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“Treason!” NYT Story Reveals US Cyber Ops Against Russian Power Grid Hidden From Trump


President Trump has hurled the dire charge of “Treason” at the New York Times for its lengthy investigative piece alleging US intelligence has stepped up systematic cyber attacks on Russia’s power grid. “This is a virtual act of Treason by a once great paper so desperate for a story, any story, even if bad for our Country…” Trump tweeted Saturday evening in response to the story which ran hours earlier.

He then hastily added in a follow-up tweet in all caps, “ALSO, NOT TRUE!” — as if only then realizing his initial tweet seemed to actually vouch for the story. The follow-up further excoriated the Times for their reporting with “not even the slightest thought of consequence!”

Whether this means the president is outraged that a true and verified report could be detrimental to US credibility and national security, or that fake news could hurt the US and invite unnecessary cyber retaliation is still not fully evident, but Trump’s impulsive Saturday evening tweets appear to back the former.

And the Times was quick to respond to the “treason” charge as follows:

The NYT report outlines an alleged ongoing US operation to infiltrate and implant malware in Russia’s power grid as preparation for any potential major cyber warfare operation in the future, and further as “a warning” to the Kremlin. However, the story is light on details and heavy on the usual anonymous “current and former officials”.

According to the Times, “officials described the previously unreported deployment of American computer code inside Russia’s grid and other targets.” The officials described that “it has gotten far, far more aggressive over the past year,” and that they are “doing things at a scale that we never contemplated a few years ago.” Though US operations hadn’t reached the level of specific attacks, the malware constitutes what’s described as a “persistent presence” within Russia’s infrastructure.

The report casts the latest ramped up cyber efforts targeting Russia as part of a broader campaign to clandestinely probe the country’s electrical grid going back to 2012 efforts which grew following alleged Russian hacking and election meddling connected with the 2016 election.

Crucially, as CNN describes of the NYT report, “Two administration officials told the Times they believed President Donald Trump had not been briefed in any detail about the US computer code being implanted inside the Russian grid.”

And further, the story is outright suggesting the White House’s own intelligence briefers are actually withholding vital national security information from the president:

Pentagon and intelligence officials describe to the Times “broad hesitation” to tell Trump about the details of the operations against Russia. They tell the Times there was concern over how Trump would react, and the possibility that Trump might reverse the operations or discuss it with foreign officials.

So there it is – assuming the report has merit – essentially a major “clandestine military activity” is being run by US defense and intelligence commanders but while intentionally circumventing the White House’s lawful civilian oversight? 

Indeed, perhaps Trump is right to have word “treason” as his first thought — though it wouldn’t be on the part of the Times reporting but on the part of those seeking to hide the operation from the president himself.

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    • What we need is an “Official Secrets Act”, as the British have. Basically, if the news media exposes any secret goings-on by the government, the writer of the article as well as the editor, go to prison. The problem is, that the bozos in the news media wrap themselves in the 1st amendment. This reminds me of a news article many years ago about an article about a secret bunker having been built at the Greenbriar hotel, some distance from Washington, DC, so that the government could continue even after a nuclear attack. The job cost the taxpayers many millions of dollars, and once the article was published, of course, the secret bunker became unusable. Who, in their right mind would expose such an undertaking and make a once-secret bunker into a target?

  1. This proves the NYT is not for America. If the story is true could start a war with Russia. If not true, could start a war with russia. I find their actions despicable. Reporting without verification is an attack on the USA.

    • What’s even MORE scary is that the Intel and/or military agencies are conducting operations like this on their OWN authority–which is ILLEGAL–and withholding that information from the President, who is their commander-in-chief! How messed-up would it BE if they start a damned WAR with operations they DELIBERATELY HID from the President?

      They do NOT have the authority to conduct these ROGUE OPERATIONS on their own, and ESPECIALLY not to do so while HIDING what they are doing from the Commander-in-Chief!

  2. I do not understand the thinking of any so called journalists or any newspaper or other media disclosing true or fake information of a sensitive nature. Could you even imagine the damage and how many more lives would have been lost in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc. because highly sensitive information was leaked about D-Day or other offensives? We have been traveling back to the days of the Cold War with more countries than just Russia because of the nuclear weapons/options and we should be treading carefully. Should other countries believe the tainted and/or fake news, we could find the world in another war that could destroy our planet. Yes, the NYT and others are treading on dangerous ground and need to think about the serious consequences of publishing reports like this. Their hatred of President Trump is blinding them without regard for the safety of the American people and our country. Both scary and sad.

  3. New York Times now controlled by left wing wackos has scrapped the bottom of the chess pool and hired the craziest loons they could find, assholes telling readers we need open borders, Asian racist doing articles on white people, race baiters, and honestly it is funny when you think they are shocked few are buying their papers. They tool a paper that was always liberal, but went so far left, most people are shocked at the crap they print. This was like the NYDaily News, a trusted and loved newspaper turned into paper as worthless as used toilet paper. Another group of lunatics at HuffPost the left wing propaganda outlet praised the Daily News, their so stupid their ignoring people no longer read the rag. Once over a one third of a million purchased it daily. Probably, the closest thing to journalism news in the NYPost, the left has not gained control of it yet.

  4. Say all of you commenters, do any of you remember a movie, that a movie star say “See Ya In The Funny Paper’s”, or was it “See Ya In The Funny Pages”, I forget which!?!

  5. I don’t believe anything they print. I think they need to be shut down until they can act responsible and tell the truth and tell the news and not try to make news. If it was true I think they did a disservice to Americans and these stories they make up or give half truths leave MUD

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