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Highlights from Second Round of Democrat Clown World Showdown


Check out up-to-date highlights from Tuesday’s Democrat debates here. Refresh this page for the latest updates.

CNN’s UFC-style debate trailer:

Dems awkward as debate begins with Star Spangled Banner:

No dems say the pledge:

DNC Chair Tom Perez warns of universal warming:


Perez joke falls flat:


veryone’s opening statement – sped up 150%:

Bernie’s full opening statement:

Elizabeth Warren deflects question about increasing taxes:

Warren says she would decriminalize border crossings:

John Delaney says he’s the only one with health care industry experience:

Fly on Buttigieg’s face?


He later swats at the fly…

Delaney calls out Bernie and Pocahontas:

Warren kills Delaney’s campaign:

Trump 2020 campaign manager boils down first hour of debate:

No more private insurance. Big government socialism. Open borders.

Pete Buttigieg destroys “far-left agenda”:


Buttigieg dodges tax hike question:


Bernie throws his hands up:


Bernie throws his hands up [with context]”

Sanders: “I wrote the damn bill.”


Sanders to Delaney: “You’re wrong.”


Montana Gov. Steve Bullock rejects medicaid-for-all:


Bullock: Trump is the biggest problem


Tim Ryan has rare glimpse of sanity on Democrats’ far-left immigration stance:


Beto agrees with AOC’s global warming doomsday scenario:


Marianne Williamson claims Trump emboldening “dark psychic force” in America, receives huge applause:


Impartial journalist Don Lemon asks why supporters ignore Trump’s bigotry:


Amy Klobuchar admits not all Trump supporters “racist”:


Williamson: NRA has America in “chokehold”


Tim Ryan says President Trump right on China:


Bernie: ‘Trump is a liar, I am not’ – oh, by the way there are more terrorists now than ever before:


Bernie Sanders doesn’t have to yell:

Williamson backs up $200-$500 billion in slavery reparations:


Sanders: “If a mother & a child walk thousands of miles on a dangerous path, in my view they are not criminals.”


Klobuchar: ‘I believe immigrants… are America’


Beto – America’s ‘legacy of slavery and segregation … is alive and well’:


Buttigieg wants to change the Constitution:


Delaney: “Donald Trump is the symptom of a disease…”


37-year-old Buttigieg vs. 76-year-old Sanders


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  1. “Clown Show” is almost trite in its common truthfulness. BTW “I just ate your cousin” and every second of commercial before and after was just as painful.

  2. Anyone listening to these disgusting lowlife subhuman stains on America need a one way ticket to Russia. What a disgusting display of hate and lies. So unamerican. Our to destroy America, the middle class and poor. All should be arrested for crimes against humanity and America. The uneducated fools who voted for these idiots should be ashamed to call themselves Americans.

  3. Delaney seemed to be the only Rational Human Being on stage, but that will disqualify him in the Demented-Dem Primary as no one with Common Sense has a chance against all the Wacko’s.

  4. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are very angry, who the hell are they screaming at us the citizens. If being a socialist makes you need anger management why would we want that. Beto and Warren hate all white men and i have nothing against gay or lesbian people but mayor Pete needs to clean his own biblical house before he goes on lecturing us about what the bible says about christian values. Then the guru doing the chants will chant our problems away. the only guy that made sense was Delaney so i guess he will be the next racist for not wanting to give free health care and no punishment to enter the country illegally. These people need to start thinking about how it will be possible to honor open borders where anyone from anywhere can walk in with free everything for everyone , no air or car travel, and sanctuary cities to protect criminals and allowing the citizens of our country to play the race card against anyone that does not agree with them. They say they will tax the rich to pay for all of this but the way it will destroy the economy there will be no rich or middle class to do the paying so on the day they take office these fools will be stuttering and yelling even more than they do now.

  5. As I look at the Democratic 2020 candidates one thought comes to mind: The “Cantina” scene from the original Star Wars movie. In fact the only things missing are the “Wookie” and the “3 boobed Alien”.

  6. Butt Geek, Slanders, and Arrest Warrent, are all Socialists (or worse). Ryan and Delaney are Centrists, which is not evil enough for the left today. They won’t go anywhere. The others are just totally ignorant sheeple. None of those can beat Trump. I’m happy with the lineup!

  7. Oh, and Beto, the non Hispanic, Hispanic. I’m sure he will tell the truth about everything. NOT!!! Pile him up with the rest of the manure.

  8. Oh, wow, where do I start? You’ve got the grumpy old man, Sanders. Then you have the dumb ass old bitch, Warren. Now you even have the unpatriotic SOB, Ryan. What a collection if misfits. And this is the best that the Democratic party can do? Sorry, but Buttifuck ain’t gonna win shit. He’s just a little boy wanting to play president.

  9. Plain to see that all of these Dem nominees have shit for brains. Bunch of dumb ass motherfuckers. And why did CNN let that pathetic little nigger Lemon ask questions. What a disaster that fucking creep was.

  10. While we’re at it, Mayor, we also need to get the money out of GOVERNMENT. Actually abide by Article 1 Section 8 and the 10th Amendment.

    THE COMMUNIST-DEMOCRATS WANT TO DO WHAT? (Reduce HC cost and let us keep our Doctors! Put EVERYONE under a govenment CONTROLLED and OPERATED HC Plan that will increase the national debt and HC functionality to make USA like a 3rd world country!? ISN’T THAT WHAT Imon, Huseine, Barrack, Barry Obama tried to do?
    Look at STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM, Social Security, US Post Office and all the rest!

    • The part y’all did not mention yet, but just to refresh your collective memories. The first thing Congress did with the ACA (Obamacare) was EXEMPT themselves from its provisions. Let’s hang that dead albatross around their scrawny pencil necks.


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