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Right-Wing Rally, Antifa Protests Face Off in Portland


Police seized metal poles, bear spray and other weapons Saturday as hundreds of right-wing protesters and anti-fascist counter-demonstrators swarmed downtown Portland, Oregon, in a situation the mayor termed “potentially dangerous and volatile.”

Authorities also set up concrete barriers and closed streets and bridges in an effort to contain and separate the rival groups.

Flag-waving members of the Proud Boys and Three Percenters militia group began gathering late in the morning, some wearing body armor and helmets. Meanwhile black clad, helmet and mask-wearing anti-fascist protesters — known as antifa — were also among the several hundred people on the streets.

Polices said they had seized the weapons, including shields, from multiple groups that were gathering on both sides of the Willamette River, which runs through the city.

More than two dozen local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, were in the city for the right-wing rally that was expected to draw people from across the country.

Police said over a loudspeaker that people on the streets for the unpermitted rallies could be arrested. At least one person was arrested.

The gathering was hyped on social media and elsewhere for weeks. In the days leading up the event Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said people who espoused hate or engaged in violence were “not welcome.”

In a Saturday morning tweet, President Donald Trump wrote “Portland is being watched very closely” and that “Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job.”

He also wrote that “major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION of TERROR.'”

But it wasn’t immediately clear what he meant by that as there’s no mechanism for the United States government to declare a domestic organization a terror group. The State Department maintains a list of designated foreign terrorist organizations, such as al Qaida, but there’s no comparable designation or list for American groups.

Wheeler responded to the President’s tweet in an interview with CNN, saying, “frankly, it’s not helpful,” Wheeler added: “This is a potentially dangerous and volatile situation, and adding to that noise doesn’t do anything to support or help the efforts that are going on here in Portland.”

Not all who gathered Saturday were with right-wing groups or antifa. Also on hand were people dressed in colorful outfits and those who attended a nearby prayer service, holding signs that said things such as “No Trump, No NRA.”

Self-described anti-fascists had vowed to confront the rally while leaders from the far right urged their followers to turn out in large numbers to protest the arrests of six members of right-wing groups in the run-up to the event.

Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson, who organized similar rallies in 2017 and 2018 that erupted in clashes, surrendered Friday on an arrest warrant for felony rioting. He was at a confrontation that broke out on May 1 outside a bar where antifa members had gathered after a May Day demonstration.

In a video he livestreamed on Facebook, Gibson accused the police of playing politics by arresting him but not the masked demonstrators who beat up conservative blogger Andy Ngo at a June 29 rally that drew national attention.

A video of that attack went viral and led the Proud Boys, who have been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, to organize Saturday’s event.

“They want you to not show up in Portland, they want to put fear in your hearts,” Gibson said.

Portland Police Bureau spokeswoman Tina Jones declined to comment about specific arrests but said generally police continue to investigate several incidents from clashes on May 1 and June 29 and are politically neutral.

Antifa members often cover their faces with masks, making it harder to identify them.

In addition to the Proud Boys and Three Percenters, the white nationalist American Guard also said it would have members in Portland.

The Oath Keepers, another far-right militia group, said in a statement they were pulling out of the rally because organizers have not done enough to keep white supremacist groups away.

“It would be best for the patriot/conservative cause if this August 17 rally were simply canceled,” the group’s founder, Stewart Rhodes, wrote.

Authorities asked residents not to call 911 unless it’s a life-threatening emergency and to stay away from the heart of downtown.

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  1. It would be more accurate to refer to this encounter as between white nationalists (Proud Boys, American Guard, Identity Evropa, and the PDX Stormers) versus anti-fascists (Antifa), Buddhists, NAACP, and assorted groups opposed to white nationalism. That Trump is calling for a “domestic terrorism” designation for Antifa is further evidence for his support for white nationalism. He has not called for such a designation for white nationalists in which name hundreds have been murdered while the name of Antifa is associated with zero deaths.

    • Only throwing acid at people and beating the hell out of reporters and giving them brain bleeds, beating up elderly people. It’s only by the grace of god that nobody has died yet because of these thugs

    • No, Ronsh, it would be accurate to refer to the fact that “white nationalism” and “white supremacy” have only come into vogue recently, since the race card lost it’s desired effect, and is being used, like the race card, against anyone that dares to disagree with your gang of fascist brownshirts. We need more people to stand up to you freaks and put an end to your ideals of a fourth reich.

    • Are you that obtuse. There is no question about that. You romanticized view of “anti-fad” this wrong. Andy NGO can testify about this sweet group. Cowards all

    • The reason is that you don’t see right wing groups showing up in body armor armed with weapons and beating and intimidating people who don’t agree with their Nazi ideas. Also the Dayton shooter was affiliated with antifa.

    • I don’t know what world you live in,but it’s not called reality. You and people like you have no self respect, dignity,integrity and no morals. You’re not worth the dogshit that lays on the sidewalks in POOPLAND,Oregon

    • Portland, Oregon — Police said 13 people were arrested after far-right and antifa demonstrations in Portland on Saturday. Those arrested face charges including disorderly conduct, interfering with police, unlawful use of a weapon, possession of a weapon in a park, Portland police chief Danielle Outlaw.

    • This ‘von potter’ post is a verbatim repeat I have seen thrown into these Antifa news stories to confuse people & promote the same tired old Antifa lies.

  2. Isn’t a Right Wing rally held in Portland and oxymoron…RW nuts need to go back to the south where they belong. Right Wing extremism will be the death of America…

  3. I think the antifa terrorist thugs that cover their faces and attack innocent people are an example of why we need the 2nd amendment and no gun control whatsoever. These pukes need to be shot on sight. When the have information about these antifa rallies ahead of time snipers need to be set up and start shooting as soon as these assholes start attacking people. The only good antifa terrorist is a dead one

  4. Isn’t it interesting how Wheeler has been giving police stand-down orders while his gang has the numbers advantage, but would call in the Marines, if he could, when faced with groups that could hand his brownshirts’ a**es to them?

  5. Conservatives need to disassociate themselves from white nationalists, and this article isn’t helping. By not opposing white nationalism, conservatives are defaulting to liberals, and groups like Antifa to provide opposition. Conservatives need to develop a conservative approach that distinguishes itself from the liberal and Antifa approaches.

    • Good try DICKHEAD(rosch). Cum guzzling little faggots. Stay in Portland where corrupt politicians and police can protect your Sorry asspU

  6. Antifa is to the democrat party what the Brown Shirts were to the German National Socialist Party of the 1920’s and 1930’s: AKA, NAZIS!

    • Now that is so true.I agree with you.The democrats are using bullies to scare us.But as you know we are fighters and will not scare so easy.We are the power of the United States.We will never give up the fight.

  7. As reported by the Kansas City Star, Missouri has the highest rate of black homicide victims in the entire nation. The paper came to this conclusion using a study by the Violence Policy Center. Let’s look at some hard numbers: 90 people were killed in Kansas City this year alone. Of those 90 people, more than 80% were black. When you look at all of Missouri, the homicide rate per capita for black people comes in at a horrifying nine times higher than the overall rate for the nation. Any guesses why Trump isn’t describing Missouri as “rat-infested?”

    While these upsetting numbers aren’t actually a new status for Missouri—murder rates for black residents have been topping the charts in the state for a long time—it’s important to contextualize now, in light of recent conversations about gun reform. What does Missouri have? You guessed it: Weak gun laws.

  8. The articlr on Antifa vs White Conservative nation loving people is written wrong ! Antifa is a bad news group that fashions themselves like the German Nazi Brownshirt group before WW2. The Conservative group definitely not all white and Nationalists only in thatr we vbeleive our nation should stand alone rulinfg ourselves not a cog in the progressive New World Order ! a large percentage of those who bleieve in Conservative values are veterans so if wa want nt to solve the Antifa vs Conservative Americans law enforcement will just get out of the way !

    • Anyone who knows any History knows ‘ANTIFA’ is the Exact same type group, as Hitlers NAZI’s, And Mussolinis’ Brown Shirts! Fascists ALL!

    • How is that war on drugs doing? been fighting that for 40 years, drugs have a whole bunch of laws banning drugs. How is that working out? You ban guns, it will be a war that will never be won as well. The Bits tried that and lost.criminals don’t care about your friggin gun laws.
      Remove the weapons from police units and security guards first.

  9. Where are all the black deaths at in mo. You guessed it in the large city’s. Mostly in KC and ST Louis. And again mostly black on black. At least tell the hole truth.

  10. Robest eduards most of the right wingers as you call them come from Oregon and Washington state. Very few would want to come to a crap hole antifa run town like portland.

  11. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a rat infestation like Baltimore has. As for murder rates and gun laws, Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, but still have one of the highest rates of people being shot and killed. I question your claim that Missouri has the highest rate of black homicide victims in the entire nation. The 90 killed in Kansas City this year pales in comparison to the 319 in Chicago. The problem with you gun control freaks is you lack the intelligence to understand criminals ignore all laws, including gun control laws. They simply laugh at your stupid demands for tighter gun control.

  12. In my opinion Antifa is a terrorist group. They have never done any good deeds and are always demonstrating about something. They cover their faces like outlaws did during the 1800’s when they were robbing banks or railroads. They are all nothing but bad and they are a Home Grown Terrorist Group.

  13. Dems suck. It is pretty simple. Antifa should be treated as ISIS n destroyed…n their enablers in the dem party should be treated as enemies if america….I’ve had enuff of the ignorant fascist dems

  14. Antifa is domestic & is a terrorist pack of jackels or is it hienas, or jackasses or a special scum suckling hybrid of all three plus rabid dog.

  15. The heading of this article & the article itself gives a false picture of what Antifa is about (inciting riots against anyone who is not Leftist-communist, or aka cultural marxist, social justice) & presents an ignorant description of Antifa hateful & violent activities. Antifa is human garbage incarnate. Most of them really don’t know what is going on. The few of them who do the inciting & bullhorning & loud noise making to drown out speakers are the real jackasses & they are paid according to the amount of rioting & destruction they do.

  16. Antifa operates worldwide. So it is an INTERNATIONAL terrorist organization, NOT donestic.

    Biblical 2nd Ammendment, If you don:t own a sword, sell your cloak & buy one. Luke22;38.

    Ecclesiastes10:1-3, “As dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a little folly outweighs wisdom &honor. The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense & shows everyone how stupid he is.”

    Leftists are traitors & losers from start to finish even when they act nice or appear to win, they lose.

    …AND Frank Zappa for President 2024::
    “Socialism produces bad art, bad music, social stagnation & really unhappy people.” …and satanists.

    Leftists seem to have full spectrum narcissistic psychosis & inflict PTSD on opponents by using verbal abuse & lies of every kind as well as other terroristic underhanded tactics of the dedicated psychotic-natcissist. See for yourself on YouTube:
    Narc ology unscripted.
    Surviving Narcissism.
    Michele Lee Nieves.

    For real news go to OANN (One America News Network).
    Also: THE EPOCH TIMES, Truth & Tradition. Dedicated legitimate legal Xtian immigrant patriots who escaped commie China & know they are finished unless they continue to fight the commie HORROR regardless of consequences.
    To remove the blinders & psycho propaganda MASK Read:
    TIPING POINTS: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER (OAN Commentator).
    MAKING LOVE GREAT AGAIN: The New Road to Reviving Romance & Winning at Relationships. DEANNA LORRAINE.
    TAKE NO PRISONERS: Battle Plan for Defeating the Left. DAVID HOROWITZ.
    BIG AGENDAç President Trump’s Plan to Save America. DAVID HOROWITZ.
    JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How Hw Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us. JAMIE GLAZOV.
    Web sites h channels for truth:
    Stefan Molyneux, freedomain.com .
    Bill Whittle.
    Apostate Prophet.
    Julie Mora.
    American Intelligence Media.


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