout off about something, it’s “The people want this”.
          If that were true, Trump would never have been elected.

  3. White middle class Americans are the most disadvantaged race in the USA! They are the ones that have paid the price for affirmative action fir 45 years. I am legally Native American. I understand that White Middle Class Americans have been MOST mistreated!

  4. First off — the demoSCUM party will do nothing just like they have for the past 12 years. President Trump will win reelection on his own merit and what he has done for America NOT on the trash demoSCUM and the despicible pathetic media who have already pushed the race BS way too far. That ship sailed a long time ago and trying to bring it back will be the demoTRASH downfall NOT our President’s. It is pathetic that every time the scum bucket libtards have no where to go — they yell race like they are expecting the black,asian,hispanic, irish,portuguese,italian, American indians to all start demonstrating and rioting. The demoTRASH party has become nothing but a bunch of slithering,low-life,bottom-feeding,anti-American,scum-sucking leeches who get more corrupt,deceitful,hypocritical with every passing minute. They are no longer a political party— just a bunch of algae on a stagnate pond.

  5. I pay no attention to the Leftist candidates who are vying against each other for the excitement of becoming the ultimate Leftist choice to be beaten by Trump, which will happen.
    It’s not a matter of personality, nor the fact that he cannot be “bought” by any interests willing to pay big money if this President “throws” the election. He cannot be “bought”, he loves our country, and fights for it. The Leftist can’t even abide by the U.S. Constitution, their platform seeks to strip the Constitution bare, therefore the choice is the candidate who is the true Constitution-loving American, President Trump. I’m fed up with how the Leftists seek to vilify him at every turn, the more they do, the more I disregard their “sour grapes” and believe in President Trump.

    • Stan. You better pay close attention one of those dems goin be next potus guaranteed just hope your still around i can’t wait to rub it in your face

  6. Clueless Gerry. News just stated that Doctor or Scientist in Russia just died from radiation poisoning only one is being claimed i believe many more have but we all well almost all of us know they’er lieing I’m just waiting for Putins puppet to ask him and of course he’ll lie and that thing you voted for will believe him fully.
    Putin also just warned america if we test fire missile he will retaliate sounds like deceleration of war.
    This is exactly why Putin needed that thing to win he is so much easier to push around to malipulate to fool to cave in to pressure he’s the american sell out Putin needed Hillary never would have let this happen and Putin knew that all to well.
    Once again dumd as#es in this country voted against they’er own best intrest this has been going on back to nixon and every retardican pos ever since.
    You all must really hate your own family mom dad brother sister aunt uncle grandma grandpa your so full of hate for the dems that your blind to the evil surrounding you from the right this is not a joke or a hoax we will soon see the anialation of the human race brought on by none other then the retardican party.
    Deny Deny Deny all you want but the signs are all around you from N. Korea Hong Kong China Russia communisum on the rise all across the globe may god help us

  7. I believe in our current President so much more than in what the other fools did in the White House for so many years. President Trump has been exposing their failures and failed policies that only helped so many other countries except our country. If wanting to make America great is “racist”. Then making America lesser is plain “stupidity!” This a capitalist system that works for financially wise people. If you are an employee America can’t help you. You must be a business owner and an investor. There is no system where you can succeed if you have a job and borrow money.

  8. It seems to me the Democrats have one more card to play: they can accuse President Trump of stealing the strawberries (anyone remember the movie, “The Caine Mutiny” starring Humphrey Bogart as Captain Queeg?).
    During the trial, Capt. Queeg takes the stand …
    “The STAWBERRIES!!! THAT’S where I had them!!!” – as he nervously rolls his little marbles around in his hand…

  9. AOC better STFU and review some efforts that are going on right now….
    When I was a prosecutor in Phoenix – I came across the murguia’s….All of them are POS’s and should be investigated immediately….
    The dems allowed the companies to leave and actually paid and aided their move….It’s the dems loading up the courts with judges – lawyers and trash….
    It’s the dems loading up the electoral college with their people…
    It’s the dems going to other countries and seeking donations from their cartel brothers….
    It’s the dems making deal under the radar with other countries…..You a**holes better look at the social security and medicare rolls FIRST – since ya’ll have been giving it to EVERY ILLEGAL THAT ENTERS THE COUNTRY……2ysv

  10. Where did the Democrat Party Go? When did it leave America? … Right Now? … I only can identify One Pro-American Party. It is the REPUBLICAN PARTY. … This Other Political Party? That is claiming to be the Democrat Party of TODAY? … Has POLITICIAN’S running it with views that agree with SOCIALIST and COMMUNIST IDEA’S. TOPPED OFF With a RADICAL AGENDA Thrown In. … With all this confusion? That Only Leaves TRUMP appearing as the ONLY AMERICAN in the room. NOW WHO’S FAULT IS THAT?

  11. Please keep up with current events before you go on a rant investigate deal just made with Kentucky Putin just pretty much declared war if we do missile test doctor or Scientist just died probaly more russia always lies at least every one knows that but his puppet cheeto man communism comming to america right now but hey you can always blame Carter just remember deny deny deny always take credit for someone elses success and blame others for your failures right out of retardican play book deny deny deny


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