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Not The Onion: Biden Promises To Cure Cancer If Elected


Having promised to “make America America again,” Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden decided to one-up President Trump during their dueling rallies in Iowa… though this time, we suspect “sleepy” Joe may have over-reached.

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Not content with the usual impossible campaign promises, Biden promised to cure cancer if he’s elected…

I’ve worked so hard in my career, that I promise you, if I’m elected president you’re gonna see the single most important thing that changes America, we’re gonna cure cancer,” Biden told a crowd in Ottumwa, Iowa on Tuesday.

While the fight against cancer is close to Biden’s heart – his son Beau died of the disease in 2015 – the grand promise did nothing to reassure potential voters that he is more than just a flip-flopping panderer.

Biden should know better, as RT reports, while vice president under Obama, he worked on the administration’s “Cancer Moonshot” – which was supposed to fit 10 years of “advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment” into five. While such a goal is conveniently impossible to evaluate, he would at least have learned how cancer research works, especially since he founded the Biden Cancer Initiative after leaving the White House. That he’d make such a bizarre promise despite his experience confused many on social media


Most recently, Biden’s sudden about-faces on the Hyde Amendment, which blocks the use of federal funds for abortions, and the US’ relationship with China:

Biden on May 1: “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man…They’re not competition for us.

Biden today: “We are in a competition with China…We need to get tough with China. They are a serious challenge to us, and in some areas a real threat.”

…have confused voters who aren’t sure what (if anything) he stands for, spawning a new nickname from President Donald Trump: “Floppy Joe.”

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    • I believe there are cures and prevention but big pharma doesn’t want to let anyone use them. Demoncrat Politicians such as the Clintons have had their pockets lined by them.

    • Biden is nothing but a frigging idiot. That is such bullshit. No one has been able and they have been trying for years he thinks by saying that he will elected President. That Mfer will die first he needs to be in a nursing home.v

  1. Joe? Why not promise to lower the sea levels. BHO has already set the ground work. Al Gore could back that and you.

  2. Liberalism,LGBT,PC are mental disorders:Pelosi,Behar,Hillary,Waters,Shepard,lemon,Ocasio are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged Satanist NAZI Muslim Commie Demoncrat party! Stop these traitors from turning the US into another shit hole!

  3. Biden is full of SH _ T – the cure for Cancer has been around since 1912.
    The FDA and Big Pharma have known but do not want the American People
    to know this because it would destroy their Trillion Dollar Business. They can’t
    Patent a natural food/supplement.
    Check out Drs. Al Sears (Florida) – Otto Walberg (Germany-1912) and Richard
    Gerhauser (Arizona) – These Doctors treat Patients for Cancer with unbelievable
    results. People with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer – told that would be dead in 6 months.
    Started the treatment and within 6 – 7 weeks, the cancer plus the tumor were
    completely gone – that was over 10 years ago – today she is cancer free.

  4. Biden would make Obama be the second worst president we’ve ever had.
    Sorry Obama, Biden will beat you at the worst president ever.

    • Who’s worse, Biden or Obama? That’s a tough question. Its like asking, “Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin?” They were both monsters, but in different (but similar) ways. In my opinion, if elected, Biden would still be the second-worst president (Obongo was VERY tough competition!). But, again, the competition is really stiff. Here are my picks for the 4 worst presidents ever, in order from worst to “not as bad as the guy above him in the list” (really, they could all “tie” for first), but here goes:
      1. Obama
      2. Clinton (Bill, because the cackling evil witch lost)
      3. Biden
      4. Jimmy the Peanut Farmer (Carter)

      • Okay, I didn’t proof-read well enough, and this site doesn’t seem to allow editing, but I guess I did put Biden as #3. Slick Willie was tough competition too!

  5. Who said: I promise a chicken 🐓 in every pot?
    Who said: Never make a promise that you can’t keep?
    Who said: politicians are always making promises that they don’t keep?
    Who in office TODAY, not a politician, is keeping most of the promises he made before being elected?
    I rest my case.🙂

  6. C’mon “sleepy head” where have you been? It’s called “have money (lots of it) and you will be cured, so I guess you’re financing everybody’s cancer ? Get a life !!!

  7. The cancer cure was developed in the 1920’s and proven in 1932. There’s NO money in cures so the AMA, supported by our government, has prevented its release. Biden probably knows this, but he too is owned by big pharma who also owns the AMA, FDA, CDC and the rest. Read The Cancer Cure That Worked…if you can even find a copy in the U.S. Might have to look in Canada unless they’ve buried it there too.

    • Current natural therapies are working; people self-heal from cancer on a daily basis. Everyone is deceived and have been told lie after lie after lie. PHARMO-psychopaths don’t want you to know that their drugs don’t cure cancer. They would rather you don’t eat healthy; don’t understand the nature of natural cures.

  8. This website does not know how to preserve reply content if the CAPTCHA CODE is wrong. I will not repeat the vital information given, but if you think there are no current cures for cancer, you have been deceived. www naturalnews com

  9. This is laughable. So he is taking money from big pharmacy companies that absolutely do not want cancer cured but somehow even though he Biden hasn’t done ANYTHING in congress in 50 years there, suddenly he can cure cancer. This is the outright joke the left has become. They make absolute fools of themselves and their voters suck it up like it’s the nectar of the gods. Can liberals possibly get any more insane?

  10. I wonder if Touchy Joe is on the list of politicians who cost us $80 million in “Hush Money” to cover up sex crimes. Maybe Joe will cure pedophilia, unnatural sexual desires etc.
    The man is another career politician lining his pockets getting rich on our backs.
    Jerkoff Joe is the perfect example of the need for “Term Limits”.



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