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Professor Denounces Student’s MAGA Hat: “Undeniable Symbol Of White Supremacy”


Authored by Daniel Payne via TheCollegeFix.com,

The hat was ‘racial antagonism,’ prof argues…

A law professor recently declared in print that a student’s “Make America Great Again” hat constituted “racial antagonism” and stood as an “undeniable symbol of white supremacy.” The professor offered no evidence that the student wearing the hat was racist.

Jeffrey Omari, a visiting assistant professor at Gonzaga University School of Law, wrote in the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal that near the end of the past academic year he witnessed a student come to class wearing a “Make America Great Again” or “MAGA” hat. The hat, which is bright red with bold white lettering, is a distinctive symbol of the Trump presidential campaign and of Donald Trump more generally. Omari refers to the slogan as “an undeniable symbol of white supremacy and hatred toward certain nonwhite groups.”

Laying eyes on the student’s hat (and confessing that he “knew this student’s political leanings from our various class discussions”), Omari writes: “…I was unsure whether the student was directing a hateful message toward me or if he merely lacked decorum and was oblivious to how his hat might be interpreted by his black law professor. I presumed it was the former.”

“As the student sat there directly in front of me, his shiny red MAGA hat was like a siren spewing derogatory racial obscenities at me for the duration of the one hour and fifteen-minute class,” he continues:

As my blood boiled inwardly, outwardly I remained calm. In an effort to assuage the perceived tension, I jokingly told the student, “I like your hat,” when he raised his hand to participate in class discussion. Without missing a beat, the student mockingly grinned from ear to ear and said, “Thank you.”

Scholars have argued that whites and people of color perceive racial discrimination through fundamentally different psychological frameworks. Moreover, people of color and whites are likely to differ substantially in how they perceive and define such discrimination. These studies show that many whites assume people are colorblind and expect evidence of racial discrimination to be explicit; many blacks perceive racial bias to be widespread and implicit.

With this scholarship in mind, I understood why no one else in this particular class—in which whites outnumbered students of color 20 to three (with me, the instructor, being the lone African American)—seemed as vexed as I was. Indeed, in a class with such racial uniformity, it appeared frivolous to rely on students to speak up on my behalf, as one of my associates suggested. An informal survey of my colleagues revealed that no other law faculty had experienced any students wearing such propaganda in their classes, which furthered my contention that this student was indeed trying to intimidate and/or racially antagonize me.

Omari does not ultimately say if, or how, he resolved the situation in his class, though he notes that “faculty of color remain committed to professionalism, which also means peaceably coexisting with MAGA in the classroom.”

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    • You are right! It is his interpretation of what the hat stands for that is racist! My interpretation is completely different, and thankfully, we are still living in a Country where we can have “free” thoughts and where we have the right to choose what we wear! If the revered professor doesn’t like it …look away ass wipe!

    • The professor is the one who doesn’t know what is really racist, if he thinks the word MAGA is racist , he should so back to the University were he was taught and ask for a refund, because that University failed him and damaged him for life!

    • The professor is the one who doesn’t know what is really racist, if he thinks the word MAGA is racist , he should go back to the University were he was taught and ask for a refund, because that University failed him and damaged him for life!

  1. MAGA Make “America” Great Again, Black, White, Mexican etc, America as a whole, not about white supremacy, that’s just another lie by the left.

  2. Really? An educated Law professor at an institution of higher learning is intimidated by a hat? Lets be real people, this guy was just looking for a reason to further his own political agenda an let it be known that he is a complete an utter moron. A hat that says make America great again! REALLY??? Did this professor stop to realize that Black Americans are economically better off now under our current president than the last guy who should never have held the office in the first place. Explain to me how that saying equates to racism.

    • He’ll soon be visiting CNN or MSNBC to commiserate with more of his ilk. Totalitarian-Liberal-Leftist- Democrat

  3. Sounds like this “professor’-of something , needs to study the US Constitution. I don’t care how he misconstrues anything, the fact is, I have the right to Free Speech.I fail to see how “MAGA” can be viewed as “racist”-maybe in this moron’s fevered imagination.

  4. Screw that low-life professor I’m so sick of this racism bulshit the only reason there is racism it’s called liberals and black people want to bring it up all the time I live in a small town and it’s not like that here except for strangers that come up and down the highway all the black people in this town and myself get along great yeah I’m white but I’m not a white supremacist and they’re not black supremacists that live here I’m sick of this s*** why can’t everybody just get the f***along

  5. Inheriting predisposition to hate white people by some (luckily not all ) black Americans is mainly the cause for this law professor to asume without knowledge of the racial ideas of the student that this person was a racist, he does not even know the racial composition of the student’s DNA, assumptions are a very dangerous route I am a hispanic descendant Trump supporter, im proud if my heritage my country and my President, I think that in order to brake this ancient circle of hate the black community must learn to differentiate the past from the present and realice that carrying the burden of slavery in their hearts do not bring freedom but instead tighten the chains of hate and make them even more slaves than those that were sold in the sands of Africa by other blacks to heartless human merchants, because those slaves carried in their hearts the memory and hope for freedom but today those that live in a hateful past have no hope or desire to be free because being a slave of their hate has become a way of life.

  6. LETS GET SOMTHING STRAIGHT idiot!! HEY boy I DARE TO PROVE ME WRONG ON THIS, or anyone, PERIOD!!!! First and foremost the USA has NEVER BEEN INVOLVED IN THIS ILLISION, miscalled slavery!! In fact it was the USA to ***** PROCLAIM, PROFESS that all men are CREATED EQUAL which FIRST TIME IN BIBLICALLY HISTORY!! All this info I passing on is in the **** LIBARAY of CONGRESS, FED STATE COUNTY LOCAL COURTS RECORDS, PERIOD!!!
    CK the important HISTORAL DATES!!! —- 1776 – 1812 – 1854*- 1860?- {1854-1960 DEMS VOTES RECORDS,} PERIOD!!!
    My GROUP of PEOPLE { MG } was the *** CATALYST *** with the Help of the USA, to stop SLVERY TRADE WORLD WIDE, PERIOD!!!
    Besides these FED DOCS I do have LIVING BIBLICAL SUPPORT!!!
    **** BILL O, JAY LENO, MIKE BERRY [740 AM HOSTON], GREGO [ 39 NEWS FIX, HOUSTON ] even ** NO AIR COLBARE. [ cbs late nite ] and in final, *** CARDINAL DINARDO **** already * ACKNOWLEDGED me as ****** HIS BIBLICAL **** ELDER ****!!!/
    ANY ^^^^^ CHALLENGES ^^^^^!!

  7. No surprise here…….. Just one more liberal, communist “professor” who has been educated beyond his intelligence.

    • No, he is NOT liberal–he is Leftist. They are totally different ideologies. The label “liberal” was hijacked long ago by the left and they perverted its meaning and misapplied the term to themselves in order to mislead the public into thinking they supported the great American ideals like freedom, liberty, equality under the law, etc., like our Founders did. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Leftism is not liberal in any way. We should never use that label to describe those people because it only helps them to continue to mislead and manipulate people’s perceptions. To be honest, most of today’s so-called “conservatives” are more like classic liberals than anyone on the left. We support our Founders’ ideals, which were actually considered quite radical in their time.

  8. The most alarming point having a supposedly professor state his viewpoint on racial despair on MEGA hats, creates a bias narrative to students in general.
    When I went to college (years ago), individualism and argumentative thought was welcomed and encouraged by our professors.
    We learned not to cry 😢 when others didn’t agree with us.
    The youth of today are becoming programmed robots due to the demonic behavior and teachings by these so called professors.

  9. All professors should teach subject matter, skills, and performance. Their ONLY comment on politics should be to explain the system in an accurate, concise, neutral, way and hold all political opinion as private as it is inappropriate to discuss with their students. Those who don’t should be found in violation of contract and dismissed.

  10. That law professor is racist himself, even though he would deny it. The way that he reacted shows that it is ingrained,

    • Calling him that word only reflects upon you. He may be racist, but so are you for calling him the N-word. I understand your frustration but it only hurts your cause to lower yourself to that level. And to be honest, he isn’t dumb at all. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing by spreading those lies and manipulative and inflammatory rhetoric. It’s all part of their plan to take over the country and it’s working as long as we overreact and do not strategically fight back.

  11. The professor doesn’t honestly believe that the hat stands for white supremacy or any other such nonsense. What he is really doing is spreading lies, disinformation and marginalizing anyone and anything that is not supportive of leftist ideology. Just like most of the left-wing pundits, media, politicians, activists and everyone else looking to overthrow American ideals and traditions in order to further their leftist agenda and amass power, this professor is abusing his influence and power to manipulate and manage perceptions of the ignorant and easily led sheeple, especially the young, college students. Most leftist leaders do not really believe the lies they tell. They are only out for one thing…power. What most Americans fail to realize is that we are in the middle of a civil war now. And the left does not play fair. They agree that all is fair in war and they will lie, cheat and steal gladly to win. They will stop at nothing to take control of the country and keep it. If they continue to be allowed to do what they are doing, we will soon be slaves to their tyrannical state and our country will be lost.

  12. This professor has a serious mental problem – it is not the student it is the error of the professor – what a loony tune

  13. Jeffrey Omari is not only a racist but also pathologically paranoid. If he thinks having a desire to make our country once again GREAT is racist then he has a very serious problem that will take years of psychotherapy to overcome. His problem goes much deeper than “who is President”. Also, deductive reasoning requires an ability to apply logic and reason to resolve a conflict. He has neither and on that basis I suggest that he should return all of his degrees to the schools from which they came. Those schools failed to teach him anything.

  14. Apparently anybody can be a professor these days. It doesn’t matter how intelligent someone is or how much they know. This “professor” is not only ignorant but very very angry and biased. Only a completely unstable person would ever compare a hat with the letters MAGA to white supremacy when thousands and thousands of black, Hispanic and other races also wear the hat. If someone is triggered by a hat it’s most likely due to TDS which is a mental illness. How many people actually believe nonsense like this is what I want to know.

  15. The professor sounds like the narrator from Edgar Allen Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart” I wonder if he could hear the pounding of the students heart as he gazed further on the hat!

  16. I agree with almost everything said by everyone. However, let me point out one really important fact. WE are in charge. He gets away with this only if we allow it. If we ALL call and send email to the college administration letting them know we are angry with the professor, and an adjunct professor at that, they will probably put out something like “ our staff have the right to say what they want on their own time…” but if enough people call/email in, I guarantee you they will be pulling him in and telling him to keep his mouth shut. We need to remember that this radical group is very small, they just seem larger because the are so vocal and so visible. But we are the majority and if we become just as visible and vocal as they are we will drown them out and they will never be heard from again. We have the power and we need to start using it. There is a very famous saying “He who is silent is understood to consent”. We need to get organized and start pushing back. We can do it now or later when all our rights are gone. Now would be easier.


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