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Paul Craig Roberts Rages “Government Can Know Everything About Us Except Our Citizenship?!”


Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

The US Supreme Court has done next to nothing to enforce the Constitution and stop the government’s spying on the population.  

Phone calls, text messages, emails, credit card purchases, state driver’s license databases, literally everything about our lives is collected as privacy-violating information.

Yet the Supreme Court – based on speculation about the government’s motives – has blocked the 2020 Census from finding out how many of the people living in the US are citizens.  Apparently, the jurists on the court regard whether one is or is not a citizen as the only piece of private information that can’t be collected.

Apparently, the Supreme Court is responding to the organizers of Hispanics, such as the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund, who are protecting their power in numbers and who speculate that the citizenship question is being used to reduce immigrants’ willingness to participate in the census survey, with the result being an undercount of Hispanics and, thus, less representation in legislatures.

Many Americans are concluding that the Supreme Court wants to make sure that illegal aliens are as represented in elected legislatures as US citizens. Identity Politics has produced a Supreme Court that regards achieving diversity more important than citizenship. The precedent is being established that citizenship is established by mere presence.  If a person can place a foot on US territory, the person becomes a citizen.

President Trump’s attempt to enforce US borders is regarded as a racist act. 

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  1. Why doesn’t the Supreme Court have to follow the Constitution? When my ancestors came to the
    United States, they had to declare on the Census whether they were Citizens (born or Naturalized).
    When was that question taken off the Census and who allowed it? Illegals should not be a part of our elections, but the Dems want as many votes as they can get, legal or not. What they are doing to this county is Treasonous. Why haven’t any of the wrongdoers in all the fake collusion been charged and put in jail. Something needs to be done about all those crooks. The GREAT thing about President Trump is that he is not a Politician. That’s why they hate him. They haven’t been able to push him around.

  2. Thanks to Obama and the Clintons the supreme court is a joke. Mostly the women in there. They don’t go by the laws of the constitution. Feelings is what is going on. That old lady Ruth is just that way. She a disgrace to humanity.

    • She (RBG) has referenced other countries’ constitutions in several of her briefs over the years. That alone is evidence she thinks poorly of OUR constitution.

  3. When I came to this Country in 1966 they INS kept close tabs on me and I had to report every January of every year and every move we made with the Military. I always answered the Census truthfully but I was so delighted to become a Citizen and proudly answered yes to that question which should not be Controversial now!!

  4. I agree that the question of citizenship should be on the 2020 census just as it was when our American ancestors answered those queries. Illegal aliens are JUST that- ILLEGAL. Why should they receive benefits that people born here cannot? Come on, liberals and far-left Democrats…read our Constitution!

  5. I just think the Supreme Court is becoming as much of a farce as lower courts. They just attempt to find any kind of a loophole to make a case instead of following the constitution!!!

  6. I just think the Supreme Court is becoming just like the lower courts! They are just trying to find any kind of a loophole in order to circumvent the Constitution!!!

  7. Justice Roberts of the US Supreme Court hates Trump, hates him and will do anything including trashing the US Constitution to fire back t Trump. This represents the third time in recent history that Roberts has spit on the US Constitution to undermine Trump and trash Americans. Impeach Roberts. Impeach Roberts. Impeach Roberts. Dig up his dirty history, folks, and there is plenty.

  8. Justice Robert and the Democrats have destroyed the US Constitution so the US citizen don’t need any more because who placed their foot on the US territory are US citizens automatically!!

  9. There are powerful people at work here. The Hispanics’ various coalitions represent billions of dollars in pockets of big business; and money talks in every venue of government.
    Even SCOTUS justices can ‘convert’ to demonrat insanity. They probably had a seed implanted while they were in the lower courts, or were able to hide their dark side while going through their appointment process. The difference between a conservative ‘pick’ and a liberal judge, is the vetting. Conservative judges are grilled for weeks in CONgress, fought over in streets, and vilified by the press; but liberal judges get voted through swiftly.
    Roberts may have an agenda, but it is difficult to remove an appointed judge. Best conservatives can hope for is — Trump gets to appoint another SCJ (like to replace RBG, who looks like she’s at the end of her rope).

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