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CNN Boss Once Campaigned for Kamala Harris

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., questions Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump's pick to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Haspel, a 61-year-old career undercover spy, is a 33-year veteran at the agency in foreign and domestic assignments, and if confirmed, would be the CIA's first female director. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker once praised White House hopeful Kamala Harris during a 2009 breakfast held at NBC’s Rockefeller Plaza, according to a report by India Abroad, a media outlet that has covered Harris’ political rise because of her Indian heritage.

    McClatchy unearthed the report.

    CNN will host the second 2020 Democratic presidential debate this week.

    Zucker in 2009 was the CEO of NBC Universal when he attended the breakfast with Harris.

    “Kamala is not just important for the city of San Francisco, the state of California, but for the entire country,” Zucker told attendees at the posh breakfast, according to McClatchy.

    CNN spokesperson Allison Gollust told McClatchy that Zucker hosted Harris when she was the district attorney of San Francisco.

    “He was then CEO of NBC Universal, and was introducing the D.A. to some of his colleagues in an informal setting,” she added. “He has seen her a handful of times in the last 10 years, all in his capacity as a journalist. His relationship with the senator is no different than any other national politician, and he has never endorsed her, or anyone, in any capacity.”

    McClatchy noted Zucker reportedly also called Harris “unbelievably special” and “incredibly exciting.

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    1. Kkkamala”s ancestors in Jamaica were very big slave holders & traders. They were big in Irish slavery. Slavery continues today under cover of Leftist control of ‘media’ & ‘education.’
      Anything by David Horowitz, such as BIG AGENDA: President Trump’s Plan to Save America.
      Jamie Glazov: JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: Howith He Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us.

      • Kamala La La Harris is against the rich, but Zuckerburg is a billion dollar Jew, does that make sense when it comes to supporting her, she is a confused individual.

    2. …..I have not heard one word or statement come from HARRIS that made her appear to give a shit about AMERICA………………it is ALL ABOUT HER just like it was with the CLINTON DYKE………….HARRIS would not give a shit about AMERICA……….if you think otherwise look at her fucking track record…………nothing to show for her years of public service other than greasing her palms for more money and bigger prizes…….any recommendation from the likes of ZUCKER should say it all……………she is a damn loser and supported by even bigger losers than herself………………..

    3. Harris may very well not be Constitutionally eligible to be president or vice president due to parentage and birth questions, in fact she may be a 14th amendment anchor baby, like Marco Rubio, and not a natural born citizen.

    4. She probably screwed Jeff Zucker just like she has screwed everyone else to get her self elected as a US Congresswoman…She kissed (screwed) a lot of frogs before she got to the top of the political rung where the handsome Prince (Elijah Cummings) awaited her.

    5. So zucker was tapping it too,I wonder if he and willie brown are comparing strokes/notes,Jeff told willie it was good ,once he got past the used part

    6. I thought Kamala Harris claims to be Black AMERICAN, now Zucker says she is Indian. Don’t think she can claim to be both. Plus, her birth records should be searched. If she was not born in the USA but was born in Jamaica, she should not be running for president.

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