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Biden Goes From “Apologize For What?” To “I’m Sorry” Over Segregationist Fiasco


After getting kicked down an elevator shaft by a well prepared Kamala Harris during the first Democratic primary debates, former Vice President Joe Biden has gone from “Apologize for what?” to “I’m sorry” over remarks he made about working with segregationist Democrats when he entered DC politics.

Photo via Marianna Sotomayor, NBC News

Speaking to a mostly black audience at a Sumter, South Carolina campaign stop, Biden told supporters “Was I wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that I was praising those men who I successfully opposed time and again? Yes I was. I regret it. I’m sorry for any of the pain or misconception,” according to NBC News

Biden, 76, asked the audience: “Should that misstep define 50 years of my record for fighting for civil rights and racial justice in this country?” adding “I hope not. I don’t think so.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s numbers appear to be in freefall – while Harris has quickly overtaken both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren according to RealClearPolitics.

Turns out nobody really cared about Biden’s flagrant groping of women and children, or allegations that he abused his position as Vice President for extreme nepotism. Mentioning that he worked with segregationist Democrats in the 1970s to “get things done,” on the other hand, has caused a double-digit drop from lead in early May.

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  1. Sorry? Yes, he would be a sorry excuse of a President if he were ever nominated and elected. But in all fairness, he may still be better than any of the other contenders. Each and everyone of them would present a clear danger to America and the American people.

  2. harris lied about her little girl on the bus being the 2nd class to integrate. not so as those schools had been integrated prior to her school years. biden should not have apologized for anything….what is past is past and for the time was the correct thing to do.
    harris is a fake…will be good to see her go.

  3. I don’t think creepy-uncle-joe really said anything to apologize for, in regards to supporting racists.
    It sounded (to me) like a “I’ve worked in this field for many years, and even had to work WITH these bigots. We should be able to work with anyone in this job.” kind of thing.

    It was caramel who took the subject off-topic to make it about herself. And a lie to boot.
    Probably waiting for a moment when she could interject more RACE into it, since she’s not doing as well as she hoped with the black voters. Most blacks aren’t bigots to take that bait…
    Just showed a pic of herself young, and the media took it as gospel.
    – Nothing new, they did that with the obamas for years…

    As a now much-older white male, I WAS in “busing” in the mid 60s.
    My elementary school was just two blocks away, yet I had to WALK a mile through town to go to another school because of my RACE ? The black kids were bused to mine.
    – This was a backwards idea that just got folks ticked off.
    Those jackasses made me (one of five white kids in an all-black school) a crossing guard, badge n all, which defeated ANY idea they had to make things “better”. White guy’s as cop thing. Sheesh… Whenever any of these liberal nuts come up with an idea with no plan “how” … run.

  4. Kamala Harris’ attack on Biden left the audience thinking she was more of a leader…..more dominating, and with her dark Indian skin, it looked like a black person taking down an old white guy. This is exactly what Harris did in 2003-2004 when she first ran for office in San Francisco with the full force of Willie Brown’s political machine backing her. She attacked the white guys running against her. When I read the interviews from 2004, Kamala Harris said stridently, “I don’t owe Willie Brown anything”, as she drove away in the BMW he gave her, having pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars while accepting a big salary for her alleged full time work which she got for trading sex for being appointed to powerful committees. Prostitution? You bet.

  5. Hiden Biden was once 17,now he is 76. So what happened in 1776 Sleepy, Creepy, Jerky Joe ? Still hiding behind ” caducity “

  6. Hiden Biden was once 17, now he is 76. So what happened in 1776 ? Sleepy, creepy , jerky joe still hiding behind what “caducity” ?

  7. If Biden wants everyone to be his friend, he shouldn’t have run with obama who 1) sneaked articles in behind our backs of course to the aid of Muslims, 2) ran the US to the tune of 3 Trillion in debt, 3) as all democrats, WANTED to make it easier for mexicans (illegals included) to get into the US for more vote for THEIR party, etc, etc. That made obama unpopular with many hence the VP did not win many popularity points since he was supposed to backup the acts of the president he was with 100%.

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