Home Politics Secret McCabe Texts With MI-5 Counterpart Emerge, Spotlighting UK’s Early Role In ‘Russiagate’

Secret McCabe Texts With MI-5 Counterpart Emerge, Spotlighting UK’s Early Role In ‘Russiagate’


Newly surfaced text messages between Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and his counterpart at MI-5, the UK’s domestic security service, have cast new light on Britain’s role in the FBI’s 2016 ‘Russiagate’ investigation, according to The Guardian.

Two of the most senior intelligence officials in the US and UK privately shared concerns aboutour strange situation” as the FBI launched its 2016 investigation into whether Donald Trump’s campaign was colluding with Russia, the Guardian has learned.

Text messages between Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI at the time, and Jeremy Fleming, his then counterpart at MI5, now the head of GCHQ, also reveal their mutual surprise at the result of the EU referendum, which some US officials regarded as a “wake-up call”, according to a person familiar with the matter. –The Guardian

McCabe and Flemming’s texts were “infrequent and cryptic,” but “occurred with some regularity” after the June 2016 Brexit referendum.

In his text message about the August 2016 meeting, Fleming appeared to be making a reference to Peter Strzok, a senior FBI official who travelled to London that month to meet the Australian diplomat Alexander Downer. Downer had agreed to speak with the FBI about a Trump campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, who had told him that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee in the race. –The Guardian

In 2017, The Guardian reported that Britain’s spy agencies had played a key role in alerting their American counterparts of communications between members of the Trump campaign and “suspected Russian agents,” which was passed along to the US in what was characterized as a “routine exchange of information.”

UK begged Trump not to declassify

In May, President Trump issued a sweeping declassification order on materials related to the DOJ/FBI Russia investigation – leaving it in the hands of Attorney General William Barr to determine exactly what happened to Trump and his campaign before and after the 2016 US election.

“For over a year, people have asked me to declassify. What I’ve done is declassified everything,” said Trump, adding “He can look and I hope he looks at the UK and I hope he looks at Australia and I hope he looks at Ukraine.”

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      • What treason has Trump committed? Just like a hater you trot out your accusation with no proof yet refuse to accept the ACTUAL PROOF that Trump was not in bed with Russia. There were some who were in bed with them and it was the democrats.

        • Trump was NOT “in bed” with the Russians. From the closing of WWII it has always been that the Communists (from the USSR) that were always assisting their brothers “in the cause” the Democrats on every National election. Did the Communists, back then, interfere – YES THEY DID. Did the DNC and Democrats complain – NO THEY DID NOT. Almost every registered Democratic Politician is a CARD carrying member of either the Democratic Socialist of America or the American Communist Party. LOOK it up.

          So two issues remain

          Spare me your “act” on righteous indignation about your patriotism, all of your Democratic politicians are in it only to amass power and wealth.
          And Spare me the media’s righteous indignation about reporting the truth. They haven’t reported the “truth” since Clinton got elected back in 92.
          They knew about all of the women he abused, they knew and did NOT report. Information leaked out and they covered the best they could. Now NO one trusts any of the journalist or Anchors of any major News outlet. It’s fitting.

      • Are you still mad that your hero Hillary lost the election?! You need to get over it and get a life. Hillary is a criminal~~ a murderer, a thief, a corrupt politician, and a traitor to the country that made her the First Lady. She needs to be at the very least locked up for life, or hung.

      • Criminal Trump is Putins’ ORANGE MUSHROOM CLOUD dropped on the US. It will take 20/30 yrs to repair the damage done by Trump.

        • Show your proof. Meuller and his pack of rabid, Trump hating wolves turned over every stone and came up EMPTY! Still, the deranged left won’t let go of this. That’s why you are going to get four more years of President Trump in 2020!

        • Who are you deranged people? The mere fact of your existence is frightening. The truth of the COLLUSION between the Obama administration (including the State Department, FBI, CIA and NSA), Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Fusion GPS and various, nefarious foreign actors will most likely fully come to light just prior to the 2020 elections as “The Mother” of all October Surprises. Enjoy!

  1. Anybody involved should be charged with Treason. They all had one goal in mind and we know what that was/is!! And it is known who started it and who is on the list. Get the prosecutions going.

      • I have been waiting a long time and I hope there is some action on all this diabolical scheme to oust Trump as President. Talk about a “deep state”; it operated against him from the day he announced he would run and it hasn’t stopped yet.

      • d. stands for dumbo……You are either so stupid and do not know the law, or your are mentally sick and cannot rise from your insanity of hatred towards our President.

      • Mr. D. Richard Tonge – Unlike yourself and some of the other people I don’t call people names or insult them when they disagree with me but I would like you to think about this statement and its true meaning. A famous man once said ” He of a changed mind, is of the same opinion still”. This sir is you in a nutshell. Certainly nothing to boast about. Give it some thought!

      • You are such a hoot. No “possible treasonous act by the President” has ever been shown to be even a possibility,” when the certainty of that has been shown by numerous of your Democrats/CPUSA.

  2. Leave it up to the playbook of demo rats u just want to spy on all Americans. Can u believe this scum. It’s only right when brennan Clapper Yates and the embasted for the UNdo it. Hey and there’s probable evidence of this not some old yuppie from Oregons word.

  3. Time to release all the corruption that the leftists did before the election during the election and after the election as well as the countries that supported Obama in his effort upend the election

  4. This will all be exposed. It just takes forever. The major players that still have their positions of power, are still using their influence to slow everything down, or keep things hidden until they retire, or die; so they won’t have to answer for their crimes.
    I hope I live long enough to see that smug bastard Brennan hang. Every time I see that creep on TV, he has a black aura around him. You can plainly see the devil in his eyes.
    Just look at what FBI Dir Wray has done (or not done) since he was appointed to replace the 2 criminals Trump got rid of? He sealed the evidence surrounding the Cater Page ‘investigation’ to protect his buddy Comey. The SOB is actually suing the Fed to keep the FBI F.I.S.A. files locked up. And, they are easily found all over the INTERNET!!! He just wants to save the FBI from embarrassment.
    The ‘Deep State’ does exist, no matter what the Demonrats & RINOs try to tell you.

  5. Every one is right. These Treasonous pieces of crap and we still have the Democrats STILL trying to take down OUR PRESIDENT. Enough is enough. If nobody is indicted and goes to prison over this, then we have the Crookedest Justice system for allowing these Criminals and traitors to continue walking around, making money, writing books, getting retirements and continuing to undermine our Country.

      • Actually, the Mueller investigation was a DELAY tactic to ensure that enough time RUNS OUT before the conservatives and Republicans can get a Meaningful investigation started into what Really went down. Both Bill and Hill and their jolly band of Traitors and criminals will sit back and enjoy watching people Like Wray and others confound, delay and obstruct the TRUE efforts to find the truth. If the real investigation starts making headway, these rats will just move to a country with NO extradition rights by the US. Most of them do NOT seem to concerned – but that has been the BACK-UP plan if the primary Plan failed (which it did).

        There is even now an investigation started into where all of the Obama money went that Rep Cummings got to “clean up his district” (about 1.5 Billion). See what the Dems continue to do, they will sacrifice a low level rep and tie up Federal resources so the DOJ doesn’t have enough assets to investigate all of the Skullduggery the Dems are into – Wait for it – the next investigations will be either in LA or SF.

  6. Time to start the ball rolling on prosecuting these guys, they were so arrogant that they thought Hillary would win, she would sweep all this under the rug causing them to be complacent therefore making mistakes. Well that didn’t happen so now there are an bunch of folks deserving terms of 25 to Life with no parole option until a minimum of 25 years is spent behind bars.

    • The Democraps along with Hillary should be brought up on treason charges. Looks like James Comey is going to face espionage charges.
      When people are held accountable for their actions. Then this BS in DC is going to stop! Right now nobody’s been prosecuted for the crimes they’ve committed. Once the axe begins to fall, people are going to run to cut deals with federal prosecutors. First ones to cut a deal will get the best deals.
      Epstein should just spill his guts to the prosecutor, just so the power hungry Democrats don’t put a hit on him. Buy more popcorn because the show is just getting started.

  7. More than a big baby and like them all —— a LYING POS….. Hmmmm – the INA through 96 ACT has set the president for millions of cases which activist judges and lawyers have NO INTENT to abide by and attempt to make law from the bench at every turn.. Asylees MUST BY LAW apply for asylum at contiguous democracies and countries they transit though. NO WHERE does it spell out that they can apply for most reasons and economic circumstances that they have…. Well – it was dems claiming that “No one is above the law” – NOW that it’s coming back to bite them in the a**——- THEY DON’T LIKE IT…… Is this the same cummings and wife – under investigation for charities fraud…..people and orgs donated to in order to receive FAVORS……. Mueller was set-up and used by them – but it’s his own mistake to allow himself to be used….. If the doj under barr fails to prosecute this gang of traitors then it’ll be up to Americans to do….. Thanks for copying the report and ya still fail like the hit-team put together by weissman…..mueller didn’t write the report – weissman and the hit-team did…. . Hmmmm – How come I share the same feelings as a lot of those people at the rally…… Could it be that the dems have VIOLATED their oath of office…. FAILED to represent the people of their districts….. CRY – racism at every turn…. VIOLATE every law on the books…. PLANNED and Implemented a COUP against a duly elected president….. SUPPORT attacks on LEO’s – CBP and BP officers

  8. It is so obvious that the democrats were the ones who were in charge when all this was going on and that they knew all about it at the time. The culpability lies with them on all of this. Why wasn’t something done to prevent any of this prior to the election?

  9. I am Pro Trump 110%. I have watched MSNBC every day since Trump announced with a 110% Anti Trump. No matter what anyone says I know that MSNBC is a Enemy of this world. My frienemy I watch this with and argue with is always wrong to the point of just the opposite is true of his opinion. Once I improve my lot I will be done with Trump bashers and regret I didn’t do more to help our elected President.


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