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Trump Campaign, Republicans, Worried About NRA Meltdown


The National Rifle Association’s growing controversies are alarming President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and Republicans, who are concerned the party will be left with a gap that will be too hard to fill in the 2020 presidential election.

“No organization has been more important to conservative voter education and engagement than the NRA. We all hope they’re able to mount the kind of effort in the 2020 cycle they have in the past,”  Gregg Keller, a former American Conservative Union executive director, told Politico. “But in case they can’t, given their current situation, I hope they’re being forthright about that within the movement so others can pick up the slack.”

In 2016, the NRA pushed its more than five million members to vote for Trump, boosting him in the nation’s Rust Belt states. But the gun rights organization in recent months has faced a failed coup attempt and other controversies, leading Republicans to fear the political powerhouse will lose too much strength before the election.

National GOP strategist Chris LaCivita said he does believe gun advocates will still turn out to vote in 2020, but he also thinks the issues with the NRA’s leadership could hinder its efforts to get out the vote.

“Infighting and accusations playing out almost daily in the national media regarding the NRA have not been helpful,” said La Civita. “Clearly it will have an impact in the NRA’s ability to raise money, which would be used in elections to turn out its membership.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Koch network, both of whom have played strong roles in electing conservatives, appear to be backing away, notes Politico.

The chamber spent only $10 million in the 2018 election cycle, about a third of what it spent in the previous election, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The Koch network, meanwhile, is shifting toward policy issues and plans to sit out the 2020 presidential race.

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  1. Delusional doesn’t even begin to describe what passes for a Political Party, ie; the Democrats. These people are so far out in left field that if the Earh were flat they would have fallen off LONG ago. Between Pelosi & Schumer we have what is now the SCUM of the Earth. We’re assination legal, they, along with the whole Obama crowd , would have ceased to exist the day they were born.
    I hope I live long enough to see the Democratic “Party???” Consigned to the ash bin of history. As the garbage truck drives away, down the street with their remains, I will stand there proudly waving the American Flag, symbol of the greatest Nation / Society ever to inhabit this or any other known Planet. How an electorate became so detached from reality that they continue to remember to breathe is one of the great mysteries of life.

  2. Remember the parable of the wheat and the Tares? That pretty much explains the Democrats existence. Even tracks and mosquitoes have s reason to exist.

  3. Although the trevails @ NRA is a concern for gun owners, I’ve read that other political support is emerging. Bernie Marcus (Home Depot co-founder) has pledged support for Trump’s campaign in 2020. Thank goodness for his timely contributions!

  4. I’m a Patriot Life Endowment NRA member. I don’t care about any infighting inside our organization. I’m a Trump guy now and forever. I think most if not all the rank and file agree with me.

  5. The NRA is having some trials and tribulations but they are a strong organization with thousands maybe millions of members. They will step up to the plate when necessary. L

  6. NRA is a disgrace to what they want–it says one thing –and the staff performs very BADLY –CAUSING THE ORG A VERY BAD LOOK. IF THEY CONTINUE THE NRA WILL GO BANKRUPT

  7. The NRA only represents gun owners.
    Gun ownership is widely accepted, and will not end anytime soon.
    As far as the NRA contribution to the re-election that’s nothing to worry about. The voters count.
    The only threat to the NRA is the democratic party
    The way things are going, Trump has the 20/20
    Election. Of course the democrats cheat like hell
    just to fool the general public into believing they even
    have a chance.

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