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John McAfee Has Some Questions About This Weekend’s Mass Shootings


With markets melting down on Monday in one of the biggest intraday point drops for the Dow in recent memory, bitcoin and crypto received an intense safe-haven bid, with the benchmark crypto token rallying nearly 10% intraday.

All the while, one of crypto’s most infamous voices chimed in: John McAfee, the cybersecurity pioneer and presidential candidate, chimed in to celebrate bitcoin’s safety bid, and raised a few questions about the series of deadly shootings that unfurled in the US over the weekend.

Amazingly, McAfee didn’t say much about markets, and instead instead raised some “fundamental questions” about acts of domestic terrorism.

As McAfee points out, 75 years ago, shootings like those that took place in Dayton and El Paso over the weekend would have been unheard of.

Still, McAfee – who is on the lam from the IRS – asks a few rhetorical questions:

“Immediately people jump on their soapboxes…first its gun control…then immigration…then race issues…this was racially motivated, psychologically motivated…before we even know what happened we are jumping on our soapboxes.”

First, McAfee said, we need to talk about guns – even though the largest act of domestic terrorism in US history wasn’t perpetrated using guns…it was committed using a home-made fertilizer bomb.

The first question – is this a coincidence? – is one question that should be asked. Though McAfee notes that he’s not a fan of coincidences.

The second – and more important questions – is what is wrong with this society? “I’m not fond of coincidence as an explanation for things…and I’m not fond of coincidence as an explanation for things,” McAfee said.

But more importantly, the more pressing question is why have people become so angry, hostile and alienated that they need to murder total strangers.

“That’s the question, people. We need to answer that first,” McAfee said.

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  1. McConnell faces pressure to bring Senate back for gun legislation
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is coming under intense pressure to take quick action on gun legislation in the wake of two mass shootings

    Gun reform……..Its time has come

  2. What needs reform are the globalists who perpetuate these mass murders for no other reason than to strike fear in the masses so gun confiscation can be utilized. The commie know they cannot take full control of this country as long as 100 million Americans still have all their guns.

    How come no one is crying about the 10 killed and 75 wounded in Chicongo over the last weekend?

    • John McAfee is just another strange pundit (idiot) who needs to just stay away, in his self-imposed ‘exile’. He does not believe in taxation, which is typical of someone whose wealth was collected from the masses. He really needs to just keep quiet.
      Baltimore and Chicago are ruled by Demonrats. The news agencies are run by Demonrats. They work together to maintain the status-quo.
      Heavy gun violence is NORMAL for these big demonrat urban areas. It does not raise the concern, or help with potential gun control like the latest ‘gun-safe’ zone killings have.
      It’s the ‘soapbox moments’ that are newsworthy.

  3. The gun(s) did nothing, unless handled by a PERSON. Yet the screaming masses cry for gun control.
    People control is gained by lack of self esteem and ignorance. Our schools are turning out ignorant low self esteem adults with their cry rooms, safe spaces and counseling sessions for play ground incidents that happen every day.
    Get these crybaby, rejects out of their safe spaces and subject them to real life circumstances, teach young people that guns are real life tool such as an axe, sythe, sledge hammer or any other tool used by people for a purpose. The result and consequences of the use of the tool rests with the person using the tool. Proper use of the tools is dependent on the education provided to the user of tools. The education in the care, use, and safety in the use of guns is lacking in the use of guns. Keep the drugs out of our children, recognize the symptoms of depression and say something to authorities.

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