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Nine Examples Of MSM Exploiting Mass Shootings To Spread Anti-Trump Propaganda


Following a spate of deadly mass shootings across the country, MSM pundits wasted no time trying to capitalize on the bloodshed to promote their anti-Trump agenda.

The partisan pandering was so overt that the Trump War Room – the Twitter account of Trump’s 2020 campaign – had no trouble assembling nine examples of the ‘fake news media using a time of healing to deepen our nation’s divisions.’

To put it another way; here’s how the MSM is using bullshit to shape narratives.

Perhaps the MSM cooked up the new angles at John Podesta’s house?

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  1. The obama mis-Administration has the most number of mass murder incidents, 24, of all the Presidental Afdministrations since 1966. The next number is 8, Clinton & Bush (forgot which Bush).

    • I know! Trump tells things the way are, you know, truthfully…and the commies just come unglued, spewing all the hate. Trump needs to tone down all that truth so the commies don’t hate so much.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if Andy was already on someone’s list. Sweet dirt nap Andy!

    • Here are your biggest haters:

      The Hate Campaign of Democrats
      Michael S. Rozeff

      Democrats and leftists have a hate campaign going, and it’s directed at Donald Trump. This is obvious. It’s been going on for three years now. It’s virulent and nasty. It’s filled with lies, exaggerations, scapegoating and accusations. It’s disguised as the expression of virtue, even when it contains expletives. Too often it advocates outright violence. Major media are complicit. Quite a few Hollywood notables are complicit.

      The hate takes such forms as calling Trump names like racist. Lately they call him a white supremacist and white nationalist. Frequently the hatred takes the form of blaming Trump for things he couldn’t possibly be responsible for.

      One goal of this hate campaign is to win elections in 2020 by poisoning voters against Trump.

  2. Fake news here we go again and that they don’t play out the whole video they just play out what they want because it’s their agenda shame on them for not showing and telling the whole story to the public they just want the public what they want u to see because they never liked Trump when he kicked Hillary Clinton to the curb everybody thought that Hillary would win and guess what she lost and she and the rest of the media are still bellyaching like a bunch of 2 year old babies.

  3. Our country is in danger and under attack by communists/socialists/demonrats who lie about everything. They own the media and direct the news to influence people to their way. I pray that there are enough loyal Americans who see through the lies and vote for freedom. I believe that the only way we will have freedom is through the Republican party and President Trump.

    • Don’t count too heavy on the GOP Yvonne. Many RINO’s are seeking the same results as the commies. You also maybe should begin educating yourself just why we probably won’t be voting ourselves out of this revolution.

      • You’re right, Butch, and that’s why these socialists are promoting gun control. They don’t want us shooting back when the time comes for them to murder us. It’s all spelled out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion http://educate-yourself.org/cn/protocolsofsion.shtml#17

        “Death is the inevitable end for all. It is better to bring that end nearer to those who hinder our affairs than to ourselves, to the founders of this affair.”

  4. The response to Trump is a completely new side of America. Obama actively promoted actions that hurt our country. Yet Americans were civil. Now Obama supporters are anything but civil.

    Insurrection is punishable by law. What is the difference between insurrection and the continuing Democratic rhetoric?

  5. Most of the Democrats are also members of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and traitors to this country. Quite a few are representatives from California. Communism started in Russia with the revolt of the Bolshevik Jews, who executed the Tsar and his family. Bolshevik Jews are also known as Talmudist, Zionists, socialists, liberals, and Leftists. They also call themselves the “chosen” and they admit that they are “chosen” by Satan. They are atheist and loathe Jesus Christ and His followers, and they have a plan to annihilate the white race. Their agenda includes global dominion.

    Source: 45 Declared Communist Goal for the Takeover of America (https://steemit.com/news/@dragon40/the-communist-takeover-of-america-45-declared-goals-annoted)
    Source: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (educate-yourself.org)
    Source: The Georgia Guidestones (vigilantcitizen.com)

  6. This kind of lying and misrepresentation by the media only works if voters are uninformed or dumb or both. The left wing and left wing media apparently believe voters are both as they keep spewing out lies and misrepresentations. Hopefully the upcoming elections will give clues as to how gullible voters are. Are they falling for the liberal biased lies or do we have may thinking voters?

  7. Is anyone surprised at what length Liberals will sink to, just to spread their communistic socialistic agenda? They are such evil minded, heartless, blockheads that nothing is too low or gross for their plans to sell our nation out to Satan. We need a praying Conservative body to defeat their evil.

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