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“Never Say Never”: Avenatti Reconsiders Run For 2020 Democratic Nomination


Michael Avenatti might be facing a lengthy prison sentence if he’s ultimately convicted of trying to extort millions of dollars, but that apparently isn’t stopping him from throwing his hat into the ring for the 2020 nomination.

CNBC reports that Avenatti is considering a run for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president after he declared last year that he wouldn’t be running following a string of scandals.

Avenatti, who infamously represented porn star Stormy Daniels in her case against President Trump and his former fixer Michael Cohen, is already raising money for his campaign.

Before suspending his campaign, Avenatti was raising money through his own political action committee, The Fight PAC. Data collected by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics shows that the committee spent $25,000 on Break Something LLC, a major Democratic consulting firm.

The PAC spent $13,000 on plane flights and more than $5,000 on hotels. The PAC is still active, and has raised over $20,000 so far this cycle, according to its latest FEC filing. It currently has $3,540 on hand.

After watching the first two Democratic debates, Avenatti said he doesn’t think the Democrats have the fighter that can take on Trump during the general election.

“Never say never,” Avenatti said when asked about his plans for the race. “The Dems need a non-traditional fighter. They have a lot of talent but not a lot of fighters.”

He later noted that the odds of him getting into the race are at 50/50 and he could make his decision in a few months.

“I don’t think I need to make a final decision for a number of months. I have the name ID and everyone knows I’m one of the few effective fighters that the Dems have,” he said.

Avenatti released a statement on his twitter feed.


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  1. He is a fine example of Leftist lunacy; as represented by 95% of all Demonrats. Ardent arrogance should be recognized as one of the first signs that someone is crazy . . .

  2. Avenatti may say “Never say never” because it is apparent that he wears the cloak of a con-man lawyer and serial liar while acting the part of a fine, upstanding citizen. It is doubtful that he has ever seen anytime in his law career when he placed a client’s welfare ahead of his own.
    Among persons required to practice “Fiduciary Responsibility” in their various professional practices, are Attorneys at Law, of which he represents himself as one.

  3. An unknown, a con man, and an ego that just pulls him further down. Where do these barely reconizable nutjobs get the idea to run for the highest office in the land? Half of the demos on stage are only known by the persons in their own area. Then their ego kicks in and think they can run on a big stage. Go crawl by under the porch, the big dogs have the stage , even though THEY ALL ARE WORTHLESS AS A FUTURE PRESIDENT. TRUMP 2020

  4. Avenatti would be a perfect candidate for the Democrats to run for president. First of all, he’s Democrat through and through: he’s crooked, he’s a damned liar, he’s just about as evil as it’s possible to make a human, He’s masterful in going on TV and making up stories Democrats want to hear and he’s screwed every individual he has been close to. Those are general qualities we look for in a common Democrat, but Avenatti has specialties that the average Democrat takes years to learn: for instance, he has proven himself in the game the Democrats always play when “racist” doesn’t work and that is digging up some whore to accuse your opposition of sexual abuse. He is unmatched in his ability to screw up things he touches and then finding someone else to blame for his screw up. I won’t vote for him, but the nitwits who call themselves Democrats certainly would.

  5. So wow, this loser has pushed himself back in the limelight again? I’ll give him this much; he knows how to pick a flattering suit to wear.

  6. Man – These Morons NEVER learn…..
    The founding fathers SAW this coming and were right to create the 2nd amendment.
    Mueller was set-up but ALLOWED himself to be set-up…weissman ran the show the ENTIRE time…..
    It IS a hit list – all dictators have them and pursue them….Hitler and his nazi’s were pioneers when it came to tagging people with the star of david on their clothes – businesses and homes…..They all ended up with tattoos and I guess they’ll tattoo everyone later….
    Texas will flip to the dems who are pouring millions into the state to get control of all that oil and money…..after that the jobs will go – people will NEED the reparations – hand-outs and welfare…
    Castro violated the civil rights of everyone in San Antonio when he doxed them on twitter and notice IT wasn’t removed by tweeter….Both MUST be held accountable under the “No One is Above the Law”. BS spoken by every dem out there….
    Any harm that comes to these people and businesses WILL be charged against this POS
    as an accessory (remember the term) and everything he and they OWN will be attached as compensation…..


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