Home Politics EMBARRASSING: Democrat-Led House Votes To Kill Trump Impeachment Effort

EMBARRASSING: Democrat-Led House Votes To Kill Trump Impeachment Effort


The Democrat-led House has voted by a staggering 332-95 margin to kill the far-left’s impeachment effort against President Trump in a humiliating blow against The Squad and The Resistance.

Though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had tried unsuccessfully to quell impeachment talk for months, Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) submitted articles of impeachment anyway on Wednesday with the four far-left congresswomen known as “The Squad’s” blessing.

The majority of Democrats along with all the Republicans voted to table the effort. Just 95 Democrats voted for it.

Green had previously tried and failed to impeach Trump several times already in 2017 and 2018, by similarly embarrassing margins.

The fact that Democrats could barely move the needle on impeachment despite their majority in the House and constant anti-Trump rhetoric by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar shows just how unpopular the far-left’s position is on impeaching the president.

Trump weighed in shortly after the vote was announced, calling it “the most ridiculous and time consuming project I ever had to work on.”

“The United States House of Representatives has just overwhelmingly voted to kill the Resolution on Impeachment, 332-95-1. This is perhaps the most ridiculous and time consuming project I have ever had to work on,” Trump tweeted.

“Impeachment of your President, who has led the Greatest Economic BOOM in the history of our Country, the best job numbers, biggest tax reduction, rebuilt military and much more, is now OVER. This should never be allowed to happen to another President of the United States again!”

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  1. Losing this vote will simply re-energize these fools. As fools, a tiny taste of power has gone immediately to their collective heads and there is no dissuading them from their vainglorious quest. They are pathetic in the extreme and in fact demonstrate all that is wrong with the immigration system. They are here, and they shouldn’t be here. The issue is how do we get rid of them.

    • As for “getting rid of immigrants”, a bus ticket, a sack lunch and armed guards should be the last Welfare support they receive. 😊

    • America is the greatest country ever created in the history of this world! The TWO PILLARS that hold the country so strong are the BIBLE and the CONSTITUTION! God heard his people’s plight and he placed President Trump into office! How can a single man change the fate of the most powerful country in the world in such a short time. God created the most powerful weapon in the history of the world: THE APPLE iPHONE and placed it on his hand to destroy the FOUR MARES OF THE APOCALYPSE with words of wisdom! He communicates directly to his people and the enemies of our country are totally defeated! MAGA 2020 and elect real conservatives into power.

      • I like the term “The Four Jackasses of the Apocalypse” – the Donkey is, after all, the symbol of the Democrat Party. How appropriate.

      • Another reason I believe God has blessed the United States as He has is because of George Washington. For the last 3,000 years, whoever had the opportunity to be called “King” hardly ever turned it down. At one point, the ancient Israelites wanted a King (just like all the other peoples surrounding them. This hurt God’s feelings, as he wanted His people to view Him as their King. Through his prophet Samuel, He tried to warn the Israelites that a King was not a good idea. He would tax them, lord his power over them, and they would not like the result. But, the people insisted and so He relented and told his prophet Samuel to appoint a King (Saul). Saul failed and so God appointed David, son of Jesse. In the intervening 3,000 years, “kings” ruled over people, claiming “Divine Rights to Rule” (as though that’s what God wanted in the first place), and not until George Washington, did that change. Washington was actually offered the position of “King” (instead of England’s George III) after the Revolution was over, but he refused, stating that kings were something that we fought a revolution to throw off. Instead, he became our first President (he who “presides” over the Executive Branch of our federal government). During the Revolution, many people declared “No King but Jesus!” (this was one battle cry) – not only a rejection of George III, but an affirmation of our Christian foundations and beliefs. I believe this warmed God’s heart, and through our Constitution (giving political Liberty), Capitalist economic principles (as expounded in Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations”), as well as strong patent protection law (allowing people with smart ideas to actually profit from them), the USA has prospered as no other nation in history.

      • We were once the greatest country because we were the greatest country. Today, we are still the greatest country but only because every other western nation is even worse. We can not survive with over 100 million 3rd world savages and dummies living among us.

  2. IF Al Green had presented his charges on something than a coloring book, in red crayon, the Dems might have given it more consideration. 😊

    When will these Demented-Dem-idiots learn you need real charges to bring Impeachment to the House?

  3. If I didn’t know any better, Al Green looks like a Neanderthal Man. I guess his family tree never evolved.

  4. …………no ONE ever said the GEORGE SOROS OWNED AND OPERATED “PARTY of SATAN” were smart folks……………and time and time again they have proven there is ABSOLUTELY nothing smart about any of them……….now they are held hostage by “FOUR MOUTHY, BUTT UGLY, NIGGER HOGs” that everyone seems to be scared shitless of………. all these MOUTHY HOGs need is someone to put them in their place which is in a side show circus act that stays on the road and entertains dumb animals……..

  5. The “common” people elected the President and the ” educated” liberals who think they know best are just plain mad. Maybe they should get out and see how we ” deplorables ” really do know what is best for us.

  6. Treason used to be punished by hanging and it needs to be reinstated what could he’s more beautiful sight than those four ugly nigga hos dangling together by their necks

      • During the French Revolution (1789), beheadings (using Dr. Guillotin’s new invention) became popular public events.

  7. It is ironic that continuing attempts are being made to impeach Trump using false accusations but Obama should justly have been impeached and removed from office for offenses against our people —– blatant lies over and over —- it was the video —- you can keep your insurance and doctor —- and the biggest most offensive of all, shoving a fraudulent birth certificate in our faces. Not even the republicans had the integrity to address that crime and for that offense I have lost all respect for our government, possibly never to get it back.

    • I don’t understand why the Republicans have not dug in an found the real birth certificate and his transcripts from college. He registered as a foreign student and his phony birth certificate had many errors on it. There were present day use of words that were not used at the time he was born!!! Come on, get with it and PROVE AS MANY OF US KNOW, HE IS NOT A NATURALLY BORN CITIZEN OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! Therefore every fraudulent thing as done while he was “in office” is null & void!!! Plus he has got to be put on trial, convicted and sent to prison!!!! Along with every fraud that worked with him!!!!!

  8. Let’s see what happens this election in November.That see if the Republicans start there come back in 2019.If the comeback starts this November then look out in 2020. Pelosi will be on the way to lose her speaker ship position. She probably would resign instead of having it taken away from her.That would leave the gate open for the four squids to take over. This November will tell the tale.

  9. What’s new ? This is the THIRD time this hate-monger has placed impeachment proceedings.
    This one got noticed by the media simply because those “squad” bigots joined the circus.

    The racist “squad” can just be ignored – too new and no knowledge how government actually works.
    Protesting in the media, and eating your own doesn’t win votes to help ANY cause.
    – That their “cause” is racist and INSANE doesn’t even enter the picture, when they’re mostly just a once-n-done novelty.

    • Couldn’t agree more! And you said it without deplorable language. If everyone would stop hurling the “N” word and similar perjoratives they would be taken more seriously. What really scares me is that there are enough rock for brain idiots out there who will continue to vote for them. Trump was positively right when he said if you don’t like it here and our system of government, LEAVE!!!!!!

  10. The DNC is a Criminal Organization and a Seditious bunch of Communists, they fully supported the Ayers family Coup to manufacture a candidate to destroy America from within! The DNC rigged their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election to make sure HRC ran against Trump, they still lost! They cheated, and still lost! Their next step, purchased a known fake Dossier to obtain a warrant to spy on American Born Donald Trump! Then, the Mueller investigation into Collusion with Russia, which isn’t even a crime!
    Irregardless of the fact that they, unlawfully sold taxpayers Uranium to Russia! Mueller was the man that the Russians wanted to spear-head the transaction! Where did the money go? I didn’t get any of it, even though I’m a taxpayer! Did you? The DNC is using third world Country tactics against a sitting President and it must end!

  11. You can not allow descendants of slavery to be involved in American Politics! They hate America, and they hate White People! That’s just common-sense! You can’t allow Muslims to participate in American Politics, they too hate America, and Americans! Again, common-Sense, which by the way, isn’t common! The DNC is outrageous, and their voters have been turned over, to reprobate minds! The Obama Presidency was illegal, un-Constitutional, the Constitution being the Law Of The land! The Ayers family put Obama through Harvard, Harvard has Obama listed as Kenya Born and Indonesia Raised! Harvard, the Democrats are always using Harvard as the great source for all things known to man! Well, there you go DNC!

  12. Declare them ” a clear and present danger” and put them on trial as they tried to do to Trump. Or just smuggle them out in gunny sacks to somewhere far away place and dare them to return. They are Public Enemy number One.

  13. America has been under attack since Obama was Fraudulently, inaugurated! They celebrated at Bill Ayers home! The punk, anti-America, Communist Weather-Underground, Domestic-Terrorist who blew up buildings in protest of the Vietnam-War! Daddy Big-Bucks bought him out of trouble and here we are decades later dealing with him again!
    This is what happens when people cheat the system, it comes back to bite you on the ass! Bill Ayers old family friend of Obama! He isn’t the only one, Eric Holder, member of the 70’s Domestic Terrorist group, the SLA. They kidnapped Patty Hearst, robbed banks, and Holder, according to Hearst ran guns for the group! FAST&Furious? You got it, Obama made him his United States Attorneys General. Disgusting trash! You have to poison weeds when they are small, or they grow and get out of control! Timothy Geitner whose father was also a communist, Employed Obama’s mother, a Communist, cultist America hating racist! Seams like her desire for the dark men happened to meet Malcolm X while in Kenya because Obama Jr. looks nothing like Obama sr. He looks very much like Malcolm X and even has many of the same characteristics! Somebody knows something we don’t know about Obama! Could be that us taxpayers paid $28M to seal Obama’s Fraudulent records! I’m a taxpayer, and I demand that Obamas records that I helped pay for, be released!

    • Malcolm X hs light colored eyes, as does Obama’s mother, so that link is impossible, as Barry O. has dark eyes. 2 light eyes parents can not be the parents of a dark eyed child…..impossible!!

      Frank Marshall Davis, one of the biggest Communists of his day, has dark eyes, and he was also a fornicator with which Stanley had a relationship.

      So, no, Obama was NOT born outside the U.S. All that phony birth certificate BS is nothing but a false paper/evidence trail…….so no one catches on the the fact that the Commie Frank Marshall Davis is Barry O.’s father!!

    • Voting gets more and more difficult when the DNC cheats at their own party’s elections! Who can they ever be trusted after that?

  14. That disgusting Islamic rag-head, Omar married her brother to stay in America is not who we need in American Politics, just like the traitorist state of Minnesota doesn’t belong in the United States! Omar laughed through the movie, “Black Hawk Down” being from Somalia, why come to America if you are so proud of those dogs you call countrymen? Take yo rag headed ass back over there! You can’t have it both ways!

  15. Investigate the DNC, and FBI, for the Vegas shooting and possibly more! Many people tried to tell that there were more than one shooter! It must be nice to shoot up a bunch of innocent Republicans at an outdoor concert, so you can try and gain votes to confiscate guns in America! Then the crooked FBI rolls in to take over the crime scene and investigate themselves! How many RAP Concerts have been shot to hell? Zero!

  16. Articles of impeachment are outlined in our CONSTITUTION. Perhaps the idiots elected to Congress should read it sometime, however, they may need to take an English and How to read course first!

    • Democrat Socialists Of America have their own version of the Constitution, re-written by Bill Ayers, the Domestic Terrorist that rewrote our children’s educational curriculum!

  17. You liberals think American Citizens are stupid, and you are half right, 50% of Americans tricked by Ayers, Dorn, and Obama!

  18. Ayers and Obama were sharing the same building in Chicago on the same Board of the Woods Foundation before Obama was even a Senator!

  19. The liberals will never learn. Their response will be “we got 95 votes, we just need to do more”.
    That is a major weakness for liberals. If they fail at something, anything, it just means they didn’t do enough. They will not accept that sometimes an idea is just a bad idea and that is why it fails.

  20. It’s been said many times before… America will NEVER be destroyed from outside, but from Within.. Ever notice how many we already have in City, Local, state wide positions ? But don’t forget all the ones that are in our Government today.. I’ve heard it said many times before.. “Islam will Rule the World” .if so, hope I’m not around, but fear for my kids and Grand kids..

  21. Gary, I’ve feared the same for the Kids, Our Grown Kids & Our Grands & their kids & Yours & Every One Who Loves & RESPECTS This Country, the Greatest Country in the World..Where else would Any Truly Want to GO?? Thanks to Dick-Taters..Spelling Incorrectly to make a Point, Thanks to The Tyrants, Kings & QUEENS, ugh hum, I Digress, Thanks to the Wanna Be..KiNGS & QUEENS, those being like Soros, Obummers, Clintonistas, Majority of Hollyweird & even Many through out the networks & Media..They’ve Aided in the IMPORTS of Millions for Our Total INVASION of the past now, thanks to Obummer, a Solid Ten Years, 8 Under it & it’s been Continued by Every Single DEMONRAT since..But, I’ve also Realized, no matter How many “they” instill, Give a Seat to, We Will Never be a Socialist Or A Communist or a Mooslum..Run Country, UNLESS….the IMPORTS Continue to Do as they’ve been IMPORTED Now for TEN years to Do..which IS…Transform Our Citizenry, Indoctrinate Millions More, Our Truer #’s of those ILLEGALLY & Claiming FALSE “Asylum” are I’D Guarantee closer to 30-40 Million..Under the “O” Regime, He Flew in, Hundreds of Thousands into Retrofitted Cargo Planes, then Bused them Across many if Not All, States, where by the Governors Of Our States when it Finally became Known, Asked to know from then P..Obummer, How many & Where were They Dropped off in Their States. They were TOLD that Information was NOT for Them to Know, Because….SOS, it was For Their SAFETY & SECURITY…Get why we have Sanctuaries Yet?? Do Most Understand How it IS We have Areas in Michigan, MN, Ca, NY, NJ, IL, PA, MA, Dakotas & More…where it is NOT America anymore..It’s How Om-r got IN in the 1st place..the likes of R.Tlai- as well as AOC herself..The Likes of Pressley, NADAL, Cummings, GREEN, even WATERS. Hitlery Tried the Same as the rest, go into a District, Pack & Stack that District, move or Buy…temporarily to do As Nancy Herself stated..”A Coffee Cup could’ve WON”..She said that…speaking of How AOC Won in HER…District..Same with Oma- & the rest..IF Their ILK & the Indoctrinated & Imported Criminals continue to be Allowed to TRANSFORM, INVADE Our Nation, Then, All Will Have to Worry about the Kids down the Lines..& Our Grands Right Now..Every Great Empire has fallen, let’s Not Allow Ours to Repeat that History..They DEMS/LEFT have though tried to Erase HISTORY, so We just might Follow..”DOOMED TO REPEAT”..Let’s Hope NOT.

  22. I’m beginning to believe that ALL people running for political office should be given (and passed) a test on the Constitution and applicable local laws. It seems everybody who runs for office wants to initiate their own interpretation of the “laws of the land”. Many judges also need to be “background checked”. Too many of them are on the take!

  23. WOW! I didn’t know there was ANY smarts or common sense in The Democratic party. However, WHAT A SETBACK. But, it needed to happen. . . . Trump and his allies 2020.

  24. Poor Al Green. He’s like a bulldog with a bone; he just simply can’t let it go. He’s so simple-minded, the “Brain Trust” or “Squad” only had to pet him on the head to get him going again. 3rd-time’s a charm? Guess not . . . He’ll probably try again before he’s ousted for not doing his job. After all, that’s the only thing he was voted into CONgress for . . .
    The “Squad” is the new SS, and AOC is the new Henrik Himmler. They were described as the “Brain Trust of the Demonrat Party” in the news last night. Well, the ‘Brain Trust’ is starting off with a negative balance . . .
    Demonrats never make sense. Give them a goose that lays golden eggs and what do they do with it? They eat it . . . and cry because they’re not rich . . .

  25. I say after trumps 2nd term we should start putting the native Indians back in charge they actually knew how to handle the land and their people.and now if we give them everything we want to give the illegals we will have one dam smart bunch of real americans.because they were here first.
    I; irish but I;ve read up on these people and they grew their own food only killed what they could eat and use for clothes homes ect.now our president has given permission to people to hunt in Yellowstone park a definite no no.we need to write him no killing animals senselessly. we may need them for food later on.


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