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Dems Forced To Apologize After Mock Assassination Of Trump Enacted At Fundraiser


Authored by Steven Watson via Summit News,

Pictures show ‘assault weapon’ being pointed at likeness of the president

Democrats in Illinois have been forced to apologize after photos emerged of attendees at a fundraiser carrying out a mock simulation of assassinating President Trump.

The scene was photographed at a fundraiser for Democratic Illinois State Sen. Martin Sandoval.

Sen. Sandoval had to take to Twitter and apologize, noting that he doesn’t “condone violence toward the President or anyone else”:

The Democratic party of Illinois followed suit, albeit with an embedded dig at the President, insinuating that he is guilty of inciting mass shootings:

The state’s Democratic governor was also forced to apologize.

Democrats everywhere are now being forced to either apologize for the bizarre actions of their own supporters, and even party members, or more insanely, to embrace them.

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  1. What would the reaction be in the fake news if some Republican had a skit to assassinate Pelosi.
    You bet all hell would break loose. Double standards.
    Vote out all demo-rats.

    • The staging of such an affair shows clearly that it the Democ-RATS inciting the violence. If the government cannot effectively police themselves, how can we trust them to police the people. Politicians should be held to the same standards as Everyone else. When they oonly prosecute people they hate instead of anyone who commits a crime, there’s a problem with the system.

      • Where is the FBI on this? Their sick skit about the assassination of the POTUS and using a gun that they want to outlaw to make the fake assassination look real is criminal, hateful, evil and should not go unpunished. This is way over the top and we should stop asking, “if it were the Republican party doing this”.. we all know what the answer is but by always using that question like Hannity does almost every night only gives the Dem/socialist reason to celebrate because they know they can do it without challenge or question and we can’t. Since we already know the answer perhaps we can ask other questions. Giving them any reason to thumb their noses at us should stop. They are evil, hateful and should be stopped at the polls in 2020 by a landslide.

        • I totally agree with you as to the Republicans always saying that if a Republican would do such outrageous acts, the media and Demo-rats use double standards.

  2. Apologized! Where is the arrests for threatening the president? All you have to do is say you would like to kill the president to get arrested. Writing it has gotten many people arrested. Several democrat representatives have threatened this president and now a demonstration of killing him on stage! Yet no arrest? How in bed with the left is the fbi and secret service. ARREST THESE CRIMINALS PLOTTING AGIANST THE PRESIDENT.

  3. If this had been done at a Republican get together the news media would have a field day and want those who did this put in jail for an attempt to harm the president. An apology is not acceptable and why hasn’t this been brought to the public of this country. I am so ashamed of all of these Democratic candidates and their constant harassment of our president. They are creating the violence in this country and trying to take down our sacred USA. I pray that President Trump is re-elected in 2020
    This was disgraceful and that was a direct threat

  4. Wake up American voters The Democratic Party of today isn’t even close to the Democratic party of the past. They should be known as the DemoCRAPIC party and for all you Dyed in the Wool Democrats you should come to the realization that your party is now the SOCIALIST party. Past President Obama did everything he could to transform our Nation into a Socialist Country. Thank God he ran out of time and Thank God Hillary wasn’t elected because she would have finished the job. Nothing is beneath these people and their hate and distain for this President. God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America. Donald Trump in 2020.

  5. Bingo!! Notice none of these hacks apologized specifically to PDJT. Why? Because in their heart of hearts they REALLY want to see it happen. The fool who was pointing the fake weapon should have his front door kicked in and he should be dragged from his mommies basement in handcuffs for threatening the life of the President.

  6. Sure shows how bad the Democrat SOCIALISTS want to take over America. For Democrats to “pretend play” an assassination on our SITTING ELECTED PRESIDENT, is a SERIOUS WARNING to all Americans of their intent to destroy our country. All who participated in that disgusting foul “pretend play” belong in jail. A threat like that on any sitting President is a treasonous attack on our country, our values, our Constitution, our rights, our FREEDOMS, and our CHRISTIAN BELIEFS. I heard this the other day and it hits the TRUE BUTTON 100% …… “Socialism is anti-religion so the main thing they must do to take over our country, is to eliminate Christians because Socialists (and Communists) do not want anybody THANKING GOD For the blessings they have, health, their children, everything good in their lives …. socialists want everyone THANKING GOVERNMENT for everything good in their lives.” That is called “absolute Control of people”! Give that some thought!!!

  7. this is an act of treason you can be arested and jailed for less . direct threat agienst the potus.secret service better be investigating , and making some one acountable . this is no joke . especially after the coup attempt by the dems and all the obstruction of our president . TRUMP THE ONLY CHOICE IN 2020

  8. Democrats have been inciting violence since Trump was elected. Watch Maxine Waters tell the crowd around her that they should confront all Trump supporters, harass them, and tell them they are not welcome anywhere. Watch Antifa thugs assault a reporter who is just walking among them and send him to the hospital with a brain injury. Watch other incidents where people are accosted because they are wearing a MAGA hat. Democrats have always claimed to be the “tolerant” party, yet almost all of the violence since Trump was elected has come from the Left extremists, all democrats. Civility, honesty, integrity, tolerance, have all been sacrificed on the throne of “power” at any cost of the Dems.


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