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Watch Protesters Pull Down And Deface American Flag, Raise Mexican Flag At ICE Facility


A group of protesters upset with federal immigration roundups stormed the barriers near an Aurora, Colorado ICE facility Friday night, pulling down the American flag from its flagpole and replacing it with the Mexican flag. The protesters then defaced the American flag and raised it upside-down.

According to the Denver Post, the majority of protesters on the site were demonstrating peacefully, while “another group stormed the barriers near the building and pulled down an American flag off the flag pole in front of the facility and replaced it with a Mexican flag.”

“We want to close down the detention center, and we want them to release these immigrants to their families or sponsors,” protest organizer Patty Lampman told Westword.

Cities across the country have been preparing for anticipated federal raids aimed at detaining and deporting thousands of people who skipped out on their immigration hearings and are residing illegally within the United States.

Immigration reform advocates said that communities around Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco were being targeted by raids expected to start Sunday and last through at least Thursday.

“It’s almost like getting ready for a hurricane – it’s that state of alarm that people are feeling,” said Melissa Taveras of the Miami-based Florida Immigrant Coalition. “People are asking, ‘Is it OK for us to go work? Is it OK to take our kids to school?’” –USA Today

Open-border advocates say the raids are meant to terrorize communities of illegal immigrants, where approximately 2,000 families are expected to be targeted.

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  1. Until we start using bullets this kind of ILLEGAL INVASION will keep happening !!!! Shoot the women and children first !!!! Don’t bury the wounded or the dead, pile them up and set them on fire !!!

  2. While Mexico took on a part of the migrant stampede, Mexico has no national flag issue with its flag being hauled up, upside down, denoting “distress”! Yet, Mexicans thriving in the U.S.A. send up both the U.S. flag in “Distress signal position” and the Mexican flag in normal position.

    So, it’s the U.S.A. who goes thankless by other nationals or dual nationals. So much for “dual nationality”! When a person comes here, allegedly as a legal immigrant, he/she can send money to extended family in the old country whether now a U.S. citizen or not. If that same person seeks dual nationality, that is a person intending to plant one foot in the U.S.A. and the other in “the old country”. That results in a person with an ulterior motive for taking The Oath of Allegiance” to the U.S.A.! Dual citizenship should be a thing of the past, it serves no nation, only the individual.

    Case in point: When the U.S.A had military conscription, quite a few conscripts packed up and fled to their “old country” of which they still held citizenship. It was the conscripts who were strictly Americans, and no other, who served this nation and fought for it, some never coming home. Dual citizenship is a weight on this country that’s unnecessary.
    There are plenty of good people being turned away or in long waiting lines for one citizenship, that of the United States!

  3. America is the only country where those who hate it refuse to leave.
    There was a time when it was ‘sacrilegious’ to deface our flag.
    These ‘protestors’ talk about the illegals “being afraid to go to work, or take their children to school” — for fear of being deported.
    The people who would break our laws, to gain “freebies” and any other illicit ‘support’ and ANYONE who would support THEM are leaches.
    Leaches are designed to TAKE TAKE TAKE, and NEVER give back.
    Show them ALL the door!

  4. If the Mexicans think this will endear themselves to Americans, they are wrong and they’d best take themselves and their Mexican flags back home with them. If they tried to make something of their own country they would not need to cross into the USA ever again!!! Good ridance!!! So long and glad I will never know you!!!

  5. If we want to gain the upper hand in this conflict, the very first thing that needs to happen, like tomorrow, is to change the rules for entitlement distribution. Today, wetbacks can collect more freebies than US citizens.

    The hoards of black musloids coming here from Africa are given jobs, housing, food, and money to “ease” their new life in this country. We didn’t ask for them to come here. The Globalists are stuffing these critters up our arses. And they (TPTB) are using taxpayer money to fund all these wetbacks.

    Maybe we all need to begin to withhold our tax payments. Call or write your congress-critters and tell them you are going to stop paying taxes until they begin to help us clean out all these foreign animals from our country.

    If some of our sharp-shooters showed up at protests like this and shot down the criminals, we all know who the cops would come after, and it wouldn’t be the people who are funding the wave of unwanted “immigrants”. I too would relish killing the whole bunch, immigrants and the commies who are bringing them here. But that time hasn’t come just yet.

    Today, we still have to work within the legal structure or risk being tortured by our own government. in addition, our side needs to begin cooperating with each other. I read and hear more arguments between parties on our side than I hear or read going on between the commies.

    Our enemies are far more organized than we are. They may not all get along or agree in private, but publicly they act as one. It is our side that can’t agree on anything. And we still have a large group of people who should be on “our side” who are in denial and refute any and all evidence that we are in the throes of war.

    • Jesus Butch, I feel like you should be reported to the FBI for this. I feel like you’re definitely going to be the next mass shooter in our country. You know you would probably have more success and get more support if you tuned down the racism. People dont take to that shit nowadays. Anyone who reads this is just going to think you’re a racist raving lunatic and they aren’t going to take you seriously at all. I don’t disagree with everything you said but there is no way I would support you when you’re being so over the top racist and talking about mass murdering people.

        • Oopsie! I need to correct my post. THIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE BORDER, BUT RACISM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ILLEGALS! Ok….sorry guys. Corrected*****

      • Oh puhlease, Mike! Are you for real? You sound just like Maxine Water, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler all 3 put in one body, and that is you. Listen, liberal idiot…..this has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BORDER CRISIS! The 2020 DEMONRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES ARE FOR FREE EVERYTHING…….ONLY NOT FOR ANY HARD WORKING AMERICAN, BUT FOR ILLEGALS! Butch is right on everything he said! Wake up and listen and learn from a 60 year old American. We have a way for everyone who wants to come to America….to come! And come LEGALLY! These illegals who are living here, skipped out on their “Asylum Hearing”. They MUST follow our laws! America is a lawful or law-filled Country. We are a SOVEREIGN COUNTRY! These illegals have already broken our laws, killed our own children, come with kids who are NOT their kids, and why want PELOSI talk to the “ANGEL MOMS” who have lost their son or daughter because of an illegal alien. All these ILLEGALS SHOULD BE DEPORTED! It would take Congress about 15 mins max to fix the loopholes in our broken border laws! The DEMONRATS HAVE NO INTEREST IN FIXING THIS CRISIS! ZERO! NADA! NONE! Another thing, OBAMA AND HIS CREW PUT CHILDREN IN CAGES…..NOT TRUMP! OBAMA SEPARATED THE CHILDREN FROM THEIR PARENTS! ( if who they came with is REALLY their parents! Also, another lie, as usual, from the left is when they say these illegals are not bad folks! We had a thwarted TERRORIST ATTACK, PLANNED BY AN ILLEGAL ALIEN WHO HAD PLANNED ON BOMBING A CHURCH IN PA. THIS ILLEGAL WAS FROM SYRIA! So, we have MS-13 gang members in the mix of illegals, who brutally beat and raped a 7 year old child! The list goes on and on. AND…..what about all those people who are waiting in line for Asylum “the LEGAL WAY”! Should they go to the back of the line?!! Of course NOT! We, as Americans have the right to know who is coming into our Country and from where! Do you not think….so??? If we do not re-elect Donald J. Trump in 2020, then you can kiss your $$$ and say goodbye to the things that have worked to make this Country, AMERICA SO GREATLY BLESSED BY GOD, OUR CREATOR! PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS PUT INTO OFFICE BY GOD BECAUSE PEOPLE PRAYED. PRAYER IS POWERFUL! Too bad if you don’t believe it. Now, are a little demonRAT?! Are YOU going to say that my post should be reported to the FBI???!!! This post, my friend is called “free speech”. It’s a right guaranteed by the U.S. CONSTITUTION whom the 2020 demoRATS WISH THEY COULD DESTROY! I laugh when I watch and hear the demonRATS try to talk. They have always lied, but this time, our freedoms and security of AMERICA IS AT STAKE. IF, YOU want Socialism, then go visit Venezuela! You will see one of the richest countries torn apart and people literally eating out of garabage cans! Crazy Bernie…..IS CRAZY! If you vote dem, good luck surviving! Oh, every place where Socialism has been tried…..IT HAS FAILED EVERY TIME. Also, as an FYI, AOC ( Ocasio-Cortez ) gets her script from week to week from a radical in Turkey! Her top staff member wears the face of this man on his t-shirts. Do some research on her. You’ll be amazed how she went from “bartender” to Congresswoman! DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS! They BLEW THEIR CHANCE! AMERICANS, TIME TO STAND UP FOR OUR COUNTRY AND OUR LAWS! We warmly welcome all people who have come to AMERICA the LEGAL WAY! Mike, once you understand the problem at the border, then and only then, will you be able to understand my post.
        TRUMP/PENCE 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. When they deface our flag and threaten our law-enforcement and services what are Americans supposed to think? I work with a lot of Spanish people whether they are from Mexico or Venezuela Columbia wherever a lot of them are here legally with green cards. They love this country as much as I do for the fact they were given the opportunity to live and work here. They do not like the illegals anymore than the rest of us because they are stealing jobs from them just like they are taking jobs from every other American. When the illegals come in they will do the jobs for half the price that the legal people are doing it for. Just like they tell me they’re stealing my job that I worked hard to get and build a great reputation now they’re taking food off of my table it’s time for lawbreakers to be arrested and put in jail or sent back to the country they came from and get in line like everybody else. We do need to streamline our immigration system to make it quicker for these people to be able to become American citizens if the Democrats and Republicans want to do something right then fix that part of the LAW.

  7. We the people should not have to do anything that represents violence. The POS Aurora Chief of Police should have never let any of this happen. Period. That’s what our tax dollars pay for. Do your job or resign. And i don’t buy the safety of the children. They waited to long to intervene. What about the safety of the children when the illegals charged the front office. What kind of responsibility did the parents have to stay. If That’s the new norm by lawmakers and law defenders. Then we’re in a bad place and behind the curve.

  8. I am so angry! No, I am MAD! The last time Mexicans did anything like this to insult all AMERICANS was when they carried the Mexican Flag and sang OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM in SPANISH! But now, what these brainwashed idiotic democratic protesters have done is almost UNFORGIVABLE! The illegals come illegally into our country and now, want to take over our AMERICA! Folks, this would have NEVER been a CRISIS had the demonRats done their jobs and fixed the laws! Nothing is going to be done about our Southern Border until…..and this is awful to even say……but it is the truth, so here goes…..the lying demonRatic party is not going to protect us, the American people unless or until….an ILLEGAL ALIEN KILLS OR HARMS ONE OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS! Folks, it is PAST TIME TO STAND UP TO THESE ANGRY, IDIOTIC LYING LIBERAL SCUMBAGS AND SAY, ENOUGH! This is “OUR AMERICA” and since the lazy DEMONRAT PARTY won’t fix the border ( heck, Pelosi, Swalwell, Cowderly Adam Schiff, Kamala Harris, and the rest of the slime ) these folks won’t lift a finger to solve the horrible and deplorable conditions of “homelessness” and “feces” in their own district! The people of CA know this and they have taken matters into their own hands. This is what every RED-BLOODED TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT is going to have to do with these idiots ( illegals ) to take our Country back. Do YOU LOVE AMERICA? Then you have GOT TO STAND UP FOR HER OR ENJOY THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE LEFT! Ugghhh! DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS TODAY! Consider the DEMONRAT PARTY ( who says they are for us ) “BRAIN-DEAD” and VOTE TO REPLACE ALL OF THEM! They are NOT DOING THEIR JOB! Two words for them: “YOU’RE FIRED”!!!!!!!

  9. These animals need to stripped beat and shot!! No one should be allowed to touch our American Flag!! They all need to be picked up, shipped out to their own homes!! If they fight against us, by all means , start shooting ! May have to knock a few down before they get the point!! If not, open fire!! It’s gotten way far out of control!! Just imagine if they are allowed in—than what will happen!! And while we are at it!! Ship those dame Democratics out!!! Send them packing right beside them!!! They encouraged all this crap and we are taking it!!! It’s damn time it’s stopped!!!

  10. If the people that defaced and defiled the American flag and raised that mexican flag can be identified, they should have their citizenship revoked, if they are citizens of the United States of America. No other country’s flag should EVER be raised up on American soil, period. Everyone that took any part in this disgraceful act needs to be held accountable and prosecuted for crimes against America. Put a cash reward on these criminals heads. This democRAT fueled hatred needs to be extinguished now. I’m sure the direction this activity is headed is going to result in the needless loss of life. The democRATS, especially maxine waters, who is constantly encouraging violence toward any and all Republicans, are going to get people killed. Their followers are getting more and more bold with carrying out acts of violence against innocent people. Soon these antifa idiots and others like them are going to pick on the wrong person and get more than they bargained for. People are getting sick and tired of this democRAT fueled hate and it’s going to blow up in their faces. But it looks like waters and a lot of other anti America canker sores are enjoying using these brainwashed young people to carry out their sick agenda. It’s not going to end well for someone, that’s for sure.

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