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Quinnipiac: Biden Leads Trump By 13 Points Nationwide


Former Vice President Joseph Biden leads President Donald Trump by 13 percentage points, 53 percent to 40 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University National Poll released on Tuesday.

Five other Democratic presidential contenders, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Sen. Cory Booker, also are ahead of Trump by lesser margins.

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Voters, however, edged Trump’s approval rating to 42 percent, with 53 percent disapproving. This, despite a total of 77 percent of voters say their financial situation is “excellent” or “good.”

“It’s a long 17 months to Election Day, but Joe Biden is ahead by landslide proportions,” said Quinnipiac University Poll assistant director Tim Malloy. “That said, the Trump bump to 42 percent job approval is nothing to sniff at. It’s one point shy of [our best] survey number ever for President Trump.”

Other results from the poll show:

  • In the Trump-Biden matchup, women back Biden 60 percent to 34 percent, while men are divided, with 47 percent for Biden and 46 percent for Trump.
  • White voters are divided with 47 percent for Trump and 46 percent for Biden, while the former vice president leads 85 percent to 12 percent among blacks and 58 percent to 33 percent among Hispanics.
  • Voters disapprove 55 percent to 41 percent of how Trump is handling the nation’s policy toward Mexico.
  • Biden leads the presidential primary race with 30 percent among Democrats and voters leaning Democratic, which compares to his 35 percent standing last month. Sanders is second with 19 percent, compared to 16 percent in May, while Warren is third at 15 percent, compared to 13 percent last month.

The poll was conducted from June 6-10 among 1,214 voters nationwide with a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

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  1. Swamp News, MSM=Fake News (CNN,FOX,MSNBC.etc)The Pravda/Muslim Racists Divisive Commie news and their propaganda HATE machine at full throttle! They are destroying the country within! Prosecute these deep state traitors now, Pres Trump!

  2. I remember well what these same FAKE polls said about Trump last election. They said Trump didn’t have a chance and that Hillary was a shoo in. The polls lied then and they are lying now. Trump draws thousands at his rallies and Joe drew 500 in Iowa. Those numbers represent the facts.

  3. What a farce….only 1241 or so ‘,Nation wide” participating, that’s a joke, right? I would be ashamed to print such a small measure of America. MAGA…just wait for real turnout numbers in 2020….it won’t matter what the other person’s name is… TRUMP all the way.

  4. These are the same pollsters that said Hillbilly Hillary had a 95% chance at taking the White House, w/ Trump at 5%. We all know how that ended. So I’m compelled to ask, do you want lube with your poll?

  5. Fake news working overtime again! I’m female, educated and not American born. The same demographic that said should vote for Hillary. Guess what! A lot more of us will vote for Trump next time. Take that to the bank!!!

  6. Democrat only poll…..why are there no more unbiased polls. Everything seems to be controlled by the liberals….

  7. Another total BS poll…The still have not learned nor will they…Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden sounds like he has dementia…Trump will chew him up and spit him out like the worthless leftist liberal lunatic Biden is…Its obvious they have not changed their polling tactics since the Queen of the Clinton Crime Syndicate was taken to the voter woodshed in 2016…TRUMP 2020!!!

  8. Didn’t Quinnipiac say that Hillary led Trump by 22 points? Yeah, we really put a lot of faith in anything you have to say!!

  9. Those who approve of Trump do not waste time with polls. That’s why his successful election was such a shocking surprise. Shortsighted people banked on POLLS. And those who continue to take polls seriously will be shocked a second time in the 2020 election. SO — brace yourself and try to understand NOW so that you won’t be shocked again in 2020: PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL SERVE A SECOND TERM. Got that?

      • Yep, 2024 will be a Republican Party shootout in the primaries; the best constitutional attorney in America and a Hispanic (Senator Rafael Cruz), the most brilliant neurosurgeon in America and an African-American (Dr. Benjamin Carson), and a successful business leader and a woman (Carly Fiorina).

        Oh, and there will also be that idiot swamp creature (John Kasich).

    • Lucille,
      You are correct and I know this to be true. My wife of 32 years was having some doubts about our candidate for POTUS last time around. Yes she was letting the polls dictate her views. I constantly reminded her that we were not the only two people who would be voting for President Trump. Well, when the only numbers that have importance came rolling in on election night the pollsters were silenced. As they should be.

  10. This poll doesn’t mean shit. Biden and the other Democrats have shit for brains. Trump will kill all of them in a general election. Fucking asshole Democrats..

    • Now let’s see . . . just how many people turned out for Joe’s rallies in total? 10? Oh maybe a few more but they wouldn’t fill a high school auditorium. Now let’s take a look at the total of those at Trump’s rallies. Too bad so sad for Joe! Can you spell FAKE NEWS?!

  11. This poll must have been taken asking 1,124 democrats. There is no way the always incoherent and perpetually confused Joe Biden would ever lead by this much.

  12. I am a Republican and when I am asked in a poll. I always vote their way so I can watch them suffer Like I did when Hillary lost while up 7%!!

    idiots all!

  13. Quinnipiac on August 25, 2016, stated Clinton had a 10 point lead on Trump, that Trump was spiraling downward and that Clinton appeared to be heading for a landslide victory.

  14. If Biden were to beat President Trump in the 2020 election, it would clearly indicate the collapse of our once great nation. And it would be a sad day for the world!

  15. Wait until people begin listening to what groping joe is really saying and President Trump begins campaigning! I can hardly wait for the “debates” to start also…. What a difference that will make.

  16. All we have to remember is every poll prior to the last Presidential election had Hil’liar’y, being coronated over President Trump. Oops did I say coronated? My mistake, hers too, along with the pollsters! The polls are a joke at best.

  17. Given the divisiveness of our political environment contributed to by the DimoRats, RINOs, deep state, Unions, unelected department officials and such, I doubt that many would admit to supporting the president albeit they will when voting.

  18. This is nothing short of propaganda. The left with its propaganda arm – the mainstream media – has done all that it can to convince the voters in this country that Trump didn’t have a chance against Hillary and once again they are doing it again. I know there are diehard Liberal/dems/socialist/progressives who will vote for anyone on the left – good or bad. But, to even suggest that Biden can win in 2020 is just an out and out lie. I put no confidence in any poll. Ever.

  19. The LA Times was the only poll that showed Trump beating Clinton in ’16. Where is that poll, since it’s the only one that counts?

  20. This is ones American woman who would never consider voting for Biden! I would like to think other Americans would have learned better by now!

  21. Quinnipiac College is a Liberal College.With that mentioned ask Hilary Clinton how reliable this Pole really is.They had Clinton overwhelming favorite to win 2016 election.So Now Quinnipiac Pole is USELESS and hope the college will stop its unreliable poling.


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