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Majority Of Americans Want Citizenship Question Included On 2020 Census


If President Trump follows through on his threats to issue an executive order to try and force the ‘citizenship question’ on to the 2020 census, a majority of Americans would have his back.

The latest Economist-YouGov poll found that 53% of Americans feel the census should include a question asking respondents whether or not they are citizens. Only 32% said they would oppose including such a question. Another 14% said they weren’t sure how to answer.


This was how the question from the Economist-YouGov poll was worded: “Do you think the federal government should, or should not, ask people whether they are American citizens as part of the 2020 census?”

The Supreme Court rejected including the question – or at least the way the Trump Administration would have worded it – on the 2020 census, but left the door open to another version, which Trump is reportedly considering, as the president revealed in a tweet last week.

Legal expert and George Washington University Law professor John Banzhaf told the Washington Examiner that what Trump is suggesting in the tweet above could absolutely be accomplished.

“There are several rationales – including one based upon the Constitution itself – which could well still persuade the courts to permit a citizenship question on the census, especially if the explanation were included in the executive order now being considered, rather than in some new declaration by the Secretary of Commerce,” he said.

Much of the mainstream media coverage surrounding the ‘citizenship question’ has implied that President Trump is the first American President to ask that it be included in the census.

That’s simply not accurate. The fact is, Trump is only trying to follow what until recently had been an established norm. President Obama was the first president to exclude the question on citizenship, naturalization and nativity in almost 200 years. The Trump Administration is merely undoing Obama’s 8-year effort to distort the status quo.


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  1. This is a very innocent and necessary question. Why should anyone have a problem answering this unless they are NOT LEGAL CITIZENS. I believe this should be a MANDATORY question. What’s the problem?

  2. The census is used to determine representation in the US House of Representatives. There is a limit of 435 representatives. So, if some state (like California) counts all its millions of illegal aliens, then it will shift the balance of representation in the House (California will get more representatives, other (red) states will get fewer). The formula for determining the number of states’ Electors in the Electoral College is: # Electors = # Representatives + # Senators = # Representatives + 2. Stealing more representation than they deserve will shift the balance of power in the Electoral College in favor of the Democrats. The democrats are willing to do ANYTHING to become a single-party ruling class.

  3. We need to know because that can lower representatives in Congress. It also affects Federal funds to the states.

  4. The Census question be in the Census to make sure all American Citizens are counted and not illegal voters to sway the vote. We are citizens of this great Nation and need to stand up for rights as a Nation of legal citizens that are true Americans and have the right to choose the right Candidates without illegal votes. This wrong and a kick in the face for All American Citizens. We as a Country should be able to vote with real citizens than illegal votes to sway the election to certain party elections. That’s called voter fraud. No driver licenses for illegals so they can vote.

  5. I believe that the demoncrates are getting illegals to interfere in our electoral process. Like they said Russia was interfering! Sounds so illegal. Wasn’t it the demoncrates who started the K K K and now antifa ? Another strange ? It’s all true. Now socialism ! Thats not what America was founded on, it’s a Christian country. Not what those cracked nuts are telling you, AOC Omar tileb a bunch of liers obstruction seekers. Demoncrates SHOULD remove them from their positions. Our country depends on it.if demoncrates don’t remove them,their not for America.

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