Home Commentary Dems Turning Trump Into ‘Folk Hero’ By Failing To Impeach: NYT Columnist

Dems Turning Trump Into ‘Folk Hero’ By Failing To Impeach: NYT Columnist


According to New York Times columnist Charles Blow, the Democrats’ failure to impeach President Trump is turning him into a “folk hero.”

“Dem leadership says not moving to impeach Trump skirts the problem of revving up his base,” tweeted Blow on Wednesday night.

“Fatal flaw in this logic: “Getting away with it,” evading capture, actually adds to the legend of folk heroes. (Trump has become one.)”

NOT impeaching him is actually what’s energizing!

Blow was more than a bit triggered by yesterday’s performance by Robert Mueller and Congressional Democrats, tweeting “I’m soooooo frustrated and disappointed” that “Dems are basically reading Mueller quotes from his report” (which he was totally unfamiliar with).

Of course, the ‘fatal flaw’ in Blow’s logic – i.e. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stance, is that if House Democrats move to impeach Trump for attempting to obstruct an investigation into a crime he didn’t commit – using all the ‘smoking guns’ and ‘gotchas’ contained in the Mueller report – it’ll backfire more than a 1965 Karmann Ghia right into the 2020 US election after the Senate shuts the whole thing down.

On Wednesday afternoon, Trump tweeted his assessment of the Mueller testimony – calling it a “devastating day” for Democrats, who are “a mess” (h/t Tony Lee, Breitbart).

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  1. “You already knew he was a criminal” – “Worse than ignorance is the illusion of knowledge” – Daniel J. Boorstin, librarian of Congress from 1975 to 1987. The Democrats have entrapped themselves in a search for something their over thirty million dollar two year intensive investigation did not find. They are like the delusional “lottery winner” who gives up his life searching for the winning ticket he never bought. For the 2020 campaign, for what beneficial Congressional legislation will the Democrats ennoble themselves? Will they clothe themselves in the glory of their obstruction?

  2. Trump was a folk hero BEFORE he ran for office.
    The demonrats’ inability to understand truth, or distinguish fantasy from reality was WHAT went wrong with that ‘hearing’. Just like this Charles Blowhard, the demonrats BELIEVE if they just keep saying it, repeating their lies, eventually their stupid base will accept it as truth.
    The only person who learned something new about the ‘Mueller Report’ was Robert Mueller.
    Trump said it best, they have less than nothing.

  3. Robert “Robery” all along the investigation is baise and ignorant of his job. His team of lawyers are anti-trump and baise. Muller claim he didn’t know anything about GPS DOZIER Demoncrats paid for that triggered the Russia investigation is unacceptable. #INVESTIGATEMULLER for pergery. SHAME ON DEMONCRATS.

  4. Since the 2016 Election of Donald Trump, the Greatest President since Reagan, The Democrats have solidified their reputation as intolerant, racist, anti-American, Christian hating, Baby murdering, socialists that they have always been! Truth always comes out when pressure is applied. Their torture is their hate of truth. Truth always wins! Democrats are void of any truth!

  5. The “swamp” continues to show its bipartisan incompetence. WE have compromised the futures of subsequent generations by continuing to elect and appoint selfish traitors. Waste and irresponsibility have compromised a careless and distracted electorate. President Trump, stop this catastrophic spending leading us to destruction!

  6. America has always been great, just tarnished by previous administration. , Fun to see Nancy threw the towel on the Radical Squad, she sure was scared of them.

  7. Charley M.Blow?!? What a great name for a liberal talking head that has no idea what he’s talking about,where did he get his journalism degree from? Did he even go to school ever?

  8. The criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership is creating a new political manual for the 2020 election with the title. “How TO Lose Your Base Voters In 10 Easy Lessons?”, with Chuck Schume, Nancy Pelosi, and the House Squad 4 the authors!!!They are experts at doing this class action!!!!

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