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Democrat’s Gun Control Narrative After Dayton and El Paso Refuted With FACTS


The cartoon below has to be one of the dumbest cartoons from the left on gun control of all time:

The left wing anti-gun lunatics don’t bother to fact check themselves. So we’ll do it for them.

The horrific Dayton and El Paso shootings has turned Democrats out in droves to demand more gun control. Except, there is not one piece of gun control legislation that would have stopped the killers. Not. One. Single. Law.

Why is it that Democrats can’t seem to understand that? Or is it that they do, and simply want to put more gun control into place that they know will only infringe upon the rights of law-abiding gun owners?

Criminals don’t obey the current gun control laws. Hell, criminals don’t even obey the laws we have that ban murder. Democrats think criminals are going to obey any new gun control laws they put into place?

They aren’t that stupid, but their followers toe the line, and the lame stream media is complicit.

There are supposedly 90 MILLION law-abiding gun owners in the United States, possibly even more. These are people from all races, genders, economic statuses – all walks of life. Democrats can’t seem to grasp that the 2nd Amendment protects ALL of them.

Unfortunately, there are some on the right who are also pushing for more gun control, even though it would have done nothing to stop the horrific killings.

It’s time America have a serious discussion about the 2nd Amendment; the fundamental human right to self defense and how firearms protect the innocent from the evil.

Facts don’t seem to matter to Democrats but there are facts everywhere that prove their gun control push is wrong – ALWAYS.


Here are the actual stats on murders around the world. Not quite what this cartoon says now is it?

Of course, they bring up suicide without mentioning that Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world yet *gasp* NO FIREARMS!

That just couldn’t possibly make sense to the gun control lobby. It MUST be the firearm that causes people to commit suicide. It couldn’t possibly be that the person has some serious issues they don’t think they can get help to resolve. Nope, must be the firearm.


They never mention that the number of times firearms are used in self defense exponentially outnumbers the number of actual deaths in which firearms are involved. That would be giving readers too much truthiness. Something the gun control lobby just can’t have.

Even the Centers for Disease Control maintained, in a $10 million study pushed by one of Obama’s Executive Orders back in 2012, that the use of firearms for self defense is an ‘important crime deterrent.’

And the final photo in the cartoon is just disgusting. It was thanks to 3% of the armed population that the British tyrants were overthrown. The same British who wanted to take our guns away.

It is exactly that reason the 2nd Amendment was so important to the Founding Fathers, not because they were ‘gun toting wackos’ as the morons who wrote this cartoon claim.

And of course, these hoplophobes are referring to semi-automatic rifles as ‘assault rifles’ to once again prove how ignorant they are.

And of course, this dumb cartoon based on false information means we MUST amend the 2nd Amendment. *hurl*

If the person who created this cartoon was around during the Revolution, we’d probably still be under the rule of a Queen.

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  2. Have Trump buy some time on tv. Show all the stats regarding guns, 2nd Amendment rights, cartoons that are not vetted, separate suicides from murder rates etc. Then play the National Anthem upon completion of his presentation.
    Call it a fireside chat, and pick a topic each week and do the same thing…Immigration, capitalism vs Socialism, delay and stallingprocedures of the Demo Party, the cities that have been under the Democratic reign for years with terrible results and consequences. I think you have my point. Stop playing with childisd Democrats. Go for the juggulat.

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