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Warren, Democratic Candidates Dump on Trump Over North Korea Meeting


The Republican Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to step into North Korea on Sunday, drawing on his penchant for showmanship and surprise to pull off talks with Kim in the Demilitarized Zone that divides the two Koreas.

The meeting, at Trump’s last-minute invitation, drew praise from some including Pope Francis as a step toward peace. Critics called it a publicity stunt and said Trump wasted an important symbolic move when there has been little sign that North Korea has taken meaningful steps toward denuclearization.

A number of Democrats vying to replace Trump in the White House in the 2020 election said there was nothing wrong with talking to U.S. adversaries including Kim. This round of talks however, they said, should have followed intense preparations and substantive progress by North Korea on the nuclear issue.

“Our President shouldn’t be squandering American influence on photo ops and exchanging love letters with a ruthless dictator,” U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren said in a Twitter post.

Her Senate colleagues Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris called the event a “photo-op.”

Sanders said he did not fault Trump for meeting with Kim, but asked: “What’s going to happen tomorrow and the next day? He has weakened the State Department. If we’re going to bring peace to this world, we need a strong State Department, we need to move forward diplomatically, not just do photo opportunities.”

Trump has raised the profile of a dictator by meeting with Kim three times now with nothing to show for it, according to Julian Castro, U.S. housing secretary under President Barack Obama, and former U.S. Representative Beto O’Rourke.

North Korea has not lived up to commitments made in previous summits with Trump and intense preparations should be have been made before the leaders met again to ensure progress, they said.

“He’s doing it backward,” Castro said.

A spokesman for former Vice President Joe Biden said Trump was “coddling” dictators at the expense of U.S. national security.

North Korea launched missiles into the sea just last month, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar noted, showing the need for the United States to go into such talks armed with a clear mission and clear goals.

“It is not as easy as just going and bringing a hot dish over the fence to the dictator next door,” she said.

The candidates spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union,” ABC’s “This Week” and CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

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  1. Why does Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the Democrat Presidential candidates want us American Taxpayers too pay for the World’s healthcare? How will I ever be able too afford this?

    • They don’t want you to afford it. They want to bankrupt all of America to make themselves rich. That is the whole of the Dems strategy

  2. No matter what The President does…he’s wrong…if he negotiates, he’s wrong, if he does not he’s wrong..if he visits, he’s wrong, if he does not he’s wrong…the Dems are a party of lying frauds and low life scum balls..who-gives flying frack what they think using all four brain cells???

    • it’s hard to believe that the democrats are still in business because of all of the cheating, lying and fraud that they impose on America . before Trump they kept their agenda for giving away America under wraps but their hate for Trump has exposed these frauds and their unwillingness to work in any way with an elected president and to push back and resist is like nothing i have ever seen just so they could stay in power . In those debates they all discussed everything that will change the entire structure of America without one single idea that makes sense or even dollars and sense . None of them will tell us just where did America get so wealthy that we could give away all of this money to not only our citizens but to everyone in the world . They need to explain who’s rich uncle died to make our country this wealthy.

    • Elizabeth Warren is a phony and has always been a phony. That’s the way she got her career started and anything she says to the contrary is a lie. Still see visions of her and Hillary doing the merry-go-round on stage back during the 2016 election. Anyone who fabricates his/her heritage can never be trusted. Only reason she seeing some advancement in this election is that her rivals are one worse than the other. They all know they’ll never beat President Trump so their agenda is to discredit him for all his positive achievements. The fact that all the fools raised their hands to give free medical to illegals is more proof of their pandering against the American people. Can’t wait to see them disappear one by one.

  3. Joe Biden said Trump was coddling dictators by talking to the north Korean dictator when he and Obama gave tons of cash to Iran while they chanted death to America . After the miserable foreign policy failures of him and Obama this guy has no room to preach about anyone else , they not only coddled but they kissed the Mullahs stinky butts on a 100 degree day . And i guess we know where Warren and Harris stand on diplomacy and it is just to do nothing because if Trump calls Kim out he is starting a war and if he tries to have peace talks he is coddling so their answer is to say nothing and let them keep flying their missals over Japan . I think if you ask Japan and South Korea they would rather the Trump way of peace through strength not being cowards like the democrats . Harris should feel so bad for using poor feeble minded old Joe Biden for her photo op on the debate stage because she picked on the only guy that has jello for a brain and that slouch even stopped defending himself because his time was up. she should have challenged someone that does not have dementia and she would have looked more credible , Warren and Harris would offer North Korea free health care for all of it’s citizens and the green new deal to make peace.

    • Harris story appears to have been a lie. She was born in 1965 in 1964 the school she attended later was already integrated.

  4. The Demo-Rat-ic response is sickening and non American. They cry when the Sun is shining. A weird bunch of total losers. No Platform except Hate Trump and give away the Show on the backs of we the workers and not takers. President Trump will wipe the floor with them when it comes to debate time.
    No Democrat has shown to be a Leader. I guess it will be flip the coin for the President’s opponent.


  5. ABSOLUTELY incredible. Trump is working to reach out to a rogue worl leader to develop a relationship that may yield peace on the Korean peninsula that has been missed for, well over, 60 years. Trump is treading lightly ans cautiously and working to develop a trust. YES, Kim is, shall we just say, a challenge, but it seems to me that Trump is handling this quite well, considering all the complexities of the situation and the man (Kim).

    Here’s a concept for you obstructionist, collusunist leftist loons; how about showing support for Trump’s effort? How about being pro-American? The Democratic has become the party of NOTHING, but continual obstruction to EVERYTHING pro-American

  6. Anything this President does is wrong according to the dems.Damed if you do,damed if you don’t.The President can’t do anything to please these democrats.

    • That is because Trump is always what the country needed and we have him and they can’t stand it!! None of them will ever be able to accomplish what Trump has done. We now have the greatest expansion ever in the US, BUT Democrats want illegals to vote for them because of all the freebees they are promising. I never want to see another FORMER member of Congress or Senate in the Presidency, they are all in the plan to overthrown the country and install Socialism, communism.

  7. I was going to donate a box of shovels to help the dem candidates dig their hole deeper and faster but now I think they have everything under control. once they get deep enough, I will help fill it in. Talk about a shovel ready job! I am sure a deep hole full of crap is an environmental hazard and there are multiple laws, ordnances, environmental regulations and safety concerns that prohibit an open pit of S–t.

  8. So we have a fake Indian, a fake Mexican and now add a fake African American whos family own slaves in Jamaica. these people expect the AM Citizens to believe them? Can’t wait to see what is next

    • Whats next al=eady occured, Harris was born in 1965 the school she attended was integrated in 1964, just more lies.

  9. Apparently the stupid nitwit demorats never heard the saying “You cancatch more ants with honey than with vinegar”. Trump is using his charisma to work with Russia, China, and NK, but the dems don’t get it just like they don’t get most of what Trump does. They’re hateful corrupt brains are incapable of comprehending the good Trump is trying to bestow on the USA. Keep America great Mr. President. Stay well & strong —we need you.

  10. They remind me of the jealous children that knock down the beautiful sand castle on the beach made by someone they don’t like.

  11. What the hell is wrong with these BRAIN DEAD democrats – Warren needs Shut her big mouth – the democrats would rather destroy America while its under Trumps watch then give him one drop of credit for excellent job he is doing – they are making themselves look like the fools that they are – FYI obozo was the worst president that we have ever – & he had no business being in that office – he was there for 1 reason & we all know what that was! So shut up warren & let the man do his job.

  12. It doesn’t matter what President Trump says or does about anything the democrats will find a way to ridicule him. If Trump is unable to get a deal squared away with Kim before the election and somehow loses we can pretty much prepare for WWIII.

  13. 12 years ago Democrats started a downward spiral in what their party stands for by ending basic free self determination, trying to control the masses , and going downhill ever since. If you want a revolution, start by voting them out of office in Congress. Do you really think you have controll of the swamp? Think again! If you want freedom’ you need to take it back by voting, free speech, and taking it back.

  14. How about it America? Would we rather create hard feelings between rogue nations and the USA, Or should we continue to try to make in-roads for face-to-face talks? The Dem’s hatred for Trump, and disdain for everything he accomplishes has skewed their logical thought processes.

  15. Warren, Democratic Candidates Dump on Trump Over North Korea Meeting


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