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Trump To Address Nation Monday Over Mass Shootings, Says More Gun Control May Be Needed


In the wake of multiple mass shootings over the weekend, President Trump told reporters in Morristown Airport before departing for the White House on Sunday that “hate has no place in our country and we’re going to take care of it.

As The Hill reports, Congressional Democrats, 2020 presidential candidates and others have rushed to draw comparisons between the motives of the El Paso shooter and Trump’s immigration rhetoric and suggested he helped fuel the environment that led to the attack.

“Let’s be very clear about what is causing this and who the president is. He is an open avowed racist and encouraging more racism in this country,” former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), whose hometown is El Paso, said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Notably, however, even Trump nemesis, former FBI Director, Jim Comey admitted in his latest op-ed (albeit in the 20th paragraph) that:

“…according to a ‘manifesto’ widely attributed to him, the Texas terrorist who killed at least 20 people in El Paso on Saturday wasn’t directly motivated by Donald Trump…”

The president ignored shouted questions about whether the El Paso shooter’s anti-immigrant manifesto shared similarities with his rhetoric and noted instead that the shootings are part of “a mental illness problem.”

The president then added that he had spoken to Attorney General William Barr, FBI Director Christopher Wray, the Ohio and Texas governors as well as members of Congress.

“We have to get it stopped,” he said.

“This has been going on for years, for years and years in our country.”

He added that “perhaps” more needs to be done with respect to gun control.


Trump added that he will deliver a formal statement on Monday at 10 a.m. Monday at the White House.


On Saturday, a gunman entered an El Paso, Texas Walmart, killing 20 people and wounding 26 others. Less than 24 hours later, at least nine people were killed and 26 more injured when 24-year-old Connor Betts of Bellbrook Ohio used a .223 caliber rifle to open fire at a crowd on East 5th street in the city’s popular downtown Oregon district.

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  1. What is need is better crime control aka work camps for prisoners and shot anyone that try’s to escape, bring back the death sentence and do it by hanging televised and let the criminals know America does not stand with them. but will carry out that sentence in 36 hours after being convicted.
    It time America was SAFE again for the rabid dogs of the Socialist muslim party aka Democrats and the people they use to murder Americans

  2. There’s a lot of sick people out there! This rash of mass shootings is being orchestrated by Deep State operatives. Our intelligence agencies are masters at mind control using drugs and brainwashing and the Luciferians behind these killings have more of these programed mental dwarfs waiting for the next staged incident. Just like the Vegas killings of 50 plus people, this is being done by the Deep State to garner public support for seizing our guns. You may believe that all these killings are not connected but they are. You ain’t seen nothing yet. If guns are ever confiscated by the Democrats, the leftist Deep State Globalists will immediately start slaughtering patriots by the thousands. Warning: Keep your guns!

    • My feelings exactly.
      These acolytes are managed by someone. Of course, it takes a limited and demented brain to be a Demonrat in the first place. It is without question that demonrat supporters with mental illnesses would come forth and volunteer to ‘take a bullet’ or ‘fall on the sword’ and martyr themselves for the greater good of Satan.
      Demonrats and all avowed Socialist know that the first thing they must do is confiscate all guns to enact their theology upon the masses. They can’t become the elite they imagine themselves to be without first disarming the public.
      Conservatives need to wake up and realize a fight IS immanent. Civil War-2 is looming. Stock up on bullets and keep the guns oiled . . .

  3. If Trump endorses any type of restriction on the Second Amendment he will lose all of my support. It is that simple! The solution to these mass shootings is to return to the 1030’s and ‘4-‘s curriculum in primary and high schools, and to provide “shall issue” laws for every state.

    • There has to be some kind of restrictions. Just as you are a Dr you have certain dos and donts that you have to live by however on the flip side that doesnt prevent some from doing bad things. I think the restrictions need to be in place and just as anything else the good people will do good and the bad wont. What I believe is the answer is the consequences. Our consequences after a horrendous crime is sickening. The consequences are so weak that No one is scared enough to nor do stupid stuff.

  4. GUN CONTROL IS N-O-T THE ANSWER . . . “Nut Case” control is. The ONLY thing gun control does is disarm the populace leaving them at the mercy AND HELPLESS against the criminal element to do MUCH harm to them. This is the SAME tactic that Socialist/Communist countries use to GET (illegal) CONTROL of the citizenry. REMEMBER: criminals do NOT obey the laws (ANY of them!) – only the proper legal citizen does. And REMEMBER: The media “sensationalizes” what it wants to emphasize. Most murders are committed by other means (knifing, poisoning, etc.). And ALSO remember: The 2nd Amendment states that “this right will NOT be abridged”. . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • As I stated before I think it’s not gun control its gun restrictions things that will prevent people that dont need or should have guns have them. I dont own guns but I do support good people owning them. Just as anything bad people will beat the system so good people still need to protect themselves. What I think a solution may be are the consequences for these people. Our consequences for people who commit dangerous crimes is soooooo weak. Our consequences are so weak that people are not scared enough to not do stupid stuff. Lastly if you really think about it President Trump offered condolences and said let’s look at this, 2 Democrats chose to put blame rather than offer condolences. Go figure

    • We have too much gun control now and the only one affecter are the law abiding citizens. That find themselves breaking the law for stupid laws that are on the books that shouldn’t be there. All the while the criminal isn’t going to pay attention to any gun control anyway.

  5. More gun control laws will just leave more people defenseless. I believe this man responded to AOC’s call to riot. Just because he doesn’t follow her dogma, doesn’t make her any less responsible. In 1967 when riots occurred all over America, the rioting in Chicago was negligible. This was due to then mayor Richard J. Daley. He understood that although the Constitution allows for peaceful assembly, it does not allow rioting, and Daley issued orders to police that should rioting occur, SHOOT TO KILL! Who today has the nuts to issue such an order? The Squad is a seditious group and should be treated as the traitors they are. These elected officials that illegally assist people to enter the country illegally should be expelled and removed from the public payroll. Instead of concerning with background checks, what about checks on the purchasers mental health? People should exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, train and carry weapons to defend oneself and others. These shootings wouldn’t occur if they knew they would probably be stopped before they completed their action.

  6. Red Flag Laws are unconstitutional.
    If you think someone is a danger to others then pursue legal means to remove them from society.

    Gun laws do not stop violent crime. Period.
    In Australia they have about 175,000 violent crimes a year, all with strict gun laws in place.

    Don’t you think the 175,000 victims would rather have had the choice of being able to defend themselves?

    In a country of 300 million American’s, if the LEFT thinks it can legislate morality or sanity they are just deluding themselves.

  7. In the wake of yet more shootings, President Trump needs to be more pro-active in going after known groups who use intimidation against others. ANTIFA is one such group who appears at peaceful gatherings with masks, rocks, and bats to beat up those attending. ANTIFA most recently indicated they need to start bringing guns so they can do more damage. Please crack down on groups like this who’s sole purpose is to harm others. Allow bibles and prayer back into the schools. Get rid of common core and do not allow teachers to indoctrinate students against our government or our elected leaders. That’s not their job and it’s ruining our country.

  8. Anti-Hate laws and gun control will do nothing to stop this kind of madness. Take a look. Cui Bono? Can you imagine how minutes of air time and column inches of news print will be out there to sell thousands of products? Perhaps it is time we look at one of the biggest winners in all this, The Mass Media. They don’t respect the rule of law or rules of decorum. Neither do they respect the truth. Maybe instead of confiscating guns we should confiscate microphones and TV cameras from those too irresponsible to tell the truth. Perhaps all those who profit from lying to the public should be severely and publicly punished. I suspect that both the news media and dishonest politicians would both be a lot more careful about what they say if punishment was swiftly exacted on the liars.7Vu

    • Hillary Clinton herself once said that all rights are subject to “Reasonable Regulation”. Of course, she was talking about the Second Amendment, but if what she said is correct, then that same argument can be applied to “The Mass Media” as well (and their First Amendment rights to a “free press”). The leftist, anti-Trump cabal (which could just as easily be called the “Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy”) is sure-as-hell guilty of sedition and inciting rioting, and violence in general by their continual, drumming up of hatred for the duly-elected 45th President of the United States. They just can’t stand that Clinton lost her 2016 bid for the White House.

    • Forget gun control. What is needed is Media control. They are the ones spewing Nazi propaganda ( I am in my eighties and still remember that Hitler used Media, gun control and indoctrination of children to gain control of Germany.) And communist countries use strict gun control and do not respect personal freedom. Ask anyone who risked all to escape! Please, President Trump, don’t let them take our country! Reinstate the Muslim ban. They are tearing America the beautiful apart with hate.
      I love America and am heart sore seeing what they are doing to it . Make America Great Again!

  9. I don’t believe President Trumps rhetoric is to blame for these shootings. I think the news reporting and the Democratic party are to blame. President Trump was following the laws that Congress passed. The same as President Obama did. The only difference is the press thought President Obama was a hero. They portray President Trump as a villain. Same process different results because the press doesn’t like President Trump. If anyone is to be blamed for these shootings other than the persons that did it, it should be the press and the Democrats. When Antifa attacked reporters the press went silent.

  10. Well what some of the media is not saying is the shooting in Denton Ohio was a extreme leftist. This isn’t ok all round. America needs to come togeather and the Dems. Need to stop attacking our president and do there jobs. No socialism in America. 🇺🇸

    • You allow the socialist to run this country the first thing they are going to do is start coming for guns. The next thing that is going to happen many,many Americans will end up dead. It does not even matter if the guns were given up willingly. History tells you as soon as a Government disarms it’s citizens millions die. It has happened many different places all over the world. Not here yet because most Americans know this fact.The number of Americans that were never taught this in school is growing, Most people under 30 do not know or understand this fact!!!

  11. THERE ARE LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS to control these types of shooters. There simply is NO WILL to do so. Crazy people are wandering our streets and sleeping in doorways! They sit in their mother’s basements playing ‘shoot-em-up’ video games 24/7. Boys are taught to hate being a man in today’s schools.
    These recent shooters have all been demented Demonrat supporters, but the leftist media is suppressing that, and desperately trying to turn it on Trump.
    We don’t need to listen to the demonrats who ultimately want to control the masses, and totally eliminate guns completely.
    EVERY demonrat politician has the “VISION” of themselves as KING, an elite who presides over the masses. They are the parent. They are all demented enough to think their way is the only way to do anything.
    I can’t think there is ANYTHING the President can do, except maybe to force local jurisdictions to enforce Federal Law, by Executive Order, or curtail/cut Federal funding for pet projects until they comply . . . (Like he ‘back-doored’ California).
    Stock up and oil up . . .

  12. Democrats are responsible for these mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Alexandria Occasional Cortex’s border relatated rhetoric has fueled the actions of these nut cases.
    Muslims, CAIR/Hamas, are playing the Lefties (Democrat socialist traitors all) for the fools that they are.

  13. The commies don’t care about morality or sanity…they want to take all our guns so they can institute full blown communism in this country. And they can’t do that as long as 100 million gun owners still have half a billion guns and trillions of rounds of ammo.

  14. Time to put a stop to the real criminals, Democrats and socialists! These anti-Americans will stop at nothing to take away our freedoms. Keep your guns to protect yourself from these idiots, there will be a time when it happens, maybe sooner than we think!

  15. When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Support gun control. Make the streets safe for a government takeover.

  16. Most gun control laws on the books are not enforced. Straw buyers in Chicago routinely get the charges plea bargained down to lesser charges. Mentally ill people and criminals get guns easily. WE DO NOT NEED NEW GUN CONTROL. We need current laws to be enforced. No criminal or mental patient should have guns, everybody pretty much agrees on that, but, the problem is that the left prefers the issue to any realistic solution.

  17. Anyone who would turn on our President just because he suggested some gun restrictions, is a MORON. Donald Trump has done so much for our great country, we have to insure that he’s re-elected so he can complete his agenda. That agenda includes making America a safer place for everyone, except illegals. A vote for ANYONE other than Donald Trump, is a vote for COMMUNISM, The liberals will somehow legalize murder of children up to a year old. We will lose our healthcare system, and healthcare will be so expensive, no one will be able to afford it.


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