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Jim Acosta Sells Whopping 30 Books At “Surprise” Signing


Jim Acosta had a “please clap” moment last week, after the CNN White House Correspondent sold just 30 books during an impromptu signing at an Arlington, VA Barnes & Noble, according to the Daily Caller. After tweeting to his 1.25 million surely genuine Twitter followers, hardly anyone showed up.

According to an employee, Acosta simply called up the store and told them he would be coming. After he arrived, CNN’s heckler-in-chief stood behind a counter and signed books for an hour or so.

“It was kind of very quiet — he showed up and signed,” the employee told the Caller. “No customers waiting for him to sign his book,” – he just showed up.

A manager at the Arlington Barnes & Noble told the Caller that the store sold “like 30-or-something” copies of Acosta’s book while he was there. He said the store still has some of Acosta’s books in stock. –Daily Caller

Acosta did, however, get some praise…

There’s just one thing!!


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  1. Who cares what this guy has to say anyway, it used to be at one time that you could watch the white house press conferences and expect the corespondents to ask the questions that are relevant to an every day American’s life like about the economy or the stock market or our foreign policy but now led by Ocasta they are more interested in being scandal reporters and ask Trump what color underwear does Putin wear or some other meaningless question . This fool has no dignity and even in front of leaders from other countries he would be more concerned about Putin’s underwear than what progress is being made . He is a disgrace to his profession .

    • Mr. PapaHarley, Good One, Sir, I have An Idea To Add To Your Quote, Joe nobody cares what he says. He is a Very Biased Legend in his own mind!

  2. Proves even liberal democrats don’t want to read books written by pushy, obnoxious, narcistic, left wing White House reporters.

  3. Yo ! My name is Joe Acoustic, as well as being the worlds greatest journalist, I am also the worlds greatest magician! Watch closely! Nothing behind my back, nothing up my sleeves, nothing between my ears ! when I open my mouth my head disappears !

    • Acosta named his book correctly, it is Acosta, The Enemy of the People! Trump is saving our people and country, while Acosta harasses at press conferences. Acosta, 30, did you buy them yourself!

  4. JA brought this on himself. He is a big mouth narcissistic liar and we all know it!


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