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House Authorizes Lawsuits Against Barr, McGahn; Nadler Vows To Pursue


The House voted along party lines on Tuesday to allow lawsuits filed in federal court against Attorney General William Barr and former White House Counsel Don McGahn, amid an effort to enforce subpoenas for documents and testimony related to the Trump administration, according to Bloomberg.

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The 229-191 resolution stops short of holding Barr and McGahn in contempt of Congress. Instead, a five-member panel House leadership will be required to sign off on litigation instead of the entire chamber, according to Bloomberg.

Legal experts told The Hill that the measure up for a vote on Tuesday doesn’t reach the threshold for contempt, though it does have the same goal of obtaining documents and testimony currently being withheld from Congress.

We’re calling it contempt for short, because the courts obviously would have to find the executive branch in contempt in order to sort of render the orders to comply,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a member of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. “So it’s, generally speaking, not contempt.” –The Hill

The Tuesday resolution allows House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) to go immediately to the House counsel to seek a court order against Barr and McGahn. That said, Nadler is unlikely to do so now that his committee struck a deal with the DOJ to provide unredacted portions of the Mueller report as well as the special counsel’s “most important files” sought by the committee.

That said, Nadler announced after the House vote that he would move against anyone who hasn’t complied with subpoenas, including McGahn.

As The Hill noted on Tuesday, McGahn – who is now a private citizen, could face a legal challenge from Democrats trying to force him to testify.

The resolution includes a separate provision that empowers House committee chairs to pursue legal action to enforce subpoenas in the course of their investigations. Chairs will be required to get permission from top lawmakers before any court filings are made.

The measure also allows committees to move more quickly in enforcing their subpoenas, while not forcing lawmakers to take a stance on whether certain Trump administration officials should be held in contempt – taking pressure off any vulnerable lawmakers ahead of the 2020 election. –The Hill

The House vote reflects Nancy Pelosi’s middle-ground approach as the House Speaker attempts to avoid launching impeachment proceedings out of concern that the GOP-controlled Senate will block them, handing Trump a win going into 2020.

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  1. If people cannot see how crooked the demoncrats really are then people are really stupid, 3 yrs running and the reason you put so much focus on trump is because of the dirty work you are doing. We the people, do not and will not believe in or follow the socialist communist party. Everyone whom wants to enslave the people should simply disappear. Obama and the clintons are the biggest crooks ever and the people say, oh, it’s okay. Stupidity has its way.

  2. commies calling the other party commies when will these people get a clue that we no longer believe any thing the news says and that president trump is the reason their so scared their all going to jail even if they impeach trump its all out in the open now declassified by trump hammer time the dems are done in 2020 and if they manage to pull it off the real patriots will take to the streets and use our rights to make sure the system is put right.. we have the right to defend our self’s from commies even if its our own government seems the dems forget just who is in charge its not the politicians as they may think THE PEOPLE WILL RISE AND defend our rights any way needed

  3. SO True! Yet there’s so much More..Their Total “Cabal of Criminals”, Their Collective Hypocrisy Truly Knows NO Bounds. The Continued Waste of Millions, of Precious Time & Doing Absolutely Nothing to “Protect or Serve Our Country” or the “Legal Citizens” of It Will End Us All. it’s Truly Sickening & beyond maddening how Corrupt, How Dirty, How Insane & Totally Irrational They ALL Are..This is the Worst BUNCH of Criminals & Are Unfortunately “Representatives” Of Our Government. Their “Collective Crimes & Corruption, Resistance, Deep State & Shadow Government, have Committed “CRIMINAL ACTS” Like Nothing This Nation has Ever Seen, In ALL of OUR History! The Roman Empire, the Soviet Union & Other So-called Great Empires, Fell on Much LESS than this! Our Nation is NOT Sustainable like this with this “Cabal of Criminals”. It’s Beyond Any SANE Persons Imagination. Talk about a Mockery…A Cabal Hell Bent on Destroying Our Country & The Citizens of It, rather than to Move Us Forward, They’re Collectively SLAMMING US Backwards & Are Guilty Of Crimes of No Less than TREASON, Sedition, Subversion & Worse..Yes….I Said, WORSE..because Our Nation has been “Intentionally Invaded” by Their Invited CRIMINALS to “Replace”, We the Pro-America “Legal Citizens” who they know Will NEVER Vote For Them or ANY Of Theirs. So, They “Imported Millions” to Replace.. Us & Continued to bribe MILLIONS into Believing Their “Rewards” Will Continue to Be “Financed” By ALL Of Us. Well, NOT Happening. I’m Sure I am NOT ALONE in Saying, We’ve COLLECTIVELY had ENOUGH..Soon Every Single County, City & State Will FALL into a Collective Chaos & Total Anarchy. We’ll Become More & MORE Fed UP, as More & More Crimes & Drained Resources Effect More of US. Every ONE has Their “Breaking Point”. Every ONE will be Affected & Infected by Our “INJUSTICE System”. Sooner or later, because of the Corruption & the Pro-Criminal, Anti-American Culture, the Lower than ANY Banana Republic that is now, The Divided States of America & the “Invaded States” of America will cause us to Slip into that “Collective Chaos”. Our Nation Cannot Remain Safe, Prosperous Or Secure under This “Totality of Tyranny”. They Are going to Drag US Down, to the Exact “–ithole Status” as the Rest of the Globe. After All, their “Imports” Contributed.. to All those 50+ Countries Downfalls & The People They’ve LEFT behind. Those Nations of 50+ Countries Still have Their “True Homeless & Hungry”, Like those WE have in Every State in Our Own Country. While the Criminals Are Running the “SHOW” We’re Forced to Support, “Reward” Their Criminals who’ve All Assisted in the Intentional Invasion Of OUR Nation. The Dems & Left have Welcomed IN these Criminals, Intentionally Over whelmed Our System, to “Replace US”. So they can INSTILL More Criminals, More ANTI-Americans to RULE, Ruin US All. Our Country & Our SYSTEM cannot Function like this. Not For Much Longer. It’s just a Matter of TIME, because the DEMS, the LEFT, the “Organized Resistance, Obstructionists & Traitors” All Globalists, Have Worsened “OUR ODDS” of a “Major Attack on Our Own Soil”. This I do believe IS What THEY Want. They’re Insanely Obsessed into bringing US Down to be “Controlled”, with No Opposition & No Competition, by ANY & ALL means.. Necessary. In their Totally Irrational & Insane Minds, Anything Goes because Their CHOSEN, the One that was Promised the “CROWN” did NOT Get IN…so They Are Bringing US ALL DOWN..as They Continue to RUIN Everything as a Nation We Are PROUD of, Our America! Not Theirs, OURS. They’ve Dirtied it All UP..They’ve STUNK IT UP & Their IDIOCY has NO Limits. Common Sense Does NOT Rule! COMMON CRIMINALS DO!.


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