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Ilhan Omar Backs AOC, Infuriates Jews After Explaining Why Border Facilities Are “Concentration Camps”


Rep. Ilhan Omar has once again poked the hornet’s nest, backing fellow congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who said that the white house is operating “concentration camps” on the US-Mexico border.

When asked by a reporter if she agreed with AOC, Omar defended the comments using a literal description of ‘concentration camps’ – saying “There are camps and people are being concentrated,” adding “This is very simple. I don’t even know why this is a controversial thing for her to say.

Prominent Jewish leaders did not take kindly to Omar’s remarks.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) tweeted on Friday that AOC and Omar “prefer mass hysteria & false comparisons over pursuing bipartisan fixes/progress.”

Former New York Democrat Assemblyman Dov Hikind tweeted on Friday “For those who know @Ilhan well by now could have bet with precision that it was only a matter of short time before she would follow @AOC in distorting Holocaust history for political gain!” In a followup, he said that Omar is invited to go on an educational tour of Nazi concentration camps.

Major GOP donor Dan K. Eberhart tweeted: “.@IlhanMN already has a history of incredibly insensitive and anti-Semitic remarks, so of course she would support @AOC’s incredibly offensive and intellectually dishonest “consecration camps” remarks.”

Recall just three months ago House Democrats almost censured Omar over two remarks considered anti-Semitic, only to pivot and turn the resolution into a general “anti-bigotry” vote. She now sits on the Black-Jewish Congressional caucus on which Rep. Zeldin also sits.

Ocasio-Cortez sparked controvery during a Monday evening instagram video in which she casually compared the border crisis to the holocaust, drawing wide condemnation from Jewish groups and others.

As we noted on Wednesday, the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York slammed AOC – writing in a Tuesday statement: “We are deeply disturbed by the language used in your recent Instagram live video which seeks to equate the detention centers on America’s southern border with Nazi-era Concentration Camps.”

On Saturday, she doubled (or is it tripled?) down.

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    • The representatives are making a point worth considering. The Nazi camps had the goal of separating the unfavored ethnic group (Jews) from the rest of the population, holding them in inhumane conditions, and were used in the Nazi attempt to exterminate the Jews. The Trump camps also have the goal of separating an unfavored ethnic group (Latinos) from the rest of the population and holding them in inhumane conditions. Could a policy of extermination be coming? Think about it.

      • You are as ignorant as these two village morons. If a criminal in this country is jailed, their minor children are put under the protection of child protective services. This is the same thing because the “parents” entered this country ILLEGALLY!! They are not living in inhumane conditions, they are living in air conditioned tents and getting medical care, clothing and three square meals each day at taxpayers expense. What is so wrong with protecting our borders and remaining a sovereign nation?

        Stop your wholesale swallowing of that demoscum excrement and wake up to reality. It isn’t about just Latinos, it’s about EVERY ILLEGAL, especially the ones who want to do us harm. The demoscum propaganda puppets are not going to tell you the real truth, they are only.going to say what their puppet masters want the to say. Don’t be another demolemming

        • In most cases their “crime” is seeking asylum from dangerous and desperate conditions in their home countries. Possibly some of them are dangerous, just like some of us are dangerous. If we had a well-staffed and efficient system for asylum hearings, we could make correct decisions about asylum and deportation instead of holding people indefinitely. That’s the concentration camp aspect of it. Holding people indefinitely with no access to justice. And there’s no way that being held in a cage in a desert environment is humane. Even if the tent inside the cage is air conditioned.

      • You are an idiot, these illegals chose to enter our country. We didn’t round them up, the conditions they are currently “enduring” are probably the best they have ever experienced in their lives and no they aren’t made to do hard labor without adequate nutrition. Pick up a history book & learn some facts before you espouse your liberal lies & bullshit

      • That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Do you really hear yourself? We’re the illegal immigrants FORCED to come here?! Think about that, it was their choice to come here, knowing they may get caught. The Jews had NO CHOICE! Big difference!!

  1. How do morons like this wind up being paid by us? It says even more about voter stupidity! Or does it speak loudly about PC and “everyone gets a trophy”?

    • We should remember that Omar is an ILLEGAL herself. She married her brother to gain citizenship (immigration fraud), she filed a false tax return with someone he was not married to (income tax fraud), she used election funds to get a divorce from her brother while claiming to married to someone else. So she needs to be prosecuted and deported back to Somalia from whence she came.

  2. I just can not understand the Jewish people. The Dems don’t even like them, they use them for their vote. I always thought the Jewish people had some smarts, I guess there are a lot of them that don’t. Dems don’t even stand up for Israel and Obama when in office was the leader of the pack.
    Soooo sad!

  3. Everyone of the 3 muslims are total morons that does not know what the hell they are talking about, and I say again NO MUSLIMS IN CONGRESS to make American Law, these asinine muslims all has ties to Anti-American Terrorist Groups and should be remove from Congress by any means and everyone of the TRAITORS that back Them.

  4. Dear Ms. Omar, let me explain simply so that your simple mind can understand:
    A concentration camp was where people who were pulled from their homes in the middle of the night while armed Gestapo agents with submachine guns were aimed at their children were placed so that they could be used for slave labor to fuel the Nazi war machine. While they were there, they were stripped of all property, including gold in their teeth fillings. Then, after they had been worked to the point of death, they were exterminated. Then their skin was used to create lamp shades for the Nazi hierarchy. Their hair was used to make wigs.
    People who are detained for trying to infiltrate this nation illegally are not concentration camp victims. They are being detained until such time as their application for immigration status is investigated. They are well fed, are not beaten, not forced to perform slave labor for their taskmasters, and not exterminated when they no longer become useful.
    Read a freaking history book once in your perverted life and stop using deliberate shock words to gain headlines. As far as I am concerned, you are a mole for Islamic radicals who seek to change our system to conform to theirs. I have 4 words for that. OVER MY DEAD BODY!! My father, my brother and I in total served over 60 years in our armed forces to prevent people like you from perverting out way of life. Get out now. You and your extremist ideas are not wanted by the majority of freedom-loving Americans.

      • Double Amen to that. I wonder who in their families was lost due due Hitler’s inhumane treatments of real people in the concentration camps. I suspect no one so the classless dummies (aol, Omar and tlaib) need to read a good history book or two and then shut the eff up and go away permanently.

        • That should read aoc not aol. My dictionary in my tablet loves to change all the the I write toS conform with its own version of the truth, much like our media!

          • Nothing wrong with using AOL. ASS OVER LABIDO, NOR ASS OVER CUNT, ACCOUNT OVER COUNTRY, ASSHOLE OVER CUNTHOLE, they ALL come to be her famous names, to describe the person. So every one know who we are talking about. ALL second grade names.

    • I Am Taking My Baseball Cap/Cover Of In Thanking You And Your Brave Patriotic Family, In Keeping We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The USA Safe, Secure And Happy = The American Way, Mr. Richard Spadoni, Sir! You, Sir Are Spot On In/On What You Have Said, Except Inside The USA, There Are NO BIG Crematoriums Around Those Detention Centers, Correct!?! So Ms. Omar, Ms. Tliab, Ms. Harris And Ms. AOC Are On Purpose Describing The USA’s Type Of Centers, Incorrectly, Sir. Is This Correct, Sir, Thank You Again. For me and my family and relatives, where my 4 uncles served in WW2, my Fathers Father served as a Message Runner and played the trumpet in WW1 US Military Band, my Mothers Father and his Brothers Served on the Union Side and one of their cousins fought for the Confederate Side Of The American Civil War.

    • Hey Richard. You nailed it sir. Our nation is under attack and we patriotic people have got to stop it. Electing these people just blows my mind.

      • Citizens bor4n here to citizens that were born here have to educate illegals, medically take care of them, pay for their housing, eating, entertainment, clothing, etc while citizens go without medication, comforts of living, eating, clothing, housing, etc.

    • Right on Dick. Call a spade a spade. Them ragheads better watch what they say. Freedom of speech is for Jews and their allies only. The rest of you, stuff it.

  5. There’s Nothing More to Say,AOC and Ilhan Omar,and Rashida Tlaib,These Women Have Been raised since birth to be Anti-Semitic Racist Bigots!,That Is not Surprising since Two of the three Believe in Islamic Extremism,and AOC is Just DUMB,and What does that say about her Constituents!,The Other Two Come From and Represent Large Communities of Immigrant Muslims,who are Allowed to Come here to Start a New Life,and Spread Their Hate!,if Islam was The Religion of Peace like they all like to pretend it is, then why all the hate towards People that do not Believe or Pratice Islam!,oh that’s right the Quran calls for all non Believers to Die by The Sword!,Their Hateful and Violent Words not Mine!

  6. I’m really sick of the muslimteers running their f kn mouths! Everyday one or all 2 say something that is intentionally meant to bring the spotlight back on themselves! That have become media whores and people should not give them airtime! Just recall all 3 and put in people with a maturity level greater than a 3 year old. They were intentionally installed by Soros and Obama to cause chaos and distract from real issues! So Fck Soros, Fck Obama and Fck the 3 Musilmteers!


  7. that muslim terrorist in congress is a stupid ignorant dum ass that should be expelled from congress for being anti american, she just backs those other dumass with her stupid remarks!she should be locked up in one her own arab prisons ,see how they are treated , let her and those other s see what a consentration camp are all about !

  8. How come we tolerate these anti-USA ignorant pieces of shit. Omar, Cortez, and Tlaib are like stepping in dog shit on the sidewalk. No matter how hard you try to wipe it off the the shit remains till you find a sink to remove it. These three ungrateful piles of human shit, want open borders and the destruction of the nation. Omar the neon-Nazi says America does not care for her poor, her suggestion empty out Central america’s Poor and the problem is solved. Three of the dumbest people on earth are made leaders by our Stalinist style left wing media and press.

  9. They always go back to the kids in the cages without any explanation or any truth. Obama was the kids in the cages. But after decades of lies they are able to repeat lies over and over again knowing the brainwashed will follow.As for the millions of Jews that follow the leftist Islamic coalition shame on them but in Israel they also embrace Islam it seems the Jew will always hate the Jew and its homeland.

  10. I’m with you 100 percent, when we as a nation rise up against the fools who are trying to ruin this country, I will be beside you!

  11. Alexandria Ocasio -Cortez and her (cozy cozy) twin sister, (twin towers) IIhan Omar. Both of them, advocates of barbaric death. Both of them for comparative purposes, the spawn of mischief and demeaning insane behaviour. The both of them two peas in a pod and their like-minded ilk, all of them sired by devilish agents from hell. How in the HOLY NAME OF GOD did those TWO WITCHES ever get elected to Supreme Public Office? Mr. C.

  12. The fact that they are in the Democrat Party, is making The great President Harry Truman roll over in his grave.

  13. @Rodney Steward
    Muslim Americans have contributed greatly to this country, in business, in government and in the US military. Most Muslims in the US are law-abiding citizens going about their daily business and attending mosque like Christians go to church on Sunday. The don’t follow the radical “jihadist” teachings of the Qur’an. The problem is the 15-20% that are hardcore jihadists that do. With approximately 3 million Muslims in the US already, that means 450-600,000 of them are radicals. That’s a lot of potential suicide bombers. And it’s why we have to watch our borders very carefully to prevent even more from infiltrating our society. Not Muslims, potential terrorists from any country or religious belief. The issue isn’t Muslims. It’s Islam itself: a political manifesto with the command to conquer the world for Allah and kill or subjugate anyone who does not accept it including other Muslims. If you live in a Muslim dominated country and you leave Islam for any reason, but especially for converting to Christianity or Judaism, you immediately get a death sentence. Your family is obligated to kill you. If you are a person of any importance, the state will issue a fatwa against you and send assassins to kill you. Anwar Sadat was assassinated because he deviated from Islamic law and made peace with Israel, the avowed enemy of Islam as stated numerous times in the Qur’an. And the one who sent the assassin was acquitted in court because of it. His claim that he was only doing what Mohammed commanded could not be challenged. The very word “assassin” is based on a group of fanatical followers of Saladin, the leader who captured Jerusalem in the middle ages. The got hopped up on hashish and were sent out to kill Saladin’s enemies. They were called “hashashin” (hashish eaters.) Today’s jihadists learned a lesson from that era. They can’t conquer the world with just a sword. Today they use infiltration, propaganda, and an extremely high birthrate. One Muslim spokesman in Germany stated that Islam will conquer the West without shedding a drop of blood. Do we need anymore proof of their goal?

    Notwithstanding, I have no problem with a Muslim representative…IF he/she/it represents the interests of OUR country and not the Palestinians or other radical Muslim groups. But when a member of the US Congress has openly made anti-Semitic statements, downplays the attacks by Muslims on this nation, makes rationalizations for terrorism and openly is financially supported by a group who is suspected by terrorism experts to be associated with terrorism, that person should be recalled and unceremoniously shown the door. Or at least prevented from being on any influential Congressional committee. What is going through Nancy Pelosi’s mind? Can’t she see the danger of this woman gaining a lot of support? The unholy trinity, AOC, Oman, and Tlaib are a clear and present danger to this nation. What they propose is antithetical to the entire spirit of this nation. They must be legally stopped.
    I personally blame the media. They live and die on every word from these women’s mouths. If they didn’t have a ready forum to spread their seditious and ridiculous ideas, nobody would even know who they are. But they’re the darlings of the progressive media.
    As a former high school and college journalist and a published writer, I am so glad I never actually got into professional journalism working for a big tv network or newspaper. Journalism died years back in the U.S.

  14. One person wrote: How come we tolerate these anti-USA ignorant pieces of shit?

    We have to. They were legally voted into office. Nowhere does it say we can negate the election results of a fair election simply because we don’t like who won despite the failed attempt of a few individuals to do so with President Trump. Sorry, but those are the facts. Until they do something criminal they can only be recalled by voters in their district. Republicans should be looking to educate the people in her district so they don’t do the same thing again. Unfortunately, her district appears to have a sizeable Muslim population. The only way to keep her from causing trouble is to bury her in the deepest, darkest unimportant committee in Congress, along with the other two members of the Unholy Trinity.

    • Omar is here illegally. She married her brother to gain citizenship, she filed a false tax return with a man she was not married to while still married to her brother, she used election funds to divorce her brother. So why is she not prosecuted and removed from this country, as in deported?

  15. I suspect that after the Amazon fiasco in New York city, AOC is unlikely to get re-elected by her constituents, God willing.

  16. Omar and AOC might have a Point! Yet they forgot to include the Fact that Torture and Starvation not to mention Mental Abuse are Not normal operations on Our Border as was in Germany.That in its self Discounts what Omar and AOC are Implying.

  17. Free speech isn’t free. It was paid for with the blood, treasure and love of Country by those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Unfortunately, there are those in America who outrageously abuse free speech in an effort to insult, incite and mislead. Consequently, limits have been placed on free speech. As the old adage says, you can’t cry fire in a crowed theater and hope not to pay the consequences.

    The two Muslim women in the House of Representatives along with AOC are acting out their beliefs that both defy logic and history and seek to undermine America’s Culture by substituting an inimical way of life that is at odds with what America stands for.

    Speech and Freedom are not free and must be guarded and fought for every day any everyone who believes in what their Country offers them if they are willing to fight for it.

  18. Of course she doesn’t know why it’s a controversial thing for Asshole Out of Control to say. How could a Muslim anti Semite EVER understand. She’s just dragging out her 15 minutes of fame. These are the two most ignorant individuals on the face of the earth. How the hell did they get elected to Congress? It’s an embarrassment. I was born and raised in the Bronx, I don’t know why they elected and idiot like Asshole Out of Control. Most Bronxites I know HATE her. They also think there was election fraud!

  19. All three of these women need to be forcibly taken to observe and learn about the border and the camps. Not just a quick drive by but live with those affected by and living in our protected facilities. No ifs ands, or buts. Till they or anyone do so shut up and let the adults do their jobs.

  20. My father was the real hero. 36 years in the Navy, 2 tours in Vietnam. He enlisted right after WWII because he was too young beforehand. He later became an officer and ship’s captain, so he, personally, wasn’t in a lot of danger, but his first command was on a minesweeper with a plywood hull. Not exactly heavy shielding there. And even after retiring as a Captain, he worked with the Navy as a civilian in strategic planning. My brother was a nuclear technician for 9 years in the Navy. I spent 4 in the Marines from 1969-73. I never saw combat, but I served in Marine Barracks duty and was a perimeter guard in Guantanamo Bay in ’73. This was before it became a detention center. Also served in Okinawa from ’70-71. I am of Italian descent. My grandparents came to this country in 1910. They went through Ellis Island. They had to undergo medical inspection and questioning about their origin before being allowed to enter this country. They never gained citizenship, but my father became a high ranking Naval officer. That is what immigration is all about. That is how immigration is supposed to be; not crossing into a country uninvited and knowingly breaking the law. The issue I mostly have is, if they are so willing to easily break our law to get in, what expectation can we have for their obeying the law once they are here? And to stay here they need identification…false identification. Fake Social Security number to get the fake ID. Two major laws broken. Using a fake SS# is a federal felony. They need to drive, but can’t get a legal license. Two more laws broken, no registration obviously. Using the fake ID to get a job. Another law broken because they need to use the fake ID. It just compounds.
    But no, they’re not illegals. They’re undocumented. Right. So what does that teach their children. It’s ok to cheat or break the law if you want something someone won’t let you have? Great lessons, mom.

    I understand the plight of the poor refugees looking for a home. But we have to be concerned with the health issues of people flocking over our borders without any kind of screening. I spoke to a Border Patrol agent the other day at a bar where I sing karaoke. He was on a short trip home. He told me that they intercepted two people the other day that tested positive for Ebola! And that’s just the ones they manage to catch. Our border is a real crisis that Congress is criminally negligent in using as a political weapon against the President.
    I’m 68. I had measles when I was a child. I’ve been carrying the antibodies every since. But now, I have to get inoculated because measles is back with a vengeance. Only it’s now called shingles and is a major problem in the senior community. It only became an issue a couple of years ago. Is it a coincidence that with all the unrestricted immigration suddenly a problem solved decades ago rears its ugly head? You decide. THAT is why we need to have complete control over immigration. It’s not racist, it’s a public health issue; not to mention preventing terrorists and criminals from getting in.

  21. Don’t kid yourself. These women know exactly what they are doing. They are playing the media headline game like pros. The more outrageous the statement, the more press it gets. The more press they get, the more they can spew their propaganda. It’s a variation of one of the rules for radicals from Saul Alinsky, the progressive playbook.

  22. @BitnDawg I never said she shouldn’t say what she did. I was just proving that what she said was stupid and ignorant. Stupid people have a right to speak as much as anyone else regardless of their political persuasion.

  23. I support Israel but I will say that you don’t have much to complain about seeings you support the democratic party and donate lots of money to the party. You cannot have it both ways.

  24. DUMB and DUMMER are at it again……ragtop and crazy eyes proving how STUPID they really are.
    LOL, can’t they see how Stupid they are..Nothing but trash.

  25. Both of these members of Congress should be sent on a fact-finding trip to Auschwitz where they can see what a real concentration camp looks like. There is one fact they need to get into their little pea brains. A concentration camp is where they work people to death or exterminate them upon arrival if they can’t work. The camps at the border are holding camps until the migrants get processed for admission to this country.

  26. Stupid people vote stupid people into office ,so there’s your sign . But really people should take a good look at who they voted into office ,and vote them out if not ,you’ll deal with stupidity a long time. People like AOC and Omar should not even be in congress .

  27. AOC, Omar, Tlaib = Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest in whatever order works. First off AOC and Omar, Construction of the Detention Facilities began in 1996, under Bill “I Can’t Keep It In My Pants” Clinton. So Trump isn’t building anything that the Democrats didnt already approve of 23 years ago. That’s Lie #1. Second, I see No Slave Labor, No Crematoriums, No ICE ran Brothels, No Gas Shower Facilities, No Mass Graves and No Machine Gun Towers with guards ordered to shoot to kill for whatever reason. That’s Lie #2. Shall we go for #3? Let’s do that. You lie about the how and why this is being done too. Neither Trump nor his administration, went in to Central America to round up these illegal aliens, and then placed them in the facilities. The Nazis purged the Jews and other unfortunates in every country they occupied by shipping them en masse to ghettos and camps. The ghettos were then purged and the survivors sent to either Slave Labor or Extermination Camps scattered throughout the territory they occupied. The illegals are crossing an established border ILLEGALY and those caught are either detained until their plea for asylum is heard, or in preparation to ship them to their homes. They’re not being killed by ICE, those that have died in the facilities are because if health conditions that pre-existed prior to or as a result of, their illegal entry into the country.
    I ask that, you shut your mouths about something you obviously have no knowledge about and refrain from making objectionable and offensive analogies about with your blatant lack of education and stupidity worn as a banner. You have no idea, no clue, and no moral ground to stand on.

  28. Concentration Camps – a place where large numbers of people, especially political prisoners, members of persecuted minorities, refugees, or the members of an ethnic or religious minority are deliberately imprisoned, usually without hearings and typically under harsh conditions in a relatively small area with inadequate facilities under armed guards.

  29. Get her out of Congress. Deport her or put her in jail.She stands for terroists.She has no business there, or the other one either.They are not for America or the American people. We know this because everytime they open their mouths it is to slander us or to lie and try to cause trouble.They are the racists, the Democratic Party and their fake news.The sooner we vote them out the better. I hope the people in the states who do not agree with them vote these evil Democrats out.They don’t believe in God, they make fun of Christians , The Jews. This is not just them it is all the Democrats.I don’t know when they got evil,but we need to end their evil reign.God Bless Trump 2020.

  30. at one time these people would have been hung. They should be deported. They are both criminals. Why can’t Demoncrat Politicians be arrested and punished for their crimes? Mad Max should be the first for stealing tax dollars and campaign fun. Pelosi for treason and murder. Then these two lowest life forms on earth. They are also violating the law when protecting illegals. Omar violated immigration law and married her brother both illegal acts and AOCunt did not live in the district to which she was elected.

  31. Those three ‘wise women’ are the products of today’s poor educational system, combined with radical beliefs.
    Today’s children are taught to hate their country, and have no clue about its history. They are taught touchy-feely, bow-down, appeasement, and sexually-perverse mentalities. Feelings, self-hatred, protectionism, and victim-hood are deeply imbedded into their education; from kindergarten through college.
    The left has worked hard to indoctrinate our youth, and it is our own fault for not taking a more active role in our own children’s education. This country was originally founded as a Christian Nation, and as the Baptists’ say, has “back-sided”.
    The Bible says when you “raise the child in that which is right, they will never leave it”. We allowed schools to do away with God, and our Christian heritage. When you combine today’s education with imported radical beliefs, it’s a mess.
    All modern scriptures descended from the Torah and Jewish Bible. The original scriptures say God is the only judge. Somewhere along the way, theologies clashed, and some Islamic sects allow followers to handout judgment.
    There are radical sects in every great religion. There will always be someone who needs to interpret their scripture to allow for their own ‘personal bent’ (or vice); that they don’t want to give up.
    When you combine the love of Satan with scripture, you have the modern Muslim (Omar/Tlib), or the modern Christian (Buttigig), or the modern Sectarian (AOC).
    When a radical is elected to Congress, it is because their followers are radicalized.
    In our early days, a skunk politician would be tarred and feathered, and run out of town.

  32. Well, I will just say … this two idiots ASS OVER CUNT, AOC, and THE RACIST, RADICAL SEWER CRAP MUSLIM, OMAR, haven’t even seen the border’s situation, and they keep on commenting on sewer crap they read in the under ground news papers. Which is all sewer crap lies and fake bull shit. They see pictures from the Obama’s illegal sewer crap and they show them as being Trump’s illegal situation which are false as fake. This as the rest of the Democrats, are just Terrorist instigating false comments, and information, which comes to be the Islamist ISIS terror tactics. False and fake information!!

    • All one has to do is read an unedited version of the Quran to find out what the true intentions of Islam really is. It is quite scary as anyone will find out.

  33. You vote for the person most like you, Your philosophy, your morals, your view of life. This just proves, once again, that most NEW YORKERS have lost all the morals, character and honor their ancestors so bravely fought for during the Revolutionary War. Not all. Just those living in places like New York City. The rest are mostly the same honorable live and let live people who fought so hard for a chance to be themselves and let the rest do the same.

  34. Actually New York, originally a Dutch colony, was the only colony to abstain from the vote to break off from England. That was because the English fleet was in New York harbor and would have destroyed the city. New Yorkers never voted to become Americans. They did, however, ratify the Constitution although they were the 11th state to do so. Guess it took them a while to make up their minds. Guess that explains a lot.

  35. We really need to stop the liberal Progressive left movement. The progressive Dumocraps are not out to better America. They are out to take eventual, total control over every aspect of Our Lives. This has absolutely nothing to do with thinking they know what’s best for the American people… it is about total power over the American people and forcing (by manipulation), all of us into a “Total Reliance” of the government. Starting with Socialism… Socialism is when the government pays for all things in our lives through taxpayers money, and calls it “FREE”… Like “FREE” Healthcare, “FREE” education, “FREE” everything. Are we honestly expected to believe that the government will actually pay for colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, as well as all other top rated educational institutions at $45,000 to $55,000 each per year? And then totally Finance all Healthcare on top of that? And are we supposed to believe that Wall Street and the top 1% are supposed to pay for it all? It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than Wall Street and the top 1% to cover that and dozens and dozens of other things the Dumocraps claim they are willing to pay for. Here is why… When the government pays for something, your liberties, rights, and choices become extremely Limited which force is you to rely on the government choices you have if any. Once that level of socialism grows, you start to rely on the government more and more. The Democrats have been talking 70%, 80%, and upwards of 90% taxes on Wall Street and the top 1% of businesses and wealth. That all sounds good in Fair to the lower and middle class, until the stock investers start selling off more than what they are investing , Investments will stop, causing an eventual crash stock market, Businesses will start Outsourcing to countries abroad, begin folded up, or being broken apart and sold piece by piece to the highest bidder (most likely abroad as wel). No business or stock invedtments can handle that level of Taxation. This will obviously cause a chain reaction of massive jobs loss, skyrocketing inflation rates, and the taxes that are being avoided will filter down to smaller businesses and of course the middle class hard-working American, causing the American people to become totally reliant on the governmen. Once they have that level of control, guess what’s next… total control every aspect of Our lives because at that point, we will have no choice…. Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, just to name a few that we call communist Nation, is the fundamental change the Democrats along with the mainstream media are trying to push us int. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is what eventually happens to socialist Nations. I defy anybody to find me one socialist country or Nation it has job growth, a successful economy, and prosperity. Think about it. President Obama wanted to fundamentally change America in the same fashion and look what almost happened.

  36. It is going to get worse in America. The Muslims know they Can slowly infiltrate and do to America like they are doing to Europe. Time is on their side and they are succeeding. Many Europeans have left their homeland country for others because their country has been taken over by middle Easterners Muslims. So sick people like her who hate America, Israel and God want to destroy America. This is the only reason she is in America and why Muslims are migrating here. The progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party are so dumb, they think they can coexist with these people in a one world Government.

  37. Execute the terrorists both foreign and domestic especially DNC terrorists and republican traitors and the Muslim terrorists that Obama allowed/imported

  38. Yeah…so there were camps and people are being concentrated sounds like a field camp course I was on at University…This is their defense to insensitive remarks?! Saying “concentration camps” holds specific representational value in our society, not this sorry excuse that “there are camps and people are being concentrated” crap. Either these ladies are quite dumb or they need to apologize for All Out Crazy’s remarks regarding her sleepover twitter bonanza. PS. These remarks brushes up against me being personally offended considering my lineage.

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