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Epstein Hanged Himself With Sheets Tied To Bunk Bed, The Post Reports


According to an anonymous law enforcement official source, The New York Post reports that six foot tall Jeffrey Epstein was found hanging in his Lower Manhattan jail cell with a bedsheet wrapped around his neck and secured to the top of a bunk bed.

The convicted pedophile apparently killed himself by kneeling toward the floor and strangling himself with the makeshift noose, a law enforcement source said Monday.

We are no experts but a six foot tall man, kneeling with a makeshift noose made from bed sheets tied to the rail of the top bunk, would take some serious discipline to fight any survival reflex and actually ‘allow’ yourself to asphyxiate?

A little more difficult than an orange in your mouth and a plastic bag over your head we are sure.

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  1. I for one, do not believe Epstein killed himself. It doesn’t make sense. I supposed when all the evidence is gathered, it might. He was too self-indulgent. Anyone who had the will and desire to pursue the life he had, wouldn’t just end it all. He faced jail before. He bought his way around the confines of his sentence last time; I’m sure he would have brain-stormed this stint before succumbing to an ‘end-it-all’ notion. He had no visible signs of ‘gainful employment’, yet lived like a king. He did so for eons. I’m satisfied he had evidence to secure his “fortunes”, and his death. I believe he was murdered. It is too suspicious.

    • After his first “suicide attempt,” he complained that somebody was trying to kill him! If he was suicidal and wanting to die, WHY would he say that? This sounds like a man concerned for his survival, NOT suicidal! Besides all that, Epstein was an EXTREME narcissist, and people of that persuasion are usually not into “offing” themselves either!

  2. The coroner would not reveal he cause of death???? autopsy said something besides he hanged himself! I do not believe this story.

    • I have something better for believers and that is ocean front property on the La. and Arkansas line at just over a million dollars an acre . On another note I do not believe He committed suicide the way it was said . We Humans have a survival instinct in each of us and the way He died does not add up . He would have suffered very much before dying.

  3. Just one more for the Clinton’s , They will have to answer for , then there is Treason and Obama he just might end up on their Hit List , I keep writing reply’s i might make their list ! Build the Wall and leave them out side !

    • Ed,
      Maybe, maybe not.
      If that the Clinton’s handy work & tying up loose ends then deffinately the work of the Deep State.

  4. I recently read where another “anonymous” law enforcement official said he was a guard at this facility. He claimed that under suicide watch, the ceilings are 7-9 ft high and the bedsheets are paper-thin (totally unable to support the weight of a human body – yes they thought of that). Epstein was murdered – obviously. Christopher Ruddy should write another book, titled, “The Strange Death of Jeffery Epstein,” or maybe, “Vincent Foster, the Sequel.”

    • Vince Foster committed suicide shooting himself twice with a gun 30′ away and Epstein hung himself with paper sheets. Makes sense in the Liberal World.

  5. The ceiling in his cell was 9 feet high with nothing on the walls or ceiling to tie anything to. And his sheets were described by a guard as being thin as news paper. In other words even wound up tight the sheets wouldn’t hold any weight.

    Why is it hard for anyone to just call it murder? Clintons couldn’t have Jeffery testifying. Clintons have killed others more important.

  6. Anyone who believes a 6 foot-something tall man hanged himself from a 5 foot tall bed is either stupid, ignorant, or believes in the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, He had dirt on Bill Clinton among many others and many people have died after tangling with the Clintons. I do not believe he committed suicide!!!

  7. bottom line it really doesn’t matter. it will be “buried” by the deep state and the clintons will go on. The only pause for concern is how far-reaching these enemies of the USA go.

  8. No way did it happen like they r saying. I was in the medical field & know that the body has a natural life defense mechanism built in us. It go’s against your own body to do this thing unless you hung from a tall ceiling.his way you would pass out first, come to and you would repeat this act over & over again…Something is very wrong about all this.

  9. The cocksucking Clinton’s paid for this mothfucker’s murder. He had no reason to kill himself. He could have bought his way out of these charges. The government was bound to screw up his prosecution anyhow.

  10. From pictures I have seen, where would the sheets have been tied to, the beds have nothing to attach a rope or sheets to allow a hanging. The beds are supposedly solid with no holes like a standard frame has. These high risk cells are constructed in such a way to prevent most suicides from ever happening. Something sure smells here and it ain’t the fishies…..

  11. I do not believe it was suicide, either. Looking at photos of his jail cell, there is NO top bunk-bed. He was murdered. It’s a cover-up. I read a statement by a former inmate of that facility. He said the sheets are made of PAPER, everything is bolted to the floor. And there was NO upper bed. Another cover-up!

  12. Yeh, and Oswald killed Kennedy. The sad thing is a lot of people actually believe this bs. The man was murdered. He knew too much that could hurt a lot of higher ups so he was silenced. Plain and simple. Rich people and government officials don’t have to be held accountable for things we would be locked up for. We work for the government now,not the other way around like it’s supposed to be. God help us all.

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