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Treasonous FBI aided criminal Hillary Clinton in destroying evidence, wiping hard drives to avoid prosecution


(Natural News) Fair-minded Americans know that President Obama and the deep statecharacters working for him in the Justice Department, the FBI, and the U.S. intelligence community all wanted Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton to win in 2016.

So much so, they worked to ensure that she remained free and unindicted so she could run. 

When she lost, of course, “Spygate” became Plan B and the rest is history.

But thanks to continued digging by real journalists and legal watchdog organizations such as Judicial Watch, we’re still learning just how committed the criminal Obama regime wasto ensuring that Clinton was not charged with enough violations of the Espionage Act to put her behind bars for the rest of her life.

According to a breaking news report by FrontPage Magazine on Friday, the Obama FBI and Justice Department worked with Clinton to destroy evidence that was pertinent to the bureau’s investigation into criminal mishandling of classified emails: 

In breaking news, the American Center for Law and Justice or ACLJ (Jay Sekulow’s organization, not related to his role as the President’s attorney), has obtained actual copies of the immunity agreements pertaining to Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson in the Hillary email scandal. This was a stunning litigation win, hard-fought after years of litigation by the ACLJ attorneys, who were unable to extract the documents through the normal FOIA processes, due to a lack of cooperation by the government.  

Mills, you may recall, was chief of staff for Clinton while she served as Obama’s secretary of state. In a bizarre, wholly unorthodox situation, Mills later served as one of Clinton’s lawyers and ‘represented her’ during the email scandal.

As for Samuelson, she worked on Clinton’s 2008 failed presidential bid before becoming a senior adviser to Clinton when Obama picked her to run the State Department, as well as serve as a liaison to the Obama White House. She also got to pretend to be one of Clinton’s attorneys for the email scandal. (Related: Now we know: Obama DID sign off on Spygate.)

According to FrontPage Magazine, “the immunity agreements issued by the government were crafted so that the agencies could extract information from the parties, despite the fact that this is not necessary because DOJ has the power to require that the information be turned over.”

The Obama regime was the most corrupt in U.S. history, hands down

In violation of criminal statutes, Clinton both kept and trafficked in classified information on her private email server. According to the immunity agreements, Mills and Samuelson were actually involved in covering up the existence of the emails while destroying other evidence.

Both agreements with Samuelson and Mills were issued by the Justice Department and the FBI. While they claimed that the two individuals were to turn over computers to investigators, they didn’t have to actually turn over “custody and control” of the computers.

That’s a crucial point to note because Freedom of Information Act statutes apply to federal agencies who have “custody and control” of requested information; if it is not actually in the agency’s custody, then, of course, it can’t be requested via the FOIA.

Also, the immunity agreements, the ACLJ found, were extremely broad. There were several charges that Mills and Samuelson were given immunity from that included violations of the Classified Information Act, the Espionage Act, and the Federal Records Act (keep in mind that laws are only good if they are enforced).

“If Mills and Samuelson were charged and convicted of every crime from which they received immunity,” FrontPage Magazine reported, “they would be potentially subject to twenty-eight year in jail each.”

By the time the FBI actually got Mills’ and Samuelson’s computers, per the immunity agreements, all of the things they had done to hide, obfuscate, and destroy evidence of Clinton’s wrongdoings was ‘excused’ by the immunity agreements. That means James Comey’s FBI actively worked to cover up Clinton’s crimes so she could continue to run against Trump.

Barack Obama will go down in legitimate history books as one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of our country.

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  1. So, this means what? No justice? No righteous retribution against these seditious grifters? Is that the punchline of this article? I’m *not* happy. I am *very much* _not_ happy.

    • So the FBI and CIA Hillary Obama’s clapper Comey Brennan struck page Nadler , demoncratic party are the “Russian’s who are manipulated our voting system. And the demoncrates say it’s Trump’s fault for the shootings just like it’s demoncrates fault for Hillary losing the presidential election. And Space bullshit and Omar’s hate to Americans. O ya it was ! The illegal migration yep theirs too ,

  2. None of these Obama DOJ and FBI immunity agreements will pass the smell test and statute of limitations laws are open to wide interpetation. I want these investigations to continue and the findings publicized, these people did it out of conviction to a corrupt anti-democratic mindset. They did not trust the American people to make the correct choice in the voting booth.

  3. Correction. The Obama Administration was the 2nd most corrupt in American history. The Abraham Lincoln administration was the most corrupt. He incarcerated about 200,00 northern citizens without warrant and trial. 38,000 for the duration of the war. He had federal troops burn and shut down 250 to 300 northern newspapers. He was a Socialist and Atheist who violated every word in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. But Yankee lies and propaganda have indoctrinated a majority of Americans to believe he was “Mr. Wonderful”.

  4. I knew when the guy was first elected, that there was evilness in the air that permeated the country, much worse than when the Clintons were president. I always got the impression Hitlery was President, Bill was Vice-President, and Gore was just a General.
    The demonrats were emboldened when “the first black man” took office. Now look at them. There is no shame or reverence in any of them today. Evil got its foot in the doorway.
    Every time he opened his mouth, soot from hell spewed forth. Today, his wife is continuing his mantel; working the talk shows, slyly insinuating her disagreement or disapproval of our President . . . Their followers are praying she lied when she said she would “never run for political office”. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time a demonrat lied . . . I suspect Micelle IS arrogant enough to challenge Trump in 2020.
    Obama is a patron saint to the grievance-generation (Generation-G). They wanted Hitlery to be president; so her father, Satan, could dominate the land. It’s not surprising that she has acolytes deeply-rooted in high places in our government.
    There’s no way to ever convince me that Obama did not know what was going on. He is such a narcissist, of course he probably signed off on everything, and sat in on the discussions. He probably made many suggestions too.
    Demonrat pedo-perverts want sex in the streets with minors, abolish traditional and Biblical concepts, open the borders, rewrite the Constitution, kill capitalism, secularize and socialize everything, AND enslave former conservatives to pay for it all. They believe guns are autonomous living beings, but babies aren’t.
    I am so grateful for Judicial Watch, and encourage all to support the organization. Just a couple bucks can go a LONG way when there are millions of supporters.
    It matters not what came before us. Obama WAS and forever will be, the most corrupt and evil President the United States ever had. History will also show the Clintons got away with it . . .

    • I agree 100%. Regarding whether Obama knew what was going on, we do have that text between Page and Strzok that said “POTUS wants to know everything.”

  5. If someone has committed a crime, why haven’t they been arrested and formally charged? What are they waiting for Christmas? A Golden Invitation?
    If a common citizen commits a crime, and is found out or accused, they are arrested, charged, taken before a judge, arraigned, taken to jail until their bail can be met, then they wait for their court date, appear for court, their case is heard or they appear before the Grand Jury and the Grand Jury decides to Indict or give a No True Bill, If an indictment is passed down, then the trial by a jury of their peers is commenced until a verdict is decided by that jury.

    • The reason these people have not been arrested and charged is because they are Democrats. The Media has been complicit in covering their tracks so their many crimes have not come to light. Maybe Barr is working on the situation but I don’t expect to see Hillary, Bill, Obama, Comey, McCabe, Stroek, Page, Brennan, Clapper etc. etc. in prison during my lifetime. I have never seen as much corruption in government as during the Obama and Clinton years. We have to stop it or our country will no longer be a representative republic.

  6. AG Barr, when you come down with “mass indictments later this year , you have to charge President Obama with having to break our laws to cover up all of the criminal Democrat Party Mob scandals to cover up Hillary Clinton and her many crimes for the 2016 election!! He knew and supervised it not only to save her but to save his own ass as well and it is about time to admit in public!!! If we did not know, he was the “dumbest, stupid and incompetent President in American history”!!! The truth will us all free as American voters, AG Barr!!!!

  7. Please keep in mind that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were politicians from Chicago, IL. When it comes to corruption, Chicago has been a bastion of Democratic Party power for longer than I have been alive. They learned their trade here. And they are very good at it. We still have the most corrupt people running the city and our state. If you think about it, we at least put most of our governors into prison after they have served their terms of office, Rod Blagojevic is only one example. The Chicago machine is a political entity that steamrollers what the people of Chicago actually want. It needs to be demolished, but it won’t be. There are too many politicians that benefit from it.

  8. Every last one of the FBI who participated in this whether or not by choice or by order needs a to go to jail. Everyone knows right from wrong and no one is above the law as Pelosi and Shumer have said numerous times.

  9. I pray that all this corruption, fraud and these people are brought to justice before President Trump and Barr leaves office. The Clintons are power hungry and will do ANYTHING to maintain that status, the Obamas are just HELL BENT on destroying this country and very hateful of the people who disagree with their ideology. They have managed to turn the Democratic party so far to the left and spread so much hatred that it will take several terms of President Trump to keep this country as we use to know if. EVERYTHING these Demrats/Liberals are accusing President Trump of are the things they have done and continue to do.

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