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Trump-Supporting Michigan Beauty Queen Stripped of Title for ‘Offensive’ Tweets

Contestants perform during the finale of the Miss World Pageant 2018 in Sanya city, south China's Hainan province, 8 December 2018. Vanessa Ponce de Leon made history on Saturday (8 December 2018) to be the first Miss Mexico to be crowned the Miss World. The 26-year-old winner defeated 117 other contestants, including first runner-up Miss Thailand Nicolene Limsnukan and second runner-up Miss Uganda Quiin Abenakyo, in Sanya, south China's Hainan province. (Imaginechina via AP Images)

Just one day after being crowned Miss Michigan, conservative university student Kathy Zhu was stripped of her title over racially and religiously charged tweets, The New York Times reported.

“I will not be taking any legal action against the organization, I think they have suffered enough negative publicity – especially because they wanted to decrown me due to not wanting bad publicity in the first place,” she tweeted Friday. “When they go low, we go high.”

Miss World America had removed Zhu from Miss World 2019 contention over tweets with reportedly violated “good character” rules of competition.

“It has been brought to the attention of Miss World America ‘MWA’ that your social media accounts contain offensive, insensitive, and inappropriate content,” Miss Michigan Director Laurie DeJack reportedly wrote in an email to Zhu.

Zhu is a University of Michigan senior and a social media director of Chinese Americans for Trump, per the Times.

“They just immediately assumed that I was a racist,” Zhu, vice president of College Republicans at Michigan, told the Times. “They should have let me explain myself.”

The tweet first labeled “offensive, insensitive, and inappropriate” was a note a majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks and not police officers:

“Did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? Fix problems within your own community first before blaming others.”

She also had deleted a tweet in which she objected to the oppression of women under Islam, according to the report.

“There’s a ‘try a hijab on’ booth at my college campus,’ Zhu tweeted when she was a Central Florida student, per the Times. “So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam.”

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  1. I see nothing wrong with her statements! But then I am a conservative & Catholic! Also have been censored on FB over my views! LOL! And life goes on!

  2. All she said is very true and truth hurts those that are
    politically correct.I been banned from a few sites so I don’t
    go on those sites. I would like a Facebook site for the conservative
    thinker and not a liberal mam bi Bambi site that bans the truth
    when they don’t agree with the truth.

  3. MS Zhu is extremely beautiful and obviously quite intelligent. She is too good of a person to want to be controlled by the brainwashing of the trolls of the evil Muslims. God bless her and God bless America.

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with what she said. It was not racist, rather sympathetic to those who are oppressed. Taking away her title is just ridiculous. It sounds like there were political enemies trying to take her title away for any flimsy excuse they could instigate against her. probably some poor losers like in the Clinton/Trump election. She won fair and square; she deserves the title she earned. politics should not play a part in a beauty/talent pageant. Give her title back! SHE WON!
    Expose the undercurrent ‘dirt dogs’ that took it away. She has a right to her opinions–Isn’t this America? Free speech? If some of these floozies that voice insane comments from our Government offices can speak their mind, there is nothing wrong with what the winner said that she should lose her title.

    • Perhaps conservatives should boycott competitions and other venues that cave to leftist propaganda. The hijab is a religious marker. Nothing alluring about it. Being a religious marker, it should be banned from any such competition. Competators should boycott being in the competition, and conservatives should boycott watching the competitions. Maybe they’ll get the message when their viewing ratings hit the pavement. We have the power in our hands to change America back into the great country that it is.

  5. Those comments were accurate and appropriate. I’ve said same thing myself for over 20 years re: black community because it is the truth. The try a hijab I’ve not heard of, but makes sense because the left is trying to normalize a symbol that represents oppression. The left believes in oppression and doesn’t care how it manifests.

  6. Things like this are only starting.
    Leftists have NOTHING to bring to the table but their HATE so the only thing they have left is to either drown out the opposing side or call them names in an attempt to stop them from being heard.
    This is just the beginning of the Leftists attempt to shut down conservatives and anyone who believes in decency

  7. She has a right to free speech. She said nothing that was untrue or spiteful. This Miss World organization, had better change it’s unrealistic views and stop being politically correct, like millions of other foods. God, where did sanity go to? Gruess Gott

  8. Why does 20% of the population control the rest? Been going on for the better part of 50 years. At its worst to date. I have ideas why, but then it would be deemed hate speech by the speech police. Aw I’m going to say it anyway. It started with LBJ’s policy on the great society. It perversely deemed that somehow welfare would be the means of the Democratic Party to establish a voting base forever. LBJ himself said if I sign the civil rights act these”N word will be voting democrat for 200 years. Guess it worked even though republicans voted for it in greater numbers based on the number of their constituencies. A fact the democrats have never let on. Secondly when Jimmy Carter signed over education to a new federal beauracracy our education became more and more filled with the very anarchists of the fifties and sixties. All major universities are run by anti American socialists at best and communists at worse. So today because of democratic presidents we have the new resurgence of congressional anarchists. Obama was just the latest of radical dems to add to the destruction of the very moral fabric that is the greatest country on the face of this earth. Donald Trump is the only president in modern times who is standing in the way in order to govern for we the people. In spite of the lefts and MSM constant attack he has done amazing things to bring back our respect, both self respect and national respect. God now and then blesses us with real difference makers and Donald J. Trump is the latest. We all need to do our job and re-elect him in 2020. The left will continue to harass him but he needs to know we have his back and nothing will stop us from going to the polls in 2020 and voting against anyone with a D or an I by their names These people are now the enemy of we the people.

  9. Reinforcing a painful and obvious fact of today’s social media and the multitude of PC…you can anything you want as long as we agree we it…if not we will crush you…this is not the America we grew up in…apparently opinions have to be approved…1984, Animal Farm, Atlas Shrugged….opinions will vary…

  10. The fuse is lit. Now we wait for the powder to blow and it won’t be pretty for the “Snowflakes” I believe shit will happen after the “Mueller” circus and how the Dems will say they have enough evidence now to impeach trump and twist and lie about EVERYTHING !! Can’t wait for this to end. Sick of the liberal B.S !!

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