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Acting DHS Chief ‘Sabotaged’ ICE Raids By Leaking Plan To Washington Post


Since the Washington Post spoiled the surprise and published a report about the Trump Administration’s plan to arrest thousands of migrant families who have been denied asylum – prompting the administration to cancel the raids – many have probably been wondering why somebody inside would break President Trump’s longstanding policy of not telegraphing your moves in advance.

Well, now that question appears to have been answered by the Washington Examiner: The acting head of DHS, Kevin McAleenan, reportedly leaked the details of the operation (he traveled alongside the WaPo reporter who broke the story earlier this week) in what sources described as a deliberate attempt to sabotage the raids. 


Kevin McAleenan

According to several sources who spoke with the Examiner, McAleenan had opposed the raids for months. The acting DHS head, who has been credited with pushing the policy of sending more agents to Guatemala, is said to be more concerned with what Congressional Democrats and the ‘Never Trumpers’ think of his performance than most other members of the administration.

“I know he has not approved of this operation for months,” one person familiar with those private conversations said during a phone call Saturday night. “The president wouldn’t leak that. ICE wouldn’t leak that. There’s only a few people involved in these discussions…the only one who could have shared the details of those operations were Kevin.”

“That’s our belief,” a second official said when asked if McAleenan was behind the leak. “The secretary was not supportive from day one.”

The White House said it had called off the operation to allow more time for lawmakers to work on a plan to fix legal “loopholes” that have helped to entice migrants to come to the US. In reality, McAleenan successfully stymied the operation by exposing the broad strokes. McAleenan allegedly told WaPo that the mass roundups would take place in 10 cities, including Chicago, Miami and Houston. The mayor of Chicago ordered Chicago Police not to grant ICE access to its databases, and refuse to cooperate in any way with the raids.

One officials said that, by leaking the details of the raid, McAleenan might have been trying to “be the martyr” in the face of blowback against Trump’s immigration policies. That is, he was trying to distance himself from the administration’s decision making.

The third anonymous source quoted by the Examiner blasted McAleenan as a sucker for ‘Never Trumpers’ and ‘liberals’ and insisted the leak would “leave an un-erasable mark” on his time at the head of DHS.

A third official claimed McAleenan “cares more about what liberals and ‘Never Trumpers’ in Congress and the media think of him the achieving the express mission of his department.”

“[T]his will leave an un-erasable mark on his tenure,” the third official wrote in a text message Saturday evening.

Leaking the information would only have “benefitted one person” who had knowledge of the plan, according to the first person, who added there was “no doubt in my mind” McAleenan either told the Post himself or had a close comrade at DHS take care of it.

“His hands were dirty,” that same official said.

ICE advised the administration to cancel the raids after the leaks not only because targets might have been tipped off by the news and fled wherever they had been staying, but because the leaks could put agents in danger.

“Leaking the locations and details to stop the operation from happening not only harmed operational integrity, but it put the safety and well-being of his own officers in jeopardy,” the third official wrote.

“That’s law enforcement sensitive information. You just don’t reveal that,” the second official said. “It gets people hyped up. It gets the NGOs activated, and then anyone wearing a jacket with the ICE name on it is really chastised. Cities are coming out saying, ‘Here’s how you can protect yourself against it.'”

So the acting DHS head deliberately obstructed a massive immigration action because he was worried about what liberals might think. If this is accurate, we might see even more turmoil over at DHS…and Stephen Miller might have an easier time bringing the administration’s immigration policy completely under his purview.

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  1. I have an idea. Call this man in and ask him if he leaked the information. If he did FIRE HIM. If he said he didn’t give him a polygraph along with an FBI investigation. If he is found guilty put him in jail, if not reassign him far away from any one that will have any knowledge of another raid and then, HELLO, move on….

  2. He should be arrested and thrown in jail. Anyone helping the illegals should be seen as a criminal and traitor to the American citizens.

  3. All swamp scum that oppose the President should be fired. Leakers, slow-walkers, and those who stay away from work should be let go, or fired.
    Rep Perdue of GA is working on a bill, much like the Veteran’s Bill that passed, that will make it easier to get rid of poor performers and other ‘pond scum’ federal employees.
    Federal workers and ‘appointees’ are not supposed to allow their personal and political beliefs to interfere with their jobs.

  4. There is another possibility, President Trump could be ferreting out swamp critters while setting democrats up to force negotiations. He has now set the stage for congress to act on immigration reform and if they don’t they will hold all responsibility, clearly a great setup for the 2020 election.

  5. Maybe “we the people” should enforce the immigration problem the Democrats created? Time to get tough and get something done regardless of the government.

  6. What the Hell is Kevin McAleenan doing in that position? If he is the leaker, fire him; CNN and MSNBC would probably hire him as an “expert” on border security!

  7. No if the idiot leaked the information give him a polygraph test ,if he fails it don’t worry with FBI .send his ass south of the border . One less ass the country has too deal with .

  8. Fire his ass and Drain the swamp to include assholes in charge of sanctuary cities/states and if do not comply cut funding immediately. Execute all the terrorists both foreign and domestic especially DNC terrorists and republican traitors

  9. Fire him! He is not taking orders. This is just another weak traitor. He has proven to be useless and his credibility is shot! He can not be trusted he must go!
    Oops there goes another rubber tree! Next!
    One by one they will go!

  10. If he is found guilty, and it sure sounds like it, then he needs to be PROSECUTED, along with ANY public officials that is going against federal law by refusing to help, like the mayor of Chicago and Oakland and any other public officials that put ILLEGALS over American citizens!

  11. He is an example of what 60 years of leftist teaching and brainwashing in American schools to destroy the fabric of a nation can achieve this was the whole plan of the leftist when they began.During Vietnam Republicans rolled into a ball gave the leftists all the children never went back to save the children. Public education must be disbanded teachers must be given a choice teach the truth of this world of the evil and the nation’s their ideology have destroyed teach the Constitution or never teach again

  12. Republican Senators Lindsay Graham All talk No Action Pass a LAW that you have to be a US Citizen to receive any kind of Benefits if we don’t pay them to stay here They will leave. Put Federal Poll watchers with ICE Agents to Arrest any illegals trying to VOTE. Republicans help Trump fix the immigration problem. Get off your Ass and do something. BARR ARREST the Crooks at the FBI DOJ CIA and Hillary’s BAND of CROOKS NOW. More than enough evidence. Arrest Hillary Now she said she would take 1/2 of Washington with her that’s a good Start. BARR these CROOKS have to go to JAIL so this NEVER happens again. These liberal socialist Democrats and Fake NEWS Networks pushing the liberal socialist properganda of the Democratic party are the biggest threat to the Constitution and our Country.

  13. It is time to remove all TRAITORS from our government. They are suppose to represent the PEOPLE, not the Illegal aliens who are INVADERS. Anyone who leaks the President’s orders should be arrested as a TRAITOR.

  14. Whatever happened to draining the swamp? If these usurpers are still around…THE JOB IS NOT DONE!! Get rid of the opposition within. Know your enemies better & complete the job.

  15. Fire him and then arrest him on charges of obstruction and treason. Also charge him with domestic terrorism for putting the lives of law enforcement in extreme danger.

  16. Fire him today! Then investigate his actions and try him if the findings warrant it. All of these swamp dwellers need to start being held accountable or it will never stop!

  17. Why is this Deep-State traitor still employed there? Fire the idiot immediately! We cannot and should not continue to put up with these kinds of James Comey-esque antics. We have too many Obama holdover traitors still embedded within the new administration. Get rid of that backstabbing fool!

  18. Whoever leaked this sensitive information must be terminated immediately. If the Acting DHS is implicated in Anyway he should be FIRED at once. It’s long past time to address the illegal alien chaos.

  19. “Divulging classified information” is a crime. Arrest him! Never let him set in another meeting! President Trump is giving Pelosi and the DEMS two weeks to fix the immigration policies. We know that will NEVER happen. On the 15th day, round them up and send them back over the border!

  20. Imagine if President Trump Had People That Would work with him instead of against him at every turn!,He has done so much good for the Country!,Once These People are Discovered, they need to face immediate circumstances, Fired,arrested and jailed if what they have done has broke the law!,Hopefully by the Beginning of President Trump’s Third Term They will have a Very Loyal and Trustworthy Team in Place,until then Your FIRED!

  21. You have my vote!
    It seems that all of Washington DC is anti Trump.
    No one has the courage to prosecute a former First lady and two former presidents. The coup continues, and the Obama Clinton Cabal laughs.

  22. I think the people “US” because government employees and Reps never pay the price for undermining the rule of law, the Constitution and common trust.

    I firmly believe a court of every day people hold a 1/2 hour Q&A on this guy and his act, then announce a quick sentence and execute that sentence without haste. Maybe then the rest will wake up?? doubt it, but worth a try.

  23. This Son of a bitch put many lives at risk by leaking this info. He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. He’s just really Stupid or he’s a Rat Bastard or probably both !

  24. President Trump should fire this guy immediately, his (McAleenan) reputation is tai0nted and thus his ability to run DHS in any capacity has been damaged if not ruined. . Then he should ask the people who vetted the man did they know his positions on immigration before the appointment. If not, why not. If the did why didn’t they tell Mr. Trump. If they told Mr. Trump. he should apologize for his mistake. If there is evidence he lied on his investigation or the reporter lied, either or both must be punished. We have seen too much how lies and distortions of fact have damaged the country. Enough.

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