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How Long Is Jeffrey Epstein For This World?


Authored by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog,

First of all, I dearly wish I never had to read or write about Jeffrey Epstein again. But I can’t. And going over the reports about him, and watching the videos below (I’m sure there’s a thousand more), I started thinking I don’t see how he can have much longer to live. (Note as always that if you receive this through email, the videos may not show properly. If someone can explain why, and what to do about that, I’m game. Meanwhile, please go to the TAE site.)

There are three main threats to Jeffrey Epstein’s life (or four, if you include his victims).

No. 1 is his fellow inmates in the Manhattan MCC. He’ll be in very strict isolation, because inmates and pedophilia is a very explosive combination. So isolation, but that’s never 100%.

And Judge Berman yesterday ordered him in jail until his trial(s), instead of in his $77 million Manhattan mansion not far from that same prison, so he’ll be there a while; that trial could take a very long time to happen, even years. All the more chance for an inmate to make an easy $1000 by offing him.

The no. 2 threat is Epstein himself. Berman’s decision means he’s very unlikely to ever get out again. Chances of him being declared innocent are as close to zero as as anything Kelvin. So why would he want to continue to live? Perhaps his lawyers try and tell him he’s always got a shot, and there’s always a next court date, but he doesn’t strike me as fully delusional.

I could be wrong, sure, about much of all this, but I don’t think so.

The no. 3 threat is, obviously, the people he might “sing” about. And that’s an litany of the world’s who’s who. No doubt the FBI may already have their IDs and photos and what-not, but why chance it when you can take down the -potential- crown witness?

Now, if we may believe just 10% of what George Webb talks about in the last video in this article, everybody who’s anybody in government, secret services et al in the whole wide world should feel threatened right now. But those 2,000 pages from 2015 that Judge Berman ordered to be unsealed are not yet public, and you can bet your donkey that the cream of the global lawyer and secret service crop are going over them as you read this.

Will we ever know what Epstein really did? The odds are not in favor of that. But let’s try and have a look anyway. See if we can -to an extent- make up our minds based on that.

First up, an interview with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s main accusers. And Ghislaine Maxwell’s, don’t let’s forget that. She’s still walking around free, amazingly.

This is a Miami Herald video linked to Julie K. Brown’s series for the Miami Herald last fall on Epstein. It was posted to YouTube by the Miami Herald on Nov 30, 2018. It took another 8 months for him to be arrested. The 2,000 pages “supposed” to be unsealed soon stem from a case Roberts Giuffre brought in 2015.

Fast forward to the present, this is from RT on July 18, tackling the fact that Judge Berman refused to let Epstein out on bail. It’s not all the greatest stuff, but you DO get the feeling.

This I found interesting, Fox, also from July 18, because it targets Prince Andrew. Is MI6 going to be able to muffle away the obviously very strong and long-term connection between Epstein and Andrew? I’m thinking they’d probably have to get those 2,000 pages re-sealed. Or, you know, burned down. Nuked.

And then there’s George Webb. Now he is, I understand, someone who’s known as a conspiracy theorist, but then many people are in some circles, including myself, This video was posted on July 8 2019, 2 days after Epstein’s arrest. My thought while watching this is he may be wrong on some things, he may even be making a few points up, but when you’re that detailed on events that occurred over such a long time, you’re either on very powerful drugs or you’re not entirely wrong. Check for yourself.

To summarize my thoughts on this, and the reason I started writing this, I can’t see Epstein living much longer. There are too many people who would rather see him dead, including perhaps himself. And there are very few people who want him to get into lengthy talks with prosecutors who are actually looking for the truth.

Now of course we must wonder if any prosecutor wants that truth. Alex Acosta left his US government job because “Epstein is intelligence” was not enough to let him keep his job. And if we can believe some of the stories about the CIA, the State Dept and Mossad being linked to Epstein (and we got worse than that), it looks like he’s just got to go. Unless someone, or some party involved, has a reason to protect him against all odds. If only to handicap some other people.

After this piece I really hope I never have to write about this topic again. My hopes of that are not overly high, but I do have to say I have a very hard time thinking about child -sex- abuse. I also think we must think much harder about why it is that we pick predators to lead our societies. Because this hardly ever fails, doesn’t it? A bunch of sexual deviants rise to the top everywhere.

Sexual predation appears to be some inevitable part of political power. Not everywhere and not all the time, but far too much for comfort.

Let’s hope enough of those predators are exposed through the Jeffrey Epstein case. But, you know, listening to George Webb, you think of the oil sheikhs and the girls being trafficked by Epstein and others, from the Balkans and dirt poor African countries, and you ask yourself, what are the odds of full exposure?

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      • They are Dims and they are Clintons. They always either pay their way out of trouble or the people witnessing against them “commit suicide.” I wish they’d put Bill into a cell with Hillary. He’d kill himself within a month. Maybe put Epstein in there with her also. The stench alone would be unbearable.

    • Put the pos in general population just let the other convicts serve him the justice he deserves. Tell them don’t kill him that would be to quick and easy

    • Great match…If Epstein were a Muslim iiving in any of the 56 Muslims occupied countries, having sex with minors is condoned by the sharia. The age of Marriage in Iran is 9 y as that was the age of Aisha, one of 12 wives of Mohamed, when Mohamed, aged 54 shagged her (he married her when she was 6 and he was 51.)

      Sexual slavery and trafficking of your girls is widely practiced by the Muslims…Poor Jeffrey…he should have converted to Islam and live in Saudi Arabia where he could have engage in his passion for young women and girls… One can have 4 child brides at any one time and numerous :”temporary” wives

    • mr under the hil;l, i know that you communist dems want to include trump into the club that you belong to BUT trump threw the bastard out of his place when he found out about epstains thing with young girls. so get over it .

  1. I would guess that Epstein is at the top of a lot of politician “hit lists”. The Clinton machine is experienced in arranging suicides.

  2. The QUESTION of the YEAR is: ” HOW THE HELL IS HE STILL ALIVE, PERIOD!! Has anyone ever hear of ^^^^^^ DIAL M for MURDER ^^^^^!!! HELL JUST ASK ^^^^^^ HITLERY ^^^^^!!

  3. I think it not unreasonable to see a link between the motivating force of a controlling personality and success in finance, business, politics et al. While this personality type often manifests itself in beneficial and productive results, it undoubtedly also factors into the deviant psychology of pathological dominance and self aggrandizement seen in Epstein. It is a motivating and enabling factor in the behavior of which he is accused. Both aspects of this personality may coexist in the same individual and in the absence of an inherent ethical probity, only the threat of social and legal retribution inhibits the manifestation of the deviant aspect. The recent and ongoing Hillary/Obama coup attempt and the ongoing persecution of the individual who tipped their apple cart is a manifestation of this and a graphic illustration of the essential curtailment of the federal government’s metastasizing powers. I find the thought intimidating that Epstein, had he not been under indictment, could probably compete successfully in the current Democrat candidate debates.

    • Thank you for an excellent comment. Finally someone that does not use invectives, insults and curses, but rather searches for proper words to express proper thoughts. Your insightful contribution is appreciated. I cannot help but cringe at the vicious attacks at human beings expressed in comments. No matter how evil the adversary our law of love says “love everyone, respect every living thing”

  4. Fuckin’ chomo is headed for a broomstick party!!!
    l’d love to see him thrown in a Brazilian prison. Dismemberment, torture and, if he’s lucky, death!! Would make millions of dollars on pay-per-view for the families of his victims!!!

  5. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party,RINOs,Fake News! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  6. I agree with this author. How on earth is he STILL alive?
    He’s rumored to be a blackmail (financial) specialist. One of his residences, a plane, a yacht, and several vehicles; all ‘GIFTS’. No one knows exactly what or if he ever did anything for a living.
    I don’t doubt there are SO MANY Demonrats (and probably a few RINOS), dignitaries, and royalty in his ‘little black book’. I wonder just how many of them are still in office or working the swamp?
    One of his residences, a plane, a yacht, and several vehicles; all ‘GIFTS’.
    I bet his first ‘paycheck’ was for finding or providing some dignitary with some virgin cherry pie . . .
    Common knowledge Ol’ Bill hung out with this creep. His ‘collateral’ must be enormous.

  7. If he can prove, without a doubt that the Clinton participated in his little parties, then I will personally guard his worthless ass, just for the pleasure of seeing the Clinton Empire collapse. Not saying how well, I would do it, but, I would make, somewhat of an attempt .You have to understand, that I am just one guy, and I do need to get SOME rest.

  8. In one of his films, Woody Allen made reference to a study linking politicians and masturbation, so may be there is a link to pedophilia, too. Of course, this is Woody Allen, so. . . .

  9. He won’t live to go to trial, or make any deals! There are too many sick and disgusting politicians, Judges, attorneys, and Hollywood sickos that he could drag to hell with him!
    Personally, I hope he dies soon, I would like to see the lid blown off this thing, and end this travesty!

  10. I’d like to take chains, and cuffs, and cuff Every child-trafficker, kidnapper, child sex photographer, and every damn sick son of a whore who ever hurt a helpless child, and drop them in a vat of acid, and hear them scream until it goes quiet!

  11. I predict Epstein will be exposed to, or injected with something extremely toxic in the very near future, and this will all go away in a few months. Life will go on with barely a bump in the road for the sick elites who paid for his services. He is simply too dangerous to them now to be allowed to live.

  12. This is something else. They put Epstein in Jail, when Hillary has said herself if she was brought in she was going to name a lot within Our Government that was along with her. So she made a few trip’s to Epstein’s Island with Bill so she is a Petophile she should be in Jail right now along side of Epstein. That Witch has done everything, put Our Country in danger, let Our Men get killed in Bengazi, made those trip’s to Orgy Island and all that is there was young Kid’s, now she is sick for messing around with little Kid’s, her and Obama gave gun’s to Our Enemy and that is how we got ISIS both Obama and her knew all along what they had planned to do, she was all in for paying for favor’s. Now tell me she don’t belong next door to Epstein it isn’t fair. Then there is the Big Thing, it wasn’t Trump and Russia it was Hillary and Russia.. She should be brought up on Treason charge’s..We all know what happen’s if convicted, Death.


  14. John, while it is true that President Trump is not mentioned in this particular article, it is President Trump who is the main person affiliated with Epstein. I, myself, find that to be extremely disturbing. You can find articles connecting Bill, and a few on Hillary herself, having deep and longstanding relationships with Epstein going back decades.
    Bill Clinton’s “spokesperson” has come out and stated that Bill has only flown on Epstein’s private jet a mere four times, yet the flight logs of multiple pilots has proven that Clinton has flown on his jet a staggering 26 or 27 times. And yet the mainstream media, and other liberal news outlets, choose to focus on a friendship between Epstein & President Trump once had. A friendship that President Trump ended when Epstein acted inappropriately towards an underage female.
    It is no secret that President Trump loves beautiful young women, never has been. However the mere fact that he ended his friendship speaks much louder and more clearly than Bill Clinton’s “I only took 4 trips aboard Epstein’s plane”……reminds me of his famous declarations “Let me be clear, I DID NOT have sexual relations with That Woman”
    I do however agree with the author of this story, Epstein just might commit suicide in a fashion that is “familiar” amongst Clinton’s associates.

  15. The Hill-Billy Clinton’s have no friends, only enemies they haven’t killed yet and
    they have the ability to get to Epstein while he is in jail.

  16. No doubt the Clintons and a lot of others are sitting on a firecracker just waiting for it to go off. But I have doubts that they will ever be implicated or brought to justice. Teflon Bill and crooked Hillary have ways of dismissing any involvement in crime even though it is clear that they have participated in a lot of things that are illegal. Our system of justice has deteriorated to the point that only people who don’t have the proper “contacts” or enough money, get prosecuted. All the “elites” get off. If a Democrat gets elected President in 2020 this country will go down in flames.

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