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Valedictorian Thanks ‘Alcoholic Teacher’ And Negligent Counselor For Teaching To ‘Fend For Herself’


A California valedictorian went off script during her commencement address, slamming an alcoholic teacher who was ‘escorted out of school’ and a guidance counselor who she thanked for ‘letting me fend for myself’ due to being ‘always unavailable to my parents and I despite appointments.’

San Ysidro High School senior Nataly Buhr opened her June 6 speech in typical fashion – thanking her parents for their “endless love,” acknowledging the memories shared with her friends, and mentioning a handful of teachers for being ‘invested in the students.’

Then, Buhr went scorched earth.

Buhr began by unloading on her counselor, to whom she said: “Thanks for teaching me to fend for myself: You were always unavailable to my parents and I, despite appointments. … You expressed to me your joy in knowing that one of your students was valedictorian, when you had absolutely no role in my achievements.

She then slammed the office staff, saying “Thank you for teaching me how to be resourceful. Your negligence to inform me of several scholarships until the day before they were due potentially caused me to miss out on thousands of dollars. When applying for a work permit, you repeatedly turned me away, despite confirming with my employer and my parents that all of my paperwork was filled out correctly. I’ve had to escalate issues with staff to an assistant principal various times to reach any sort of solution.”

And finally – “To the teacher that was regularly intoxicated during class this year, thank you for using yourself to teach these students about the dangers of alcoholism. Being escorted out of school left a lasting impression,” said Buhr, receiving applause from the audience.

“I hope that future students and staff learn from these examples,” she said in conclusion.

The school district is pissed

Following Buhr’s speech, Sweetwater Union High School District spokesman Manuel Rubio said that the valedictorian’s went off script from her approved remarks, telling the San Diego Union Tribune “We think that the student’s speech was inappropriate and out of line,” adding “While we definitely welcome the concerns of students and their families regarding any situation at one of our schools, doing so in such a manner without any prior knowledge of this situation by the school, is not the right way of handling this. Ultimately this takes away from what should have been a day of celebration for the school and their community.”

Her mother Monica Serratos said in a Facebook post that she couldn’t be more proud of her daughter.

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  1. Sometimes a microphone and parting shot are the last ditch attempt to show there are some people in these learning institutions who could not be bothered to do their jobs but are very happy to take a paycheck. Makes one wonder how many other students were ignored and had been made to miss opportunities that were well within reach, had they been made aware. There must be checks and balances in the schools: an accountant of sorts per se, who does take actions into account and can spot actions not being taken to help the students go further than they could with some timely conscientious assistance. This took courage; she will be noticed for the huge risk she took. Her further education may cost her much more due to those who chose not to help

      • Obviously you struggle with reading comprehension. She was escorted out of school for pointing out an intoxicated teacher. She had to escalate things to the Vice Principal when dealing with the counselor. That means she filed a complaint, along with her parents, multiple times. That’s definitely “saying something”. Now the whole staff is humiliated because nothing was done when she spoke up. She did the right thing, what is weak is your ability to read and comprehend a simple article. Everyone is sure now that you were never a valedictorian.

  2. “We think that the student’s speech was inappropriate and out of line,”…..I’m sure you do! You just got your a** handed to you in broad daylight!

    As usual, instead of taking responsibility and doing something about it the libs cmplain about the person telling the truth.

  3. Good for this young lady! I applaud that she had the guts to shine a light on at least 2 teachers who are much too common at all levels of education. When we say nothing about miscreants wrongful behavior we are actually condoning their rottenness! And we wonder why we have crime occurring, the reason is because no one has the intestinal fortitude, guts, to expose them! This graduate is on a smaller scale draining the local swamp!

    • I keep telling everyone that not to say anything about things that are wrong is why this country is in the shape it is in today and why we are trying to drain the swamp.

  4. Good girl, Nataly, for telling it “exactly like it is” and spreading the alarm, so other students and parents are perfectly aware of what needs to be done to correct and eliminate some of the constant dangers to other young and impressionable students. Sounds like the “district spokesperson”, school district personnel and school staff are either ignorant, or in willful denial. ALL need replacing with people who have brains and morals. That would save upcoming students and parents lots of angst and frustration!

  5. Lets not improve the school – lets TRASH the critic. Typical bureaucratic response. Don’t correct or improve maintain the status quo.

    • Exactly…”They” Always Trash those Telling the TRUTHS..”They Can’t Handle the Truths”..So Dramatic, but Absolutely a True Statement of FACT!

  6. Absolutely right on target. Now if we could only target Catholic Charities running Senior independent subsidized living apartment complexes from being run like prisons and wringing all joy from the lives of elderly and disabled people who live in these places.

    • Unfortunately “Catholic Charities” & Most Other Professed..”Charities” Are Guilty of Much Worse…These Make Literally Millions & after now an entire Decade, probably Billions, to Take Care of Illegals, Fake Asylum Seekers & THEY PAY THE ATTORNEYS who’ve Coached them, In & Out of Our Country, & I know this Personally..They also, these “Charities” Make Money with Other “Businesses” housing, transporting, feeding & Providing some medical & of course, LEGAL aid, All for Profits, BIG Profits. They’ve Literally been Paid to Aid & Enable Millions over a Ten year Period…NOT Out of the “Goodness” Of their Hearts..oh No..Paid PER Illegal, Per Child, Per Refugee & this has been Ongoing for an Entire Decade..Again, I know this Personally because of FORMER…Family Friends..Still…Attorneys & So-called PAID AIDES. UGH.

  7. So, how many classes were you “gifted” with great grades for just showing up? Obviously your intelligence or lack thereof didn’t display itself in your speech. Whiny liberal brat.
    And where were your parents and you for that matter the entire four years you were in high school?
    Sick entitled student.

  8. She’s Not a Brat Just Because She Called Out an Alcoholic “Teacher” & office Staff & a So-called “Guidance” Counselor Not Worth Their PAYCHECK if It was ZERO! How some are calling her a Liberal is the SOS..different Day..Personally I don’t care which way she leans..Politically, She Took the Time to TELL how Worthless & How Indignant Her So-called “Teachers” really are..They’ve Been Getting away with Too much & A Paycheck for NOT Doing THEIR Jobs..You know, Like Politicians!

  9. Chastising her for not bringing it to their attention is a joke – they were the ones doing it – are they not aware of what they are doing. It is not the students job to evaluate the staff.

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