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Epstein’s Former Cellmate Begs Judge For Transfer To Another Jail


Jeffrey Epstein’s former cellmate has asked a New York judge to move him to a new prison after he says prison guards have been threatening him in the wake of the registered sex offender’s death, according to the New York Post.

Hulking ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione — who briefly bunked with Epstein at the Metropolitan Correctional Center — has been told by various guards there to “shut up,” “stop talking” and “stop complaining,” as questions swirled about how the accused sex trafficker was able to commit suicide in federal custody, Tartaglione attorney Bruce Barket says in a letter to White Plains federal Judge Kenneth Karas.

Tartaglione was sharing a cell with Epstein during what’s believed to have been the 66-year-old’s first suicide attempt, on July 23. The two were separated before Epstein hanged himself on Aug. 10. –New York Post

Epstein told his lawyers that Tartaglione had “roughed him up” according to a previous report by the Post. The ex-cop’s lawyer, Bruce Barket said in response “I do know that Nick was not brought up on any charges at all in the institution, so they cleared him.”

In his request for transfer, the 51-year-old Tartaglione said he was told there would be a “price to pay” if he talks about Epstein’s death.

“The clear message Mr. Tartaglione has received is that if he conveys information about the facility or about [Epstein’s] recent suicide, there will be a price to pay,” reads the letter from Barket. “Whether or not the investigators into the suicide chose to interview Mr. Tartaglione about the attempted suicide to which he was witness or about how the facility is run and the conditions under which the inmates are forced to live, the correction officers know he has information potentially very damaging to the very people now charged with guarding him or their coworkers.”

Barket also decried the “deplorable” conditions at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC), including “a serious rodent and insect infestation.”

Tartaglione faces the death penalty for his alleged involvement in four drug-related murders. Feds claim the ex-cop and an accomplice lured Martin Luna to a Chester, NY lounge to find stolen cocaine money and instead ended up killing Luna and three other men he had brought for protection.

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    • Dear Deborah,
      What’s the sense? The people who are probably involved with the late Epstein have tentacles that have a very long reach.

  1. Humm, someone wants to clean up the “mess”before it becomes public knowledge and the
    guilty party(ies) might be implicated in the “suicide” and complet bungling of the job they
    were paid to do? From the published information in the press this facility is totally screwed
    up and not fit for occupation. Is there more than one reason to perhaps have an open and
    honest investigation into the facility, guards, operation and death of prisoners in the care of
    this questionable unit? What is New York afraid of, exposure of a dysfunctional mayor who
    has let the city go into ruin as most Socialist Democratic cities are today?

  2. Move him interrogate him and get the full story of what really took place even if it means replacing the death sentence with a life without possible parole

  3. He is probably safest to start talking even is he exaggerates and names every guard and anyone else he can think of including gangs right away. He should asked to be moved a ax security prison and he should ask for a reduced sentence.

    I don’t really care that he might of killed drug dealers. Heck if you listen to the lefties drug dealers dont exist. The drug problem is from doctors over prescribing pain killers to old white people isnt it? I dont know what need there would be for a drug dealer?

    Oh wait some has to sell all the heroin. Opium, and pot being smuggled across our southern open border! That’s what the drug dealers do. So killing a drug dealer could impact the number of illegal aliens coming across the border so the left has t jail cops that kill drug dealers. Now I get it. So for the left killing a drug dealer is far worse then killing a baby.

    I guess he sure have made sure the Americans rug dealer was white. The left would have let him off for that.

  4. This is what they do. The Clinton mafia will kill off any possible leaks to their corruption. This goes deep into the Gov and very high high places. Obutthole is trying to take over the mafia from within. Sooner or later someone at the top of these evil corrupted @$$wipes are going to get whacked.

  5. Maybe they should check into his previous arrest and see if he wasn’t made a scale goat. Maybe he was once again made a scape goat. Strange they would place a cop on death row in with Jeffrey. Disgusting condition with rats and rodents and drink from molded and rust water. Sound worst then the illegals are being treated an he is an American. This is NY where is AOC for this jail/PRISON?
    Maybe she should be watching her own backyards instead of Texas? Even if it is death row clean, respectable accommodations should be provided. Not in human, rats and rodents, running clean water, showers, yard time, exercise equipment more then a bike.

  6. If you check you’ll find that prison is a federal prison and run by the socialist Republican party. In fact 45 and Barr are in charge of that prison.
    BTW, before you tie your panties in a knot, paying farmers not to work is socialism.

  7. These conditions have existed for a long time, not just since Trump was elected. There was no difference when your adored President Obama was in office. Look at the number of homeless people living on the streets in major cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, etc. where conditions are just as bad as in that prison with rats, other vermin, human waste, trash etc. These are all cities where Democrats have been in charge for decades. What say you about that???

  8. Yes, and John P. Centonze you may be right but your thinking is wrong? I we can’t protect this guy we really have a problem in this country and law and order is a waste. It is time to hold those in charge responsible, it is time we hold politicians responsible, it is past time we allow laws to be ignored, and it is also past time to put some politicians in jail. Move the guy, take his deposition and act on it. It is worth more then some of the other crap we spend money on, a good example is the 30 plus Million dollar collisions investigation.

  9. Yes, move him, John P. Centonze you are wrong, the only way to cut the tentacles is by cutting them not ignoring them. If we can waste 30 plus million on a which hunt, why not do something that could have at least some possibilities
    for a “CHANGE”.


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