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CIA Whistleblower Warns: Federal Reserve Is ‘Out To Get President Trump’


The Federal Reserve has been using its central bank powers in an attempt to tank the economy to blame President Trump and manipulate the 2020 election outcome, according to CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp.

“He [Trump] has got the Fed shaking in their boots. When the Fed gags its board of directors and its members, that is not good,” Shipp said on “USA Watchdog” with Greg Hunter on Saturday.

“Something not good is going on. Perhaps they are bringing the interest rates down to zero. Perhaps it’s the fact we are entering into, not only U.S., but a global recession. So, they have put the lid on any comments coming out, and I think they have done it for a reason that is concerning…”

“Trump is at war with the Fed, and the Fed has put a lid on all its people. It’s a gag order to keep its people from talking about what the Fed plans to do,” he continued.

“I think it is tied to an upcoming global recession, and we may see quantitative easing (money printing) rates go to zero, and they don’t want the President or the public to know what they are about to do,” Shipp added.

The Fed’s attempts to ruin Trump are obvious given how it behaved during Obama’s presidency, such as its excessive money-printing policies and holding interest rates at 0% for most of Obama’s tenure.

“So, it is apparent the Fed waited until Trump was elected to start hammering and pounding on the economy, which apparently they did not want to do under Obama,” Shipp said. “Can you raise the suspicion that the Fed is against Trump or that the Fed is trying to take the credit for the economy away from Trump? I think that appears to be entirely possible…”

“Trump has said it exactly right, it’s a war between Trump and the Federal Reserve, which, of course, is not federal and it has no reserves…

Shipp said that Trump is aware of the Fed’s moves and is correctly planning to shift blame to the Fed for any economic correction or collapse because it is the progenitor of America’s boom/bust cycles.

“In my view, I think that Trump is convinced that the Fed is going to try to destroy the advances in the economy to make 2020 less possible for re-election and actually manipulate the political landscape,” Shipp said.

“I think Trump is clearly and wisely aware of what they are doing…I think Trump thinks the Fed is going to manipulate the 2020 election and make any recession look like Trump’s fault and not the Fed’s fault.”

“God bless Donald Trump because he is the first President to call out the Fed like he is doing,” Shipp added. “Trump has been right all along.”

Trump called out the “very selfish” Fed on Monday, saying they should lower interest rates back down because the dollar is so strong thats it’s actually weakening the global economy.

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  1. Trump refuses to play the Federal Reserves Games 101. DemonRats are more than willing to screw over Ma,Pa America with ridiculous interest rates, & astronomical Bank Fee’s. DFL is America’s Mafioso…You Play,You Pay.

  2. GOD HELP US IF THE LAUNATIC LEFT has it’s way and one of these IGNORANT CHUCKLE HEADS get in it would be the worse time to cancel PRESIDENT TRUMP’S second term Imagine who better to take us out of a recession than P.TRUMP remember OBAMA/BIDENS RECOVERY?

  3. Trump as turned not only the U.S. upside down, but the ENTIRE WORLD! MAGA! I am truly AMAZED that this man has the courage to call out the Federal Reserve, NATO, foreign leaders (including China) and to even move our embassy to Jerusalem! Unbelievable!

    He is taking a major risk with his life and that of his family. God Bless this man for doing what needs to be done to rescue this country.


  4. If this is true then it is high time for Trump to step on these dudes
    like the bugs they are. We need to replace the people with others
    who are going to working for the best interest of the country and
    not political cronies. Are there any people in government who honest
    and have even a little integrity? Washington needs to be cleansed
    from top to bottom. We have got to get rid of the vermin.

  5. The Demonrats hate our President more than they love our country. The swamp rats can wait out a ‘recession’; but know most Americans depend upon credit, and will be hurt enough to possibly turn to the ‘dark side’ (their side). You see the likes of Bill Maher promoting a recession as a way to get rid of Trump. He’s not alone . . .
    All conservatives should prepare for the possibility that the demon hoard will try to do exactly what is suspected. Tank the economy to kill a Trump win in 2020.
    Try to live on what you earn or have on hand, do away with credit. Wait to buy things, or only buy what is necessary. Stockpile essentials like your ARE expecting a catastrophe. Store valuables at home, in safe places; not in banks. Think like a prepper.
    The average demonrat is highly dependent upon a parental government, so we need to be the opposite. If their leaders do hurt the economy, maybe they will see the light and finally realize they have been led to hell.

  6. All that you say of President Trump is spot-on. He is a shining example of what can be accomplished according to the adage, “The difficult we do immediately and the impossible takes us a little longer.”

    “God Bless this man for doing what needs to be done to rescue this country.” Again, spot-on!

  7. Pray, Pray, Pray for Trump and his family members safety. As the election draws closer the lunatics on the left and federal reserve will try and do anything possible to destroy what Trump has accomplished in the short time he has been in office. This country is on a ledge ready to topple over into the abyss and if it’s people don’t wake up to the enemies plots we will lose the freedoms we have enjoyed for decades. All you undecided better make a decision for whats good for this country and your children’s future. Vote Trump! Maranatha

  8. “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

    When government fears the people, there is liberty.”

    Thomas Jefferson


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