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Acosta Resigns Over 2008 Epstein Plea Deal Controversy



Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta announced his resignation on Friday after receiving harsh criticism for his role in brokering a 2008 plea deal with registered sex-offender and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He will be replaced by Deputy Labor Secretary Patrick Pizzella.

I do not think it is right or fair to have me as the focus,” said Acosta, standing next to President Trump at a morning press conference, adding “I thought the right thing was to step aside.”

President Trump said that Acosta was a “great labor secretary not a good one,” adding that he did a “very good job.”

Acosta held a press conference on Wednesday in which he suggested Epstein’s deal was the fault of Florida state prosecutors, or possibly the judge, or anyone else but him – and that Epstein would have walked free without the deal he was behind.

“I wanted to help them,” Mr. Acosta, who was the top federal prosecutor in Miami at the time, said of the victims during an hourlong session with reporters at the Labor Department. “That is why we intervened. And that’s what the prosecutors of my office did — they insisted that he go to jail and put the world on notice that he was and is a sexual predator.” –NYT


Not true said former Palm Beach County state’s attorney, Barry Krischer – who said that Acosta abandoned a 53-page federal indictment “after secret negotiations between Mr. Epstein’s lawyers and Mr. Acosta,” according to The Hill.

While Epstein has allegedly victimized up to 60 girls, many of them underage according to the Miami Herald, his sweetheart deal for just two counts of solocitation of prostitution (one with a minor), and included working from his West Palm Beach office for as much as 12 hours a day for up to six days a week. He was also required to register as a sex offender, and was given immunity from federal prosecution.

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  1. Now that they’ve ended the career of a good Republican that had the audacity to prosecute the big bad connected and protected Democrat Pedophile, will anyone in media pursue the Pedophile himself and all those Democrats who maybe participated and/or aided him over the years. I expect the media may go silent if they can’t find another Republican to ruin.

  2. Acosta acquitted himself well at the press conference, didn’t become defensive, and gave plausible reasons for his actions. However, the State’s Attorney in Florida directly contradicted him, making Acosta’s story less believable, If Acosta wants to hold any public office again there should be a full inquiry.

  3. There won’t be any liberal media going after Bill Clinton, who no doubt in my mind, participated in many of those sexual escapades. The left is an absolute tragedy in this country. I’m surprised Hillary stays with him. They should both be in the same cell.

  4. I agree that the focus should be on the perpetrator rather than on the prosecutor. Fault the media on that. If Acosta were a democrat the focus would be on some other republican, and still not on Epstein. It pays to be connected to the Clintons. Fault the media again. If the media did not have a republican to blame they would go on the attack against the minor children that the Clintons and Epstein raped. The Clintons can and have killed people on American streets and gotten away with it. Hillary ran a pay-to-plan scheme out of the State Department, selling US Military secrets to the Russian and the Chinese military and anyone else willing to make a sizeable donation to the “Clinton Foundation”. And, she got away with it. She sold her State Department approval of the transfer of UraniumOne to a Russian oligarch. This represented 20% of the uranium reserves underground in the US and Canada. The price, $124,000,000 paid to the “Clinton Foundation”. And, she got away with it. Sooner or later the media will accuse the children of allowing themselves to be raped by Epstein and the Clintons and those children should pay the price for that!! Now to top it off, James Comey’s daughter is the prosecutor in New York with the case against Epstein etal. I am sure the thousands of photos and videos in custody will simply disappear into the Comey “I don’t recall” rabbit hole. By the way, where is the “me too” movement when the Clinton’s are involved. Never to be found, anywhere!! Of course they know, if they speak up against the Clinton’s they will die.

  5. They are trying every despicable way possible to thwart President Trump, but they will always lose — he is stronger than the whole Deocrat Party and has right on his side. The American People know this.

  6. What a shame. Doesn’t anyone realize that if the law allows for such a plea deal, then he was only doing his best as a defense lawyer? Having said that, I guess every lawyer who ever got a guilty client off should resign from their current job. I have never understood that even when there if irrefutable proof of one’s guilt that any lawyer would represent that person. Change the laws, change the outcome. Meanwhile, a good man felt forced to resign.

    • That is the point of reason. If the law doesn’t allow a plea-bargain to be made, then the deal won’t be made. I find it interesting that the target was Mr. Acosta and NOT the people who were actually doing the deeds. The plea bargain did include jail time and tagging Mr Epstein as a pedophile. I was upset at OJ Simpson’s verdict, but didn’t blame his lawyers or the judge. He was the one who took out his former wife and her companion. Earlier comments are correct. The target will always be a republican, regardless of how insignificant a role he has.

  7. God will deal with the perverts and we all will give account. Everyone who has stood behind abortion will pay to God for the murder of these tiny ones. Hillary likes little boys and girls, she stays with Bill because both are sick and corrupt traitors.

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